SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then please trust me [33]

Hello lovely Swasanians… so approaching to the end, this is 3 chapters back to back : 33, 34 and 35 parts are posted together enjoyand let me know how did you find them 🙂
The consciousness is as its usual synonym of that unbearable pain filling every single spore of Swara’s weak body. the stinging sensation in her arm is nothing compared to the hammering filling her head and the feeling that even her blood’s path flowing in her veins is burning… spasms tries to activate her empty stomach throwing its void out while the sore gripping her throat makes even the so simple action of swallowing her own saliva difficult.
Her free hand roam toward her round belly caressing it protectively like reassuring the little life inside that he doesn’t to feel scared from all that… it’s ok!
Instinctively, her head title a bit aside before opening her eyes so the sight they give her balm all her pains instantly vanishing them, because her Sanskar’s sleeping cute face is worth a double dose of the so precious Morphine keeping her able to support the daily effort of surviving.
Her vision is immediately blurred as tears fill her tired eyes feeling guilty for causing so much pain and discomfort for that man she loves beyond words.
However she has tried to convince him that he hasn’t to stay back with her in that second bedroom and should recover in their comfortable bed in the room just aside, he’ll always finish up sleeping like that, on his belly, his head turned toward her side at the edge of the separating transparent medical curtain, without pillows or blanket, just the rude surface of the medical bed sustaining his exhausted body.
During this months, she discovered that other side of her Sanskar, he has always been the most careful husband toward her despite his uncontrolled angry temper but what have been love signs turned to be a kind of absolute devotion to her well being… he’ll not remember if he’s hungry if she doesn’t scold him for that and he’ll forgot to even drink water if she’s unable to have her specially prepared meals.
A soft almost inaudible knock on the door snatches her from her thoughts and she wipes her tears hurriedly damning her pregnancy swing moods for making her sensitive!
Turning toward the door, she sees the medical assistant, who has surely been alerted by her awakened state due some special equipment placed on her and signaling in the nearby adjacent room given to her, coming in a cloth hiding half of her face and a trail in her gloved hands, she thinks sarcastically that her favorite breakfast is here, cocktail of pills and injections!
She signs her a finger over her lips to say nothing stopping her from wishing her a good morning at her usual and looking back to Sanskar who is still fast asleep, she turns back to her and whispers:
– I’ll call you back is sometimes, ok?…
The young woman agrees bending her head a bit lower to salute her and lets the trail aside before living without a noise.
If she’s unable to take care of him or oblige him to take care of himself, she can at least avoid him the awkwardness of waking up with a stranger presence in the room…
Pressing the button related to her bed’s system, her chest lifts up slowly following its upper part moving with a soft sound… all what was needed to make Sanskar’s eyes open immediately an alarmed look filling them.
Her bright smile welcoming him makes him land back in the place and time. She looks better, some colors shading her pale cheeks and the oxygen’s tube was no more needed to help her breathing. And sitting up, he palms his eyes taking a deep breath before finally he looks at her with a smile and whispers:
– Good morning, princess…
He’s finally full awakened now and hearing her reply:
– Good morning my prince
He gets up pushing his bed away to approach her properly, as always this thin separation between them makes him feel so helpless… when she silently draws an invisible smiling emoticon over the curtain he realizes that his face failed to cover the concern his heart was filled with and forcing himself to smile again, he joins his finger to hers over it.
His calm and confident tone surprises her when he asks all of sudden:
– What happened yesterday?… what have you seen which alarmed you so much?
Images of Uttra in her ex-would-be-husband immerge from her memory making her heart beats racing… Sheraz seemed so closed to her as he forced her to kiss him but she didn’t really resist! The horrible impression of déjà-vu makes her shiver and she needs all her self control to let nothing appear on her face. Imagining Sanskar’s reaction to such a secret relationship makes her shiver once more.
– Kya hua princess? Your fever has reduced during night but you still look febrile… should I call the doctor again?
– No I’m fine… just a bit tired…
She tries a semi truth knowing that he always knows when she tries to lie to him but he seems satisfied after all, she’s always tired since months.
– Ok princess… I’ll fresh up a bit and return back so we can take our breakfast together.
Printing a kiss on his fingers, they press each other palm through the curtain separating them. Moments later, the nurse is back to help Swara to fresh up too before taking the daily medicines and samples of blood.
After the breakfast, Sanskar left for the doctor appointment and at Swara’s surprise, he was accompanied by Laksh and Ragini when asked for her sister to come, Bade Ma and Mom were at the temple, Bade Papa and Dad was already at their office and the main person who she wanted absolutely to talk was missing… Uttra!
Chanu left her after the last cocktail of drugs given ignoring that her docile patient has deliberately avoided to swallow the sleeping pills so needed for her rest. She needs to stay alerted having that weird sentiment about her sister in law’s situation.
She tried to call her phone vainly and after a hour of struggling between her instincts telling her to talk to Sanskar about her doubts and the need to know more before creating a problem at home, she finishes by doing what she didn’t for the last months… walking out of her sterilized room by her own.
She had two hours before the sleeping tablets’ effect should going off and the nurse would come to check on her. So shutting her eyes tightly closed face to the unbearable pain the simple fact of getting out of her bed gives her, she holds on the table for at least five minutes breathing heavily and trying to accommodate with the soreness.
– Challo Swara Sanskar Maheshwari this is absolutely nothing face to your husband’s anger if he comes to know about it… so be brave and finish what you’re doing quickly…
Taking off her perfusion, she takes baby steps toward the door sustaining herself to the furniture, chair or the wall, she’s finally relived that no one was at home but domestics who didn’t cross her way toward Uttra’s room. After some minutes, used to the pain she could walk more steadily and after closing the door behind her, she starts searching on the young woman’s desk, in her bedside table’s drawers but nothing special, opening the wardrobe door she gasps in shock.
The closet was almost empty… Uttra has left home!!!

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