SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [Episode 8]

The episode contains high level romance scene… nothing indecent of course, and no explicit described scene but yet, it’s how to say… it’s hot… very hot…
Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

This episode is a continuation of a flashback Sanskar and Swara have got that last night on the landing area… to settle the scene, passages of chapters 4 and 5 of the first season of this story “Now that I fulfilled all promises I’ve done to you, princess… I’ll punish you” are added here.

Arriving at the end of stairs she pushes her hardly making her fall on the ground. Her sister hurries to her help shocked:
“- HOW DARE YOU!!!… Swara… are you okey?”
Swara was panting, her sister’s hands help her to sit looking up to her mother in low with widened shocked eyes, tears drowning her face…
“- how dare me!?… HOW DARE SHE!?!?!?”
Sujatta kneels face to her handling her shoulders forcefully shouting:
“- you tell me… tell me shameless choree… how can you be pregnant when you’ve been separated from my son for the last seven months!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

A shattered Swara just ends a phone call with Ragini where she announces to her from hospital that Laksh’ is still missing… again, a broken hope.
Sanskar choose this moment to come and add more salt on her opened wounds talking about Nikhil again… after the humiliation she accepted about dancing and the money garland she has been offered like a… after bade papa blaming, after the lost hope of her sister’s happiness again, she’s really not able to handle her husband’s anger and insulting jealousy, she prefers going without riposte. He calls her back:
“- kia hua?… upset?… Why are you acting like that? Did I say something wrong?”
She faces him with a defying look:
“- Mister Sanskar Maheshwari, I’m your sister’s wedding planner, I’m here to work, you should better talk with me about work only, there is no need to interfere in my personal life!”
When she’s about going, he grips her elbow forcefully and drags her to the store room just behind them a hand on her mouth so no one can hear her screaming…
Trying to escape his grip, Swara struggles fiercely against his imposing posture in vain, he just doesn’t let go of her. After closing the door behind him, he immediately pushes her to the wall immobilizing her in place with all his weight, his hand on her mouth stifling her cries, his other hand trying to trap her both hands pushing on his chest with all her forces.

His anger was drugging all his other senses but jealousy, teasing her about that boy who keeps being glued to her like a lost puppy was just the appearing top of the iceberg… his beautiful wife is too innocent to be aware of the effect she has on men surrounding her, how many heads she makes turning by her natural charm and delightful spirit. But tonight, pretending doing just her work as a wedding planner, she has crossed another limit to help his family…
When he catches her hands forcefully freeing her mouth, she yells at him fuming with rage:
“- SHUT UP! SWARA… JUST SHUT UP!!!” he warns her narrowing his eyes, her wrists were pinned on the wall at her head sides.
“- you want me to talk about professional matters, hai na? so… tell me miss wedding planner, offering a sensual dance on the bride’s sagai is in the program of Sawaragini wedding planners’ affair? Tell me… how much does it cost? The money garland was enough or we’ll have a supplement charge? ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!!”
“- Sans… kar…”, her voice was trembling…
“- ha, mai Sanskar ho… »
Haunted by the image of that man who proposed her money while she was dancing, he’s unconscious of how much he’s hurting her, freeing one of her hands, he immobilizes her pressing on her neck to express his harsh words:
“- Sanskar who almost killed your sister when she insulted your honor”

Taking her other hand, he brings it to his temple pressing it and adds:
“- do you remember this mark?… you healed it…”
Showing her hand in front of her face, he explains:
“- with this hand…”
Swara shocked eyes don’t break contact with his almost mad look, he seems in trance when he continuous:
“- I had it when I fought with my brother defending your honor…”
“- I wasn’t yet your husband, miss wedding planner!… ”
Detailing her face, he bends over her lips adding:
“- And now… now Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… now that your honor is MINE… you humiliate it for MY little sister… how can you be so cruel!?”
He was so close, she hasn’t been in his embrace since eternity and yet she can feel that alchemy between them finding its way in the middle of all that hatred. Feeling his heart pounding against her chest, memories of their intimate moments submerge her as she closes her eyes, once upon time… they used to be happy… today, all she can see in his eyes is that consuming anger!
She remembers his shock seeing her dancing, Gayathri-ji words, garland, the guy who accosted her with money… opening her eyes, tears filling her husband’s eyes break her last defenses in front of him, she says with a trembling voice:
“- and mai Swara ho… cruel hai … dishonored hai… tumhara wife nahi…”
She burst out crying making him take off his hand abruptly, joining her hands under her chin, she prays him with a broken voice:
“- if there is… no relation between… between us…”

Not bearing to see her tears, neither hearing that statement again, Sanskar turns his back to her.
“- … humiliation… dishonor… mere hai… sirf mere hai… tumhara nahi…”
She slides along the wall supporting her to the ground, takes her face in her hands and lets go of all the pain and sorrow she’s hiding for months.
At this moment, Uttara’s engagements function… Gayathri-ji demands… Maheshwari’s blaming looks… Laksh’ still missing situation… Ragini’s pain… everything vanishes as she feels like falling endlessly in infinite darkness she’s avoiding since that moment when Sanskar announced his decision to her.
Suddenly, she feels his hands on hers, taking them off her face. Then cuddling it, he prints a tender kiss on her maang at the point which should be filled with sindoor making her open her eyes surprised. Seeing him kneeling face to her makes her cry more trying to turn away from him, but he doesn’t let go of her. Bending his face to her, he kisses the corner of her eyes one after the other brushing her tears away, her cheeks, her jaw, the corner of her salted tendered lips…

Swara’s eyes widen with surprise… Still shining with tears, she feels the warmness of his lips cuddling hers, tempting, cajoling, consoling… Throwing away anything else but him… His huge palms cup her round soft face deepening the caress and closing the distance between them and as in the almost forgotten old times… His magic wraps them together making everything else vanishes…
Her hands on his forearms stroke their way up to his tensed shoulders where she hangs them for support… Her body still shaking with sobs is quivering under the feelings he’s waking in her… When her trembling fingers come in contact with the bare skin of his neck, electric shock burst between them… She kisses him back tenderly pouring all the longing she’s feeling for him the last long months…
Like if it was the detonator he was waiting for, Sanskar’ s caress changes , his fingers griping her hair back crashing on her with all his force, his lips weren’t giving anymore… They were asking, claiming, possessing… She pulls on his hair in reaction when he bits on her lower lip opening the passage for his tongue to go meeting with hers in a long sensual breathtaking dance…
Sanskar has always been a gentleman in every act with her… But in those moments he is the master and she is just all what he wants…

It’s like if he lets her lead their couple in all ways to give her a fake impression that she can make with him whatever she wants, while in the intimacy, he takes back the power she so happy to allow him, because this was her power on him too… She could bring the beast in him at surface chasing the prey of his desire she has always been.
Hungry for her, he devours her lips, her jaw line up to sensible spot behind her ear… A husky deep groan escapes her throat when he takes her ear lobe between his teeth licking it slowly… He smiles wildly against her skin as she pulls harder on his hair her eyes closed tightly and this breaks off her last boundaries… She takes off his hands from her long hair he was griping back to discover her lovely face and pulls out of his embrace looking up to his darker with lust eyes, she’s panting, her eyes reddened with tears and her cheeks flushed… She can’t sustain the burning fire dancing in his eyes, swallowing some gulps of air she looks down sure that her eyes were mirroring his telling all her desire for him… In that small moment her shyness over heads her she hears his whisper:
“- I’m sorry…”
She’s shocked, is he regretting their closeness? Tears menace to drown her cheeks again when she looks up to him… The desire in his eyes was veiled by something else… Sadness?… Hurt!?…
He misunderstood her again, seeing in her shy a reject and it breaks her heart to see how vulnerable he became over those months… His harsh words reasons again in her ears no more bitterly from their sense… But from what they hide! She sees him break eye contact with her looking away sighing… He tightens his fists on his knees and repeats with a shaken voice…
“- Sorry… I know… ”

She stops him a hand on his mouth obliging him to look back to her, when she withdraws her hand he finally looks straight in her eyes, tears pearling at his and at this instant, the whole world can be destroyed, all what means to her is to brush away the sorrow filling the small distance between them…
For the first time, she becomes bold and literally throws herself on him taking his lovely face in her hands while she kisses him like if her life depends on him, drawing her fingers in his hair, she pushes him back deepening her caress letting him know how much she loves him too… She needs him too…
He lets her do surprised at her sudden behavior’s change.
His body hardly reacting to her assault as she traces a river of open mouthed kisses along his jaw to his neck, biting slightly on his pulsing vein, he groans in response while her fingers make their way down his sherwany undoing his buttons with an aching slowness… His grip tightens on her long silky curls when her lips and tongue tastes endlessly his collar bone down to his torso… His throat let’s go of a deep bestial groan when he feels her teeth teasing him playfully….
He couldn’t take it more; with a swift light move he puts her under him… Taking off her heavy dupatta, it costs him all his self control to not just rip off her small top forcefully, he undoes it laces with eagerly trembling finger before possessing her lips again, fiercely, his spread fingers nipping her at the ground in place, she wants to touch him, but he grips her wrists placing them on the both sides of her face and there was her Sanskar, making every single part of her, HIS…

Kissing, tasting, teasing…. Enjoying her lost in the pleasure world he plunges her in while he makes love to her slowly…. Deliciously achingly slowly…. Murmuring in her ear that he wanted to mark her so much, so she will never be able to forget that she’s HIS…. Only his….
And she reveals in his possessiveness letting him take what she was… HIS Swara… because he was simply right… She’s being his from the instant she understood her feelings toward him…
Will she ever be able to express how much she loves him? Overwhelmed by both the feelings bursting in her heart and body, tears explode from her tightly shut eyes gaping for air when he bones breaking holds her stiffening her groaned name on her lips…
He caresses her hair clearing the most beautiful sight of his life, swara’s blushing to her hair roots face soaked with sweat… The shining in her eyes filling his racing heart with pure joy.
He frowns seeing her tears, enquiring if he has been so much rude with her that he unintentionally hurt her… Hearing his unspoken question she smiles reassuring him, her fingers caressing his hair back from his forehead…
When he leans over her kissing lovingly her forehead, she would die in that moment just to never get out of the wonder cocoon they where in… in that… unexpected place… Unexpected day… Unexpected moment…

At that instant, they were way far from Maheshwari mansion, uttara’s sagai function and their broken relation… They have just reached heaven secretly hoping never come back.
How much time did they spend here? There were unable to know… They almost melt in each other enlaced, hearing silently to their heart beats gaining slowly their normal rhythm… Suddenly footsteps sound passing by the store room closed doors make them land abruptly from the fairyland they were… Blushing harder at the idea of someone knowing about their “escapade”, she states unwillingly:
“- They’ll start searching for us…”
He mumbles an agreement nodding.
The putting on their clothes back was an awkward moment… The same question was turning in their minds: AND NOW??
Sanskar finishes closing his Sherwani when he notices her phone on the ground, he picks it along with her dupatta and approaches her.
She’s startled feeling his fingers taking the laces of her top from hers, standing behind her, he gives her her phone before knotting the fabric aware of her reaction every time his fingers come in contact with her bare skin.
She bits on her lower lip closing her eyes… Her phone rings announcing a message.
Sanskar finishes his task putting her dupatta on her shoulder trying to fold it like she does frowning as he tries to put words on what he wants her to know Swara who unlocks her phone, whispers worriedly:
” – 15 missed calls from Nikhil”

At the moment sanskar opens his mouth to say something, he hears her say:
” kya hua nikhil?…”
He tightens his fists feeling anger submerge him by huge waves blinding him again, She was talking on her phone.
“- Everything is fine? Where is Ragini?”
The conversation was brief, she hangs off wondering:
” – he says that he can’t come back with Ragini… They were at hospital… Sanskar! You know? The dancer…”
Turning around to tell him about the missed occasion of founding laksh’ today, she discovers that he was gone!
Taking a deep breath knowing perfectly what he was probably thinking, but right now wasn’t the moment for them to clarify the situation…

Outdoor, Uttara’s life was in the hands of a horrible woman who thinks that she’s just the Bengali wedding planner and that Sanskar will never reunite with his “ex wife” again..
Unfortunately, the situation has never been clarified, backing to her tasks and trying to define what was Ragini hiding from her since her coming back, the first meeting with Sanskar was a fight again about the dowry issue…
That night, he protected her claiming her wife’s right on him breaking down his sister’s marriage… But he also breaks her heart informing her sister that she’ll never be back in his life again…
At the end, it seems like if nothing has happen in that store room… maybe it was just a dream for both of them…
But as he promised, she was marked… haa, he said that everything was over between them and she believed him, but both of them were ignoring that their love wasn’t so much weak to let them decide… It was stronger than their will and was changing their lives forever with a new coming life….
The fruit of their unbreakable love.


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