SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [prologue]


*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- PROLOGUE *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
Six months ago, after Lakshya disappearance, accusing Sanskar of being the reason of her sister’s pain and his brother’s missing, Swara put a condition on their marriage… until her sister’s husband comes back, she’ll not fill her maan with sindoor… until his brother is back, there is no relation between them.

Sanskar is then ignoring that she a week ago, after he declared that their relation is over on phone, she had an accident hearing that he was about killing his brother and she lost the baby she was about to announce to him that night.

And not letting him explain her what really happened that day he fought with his brother, she doesn’t that his brother’s words announcing to him that she tried to shoot herself some days ago to prove his innocence, his mocking tone wishing that she was really dead, made him lost his control and in a mad moment he did what he till now doesn’t regret.
Then, on that night he invited her to a landing area on the top of an isolated mountain. Now that Laksh is back, moment is about fulfilling promises… filling her maang with sindoor, wearing her mangal sutra to become his wife again… putting on her SS pendant and her beautiful bangels to become his princess again… he’s fulfilling the last promise he gave her, punishing her that she broke their relation… a punishment she promised to accept and asked for after a terrible confrontation between love and hatred.

But, waiting for a punishment to her, she’s shocked to see him take his car and rush toward the void… in one moment, he fulfill the kasam he gave her when he asked her to break all relations with Maheshwaris…
Was is real? …Sanskar is really no more?… Swara has really lost him forever?… Could she be Swara again after being SwaSan?

This the second part of my first Swasan Fanfiction named: “now that i fulfill all promises i made to you, princess… i’ll punish you!”
You can find a summary of it here with links to the 7 chapters of it:

I’ll be happy to read your feedbacks, critics and advices.
Again, English is my 3 rd language, so sorry for errors, misused expressions and orthographic/typing mistakes.
* Shameless Swasan’s fan club leader *

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  3. Loved it dear I was waiting for your story

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    1. MAHIRA

      thank you so much… episode 1 is already online 🙂

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    nice start dear 🙂

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    Gald to c u bck…
    Loved it
    Continue soon

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      thank you dear , hope you’ll like the 1 episode too (it’s already on line)

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    dnt knw wt ll my sanskar gonna do 2 his swara!

    keep writing
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    1. MAHIRA

      sweet little chote… waiting for your comment na!
      Hope you’ll like it 🙂

  13. Adishu

    diiiiii wowww I’m so happy to see this chapter….
    one more request will u in easy language explain what happened in this chappy because the English u use is little bit complicated for me… I m not able to understand what’s future what’s past or what’s his/her imaginations…. so will u explain…

    1. MAHIRA

      Hum Aditi my dear, here it’s just resuming what happened before and introducing to the story by talking about the 1st season (this chapter is before “episode 1” :
      – Their separation after Laksh’s missing
      – Sanskar doesn’t know that on that day he fights with Laksh, Swara was shocked and had an accident in the stairs, she lost her baby and decided to never tell him about it.
      – Laksh’ is back and Sanskar asks Swara to meet him to fulfill her promise, now that her sister’s husband is back, she will be his wife again.
      – After fighting, he gives her the necklace and bangels (those he offered her before and she sold them for Bade papa surgery) surprising her by his romance.
      – He makes her wear her mangal sutra and puts sindoor on her forehead
      – He then dances with her talking about how bad he felt when ages ago she fell in the river (Rajjad issue) and that everybody thought that she’s dead.
      – Suddenly his anger is back and he tells her about what she did after he promised to kill himself if she have any contact with Maheshwari family, he’s mad at her that she tried to kill herself to prove his innocence (by shooting herself when Durga Prasad saved her at the last moment)
      – She’s shattered and tries to explain herself but he doesn’t let her
      – when she thinks that he’ll punish her by harming her, he tells her that he’ll fulfill a last promise and punish her by his act, he lets her, takes his car and jump with it in the void…

      is he dead???

      It’s that what will the season about… episode 1 is the first chapter 🙂

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