SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [Episode 26]


WARNING: very hot romance scene… again nothing explicit… but ehem ehem… have I to remind you my title???

It’s not my fault… it’s Sanskar’s shamelessness…


NOTE: as you see the title is changing as long as the cover… let me know what do you think about the 2 of them…


PREVIOUSLY: Sanskar takes Swara out for a date, brings her back to the landing area where he faked his death weeks ago… after a small arguing, he proposed to her again like he did the first time and after the thousands of petal’s rain from a helicopter, he asks her to let go of all the bad memories as he wants to create new once with her…


Warmly folded in Sanskar’s embrace, Swara leans her head aside on his chest, their fingers entangled over her waist as his arms are wrapping her tightly… seating at the back of their trip’s flying engine, they are enjoying the night vision as the helicopter gets higher and higher in Kolkata’s sky offering them the occasion to discover the beautiful city like never before…

“- I know that we did it before, princess… but you’ll see… by night, it’s completely different…”

Swara looks up to his grinning face with shining eyes, excitement and joyful tears sparkling in her huge pupils making his heart race faster… after a moment, she keeps silent, just letting the pure happiness of the moment invades every piece of her heart and soul electrifying her body and giving her wings… she feels like millions of butterflies are dancing in her stomach making her fly too… in fact she was really flying.

Absorbed by his explanations of every known place glittering with lights under them, she’s overwhelmed by the hugeness of her feelings toward this unique man… the wonderland he was making her fly above was spread at her sight when her thought are deviated to him and his behavior …

Everyone can fall in love and offers to his ladylove gifts and beautiful promises to prove his love… but her Sanskar was different. He wasn’t in need to prove anything, he doesn’t even try to make her see how much he loves her, he just do it because he feels like it would make her happy, that will give her smile and it was just enough for his happiness… her Sanskar complains all the time about her careless toward herself putting everyone’s interest at first priorities… her needs at last!

But what about him?… as long as she remembers, from the first time she met him, she never saw him do anything for himself… from the day he stopped death on its way to her on that terrace at Badi, when she discovered his reality… she never felt him do something for his self being… it’s like if he dedicated his whole life for others…

From nowhere, a small voice irrupts in her mind précising “others are resumed on you and only YOU Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari”

It was so true… whatever would be the situation… be it when he was mad at her and rejecting her love and presence ages ago… or in the last months melodrama when he was so angry at her for their separation… he was always the same… “her” Sanskar!

“- how can you do that to Sanskar?”

Ragini’s unwelcomed broken voice reasons in her head recalling her that all this is a dream, a dream from what she wishes to never come out… a dream turning to an untold nightmare for him… how she would prefer him to open up to her and say what he’s thinking of this situation calmly!

Sanskar looks down to her asking worriedly:

“- kya hua, Swara?”

Her tears were blurring her vision. Closing her eyes she turns toward him and hugging him tightly, she hides her doubts in his chest nestling her face against it and saying:

“- kuch nahi… surely those so called pregnancy mood swings…”

She lies and she knows that he’s aware of it, because he doesn’t say anything, he keeps silent, his hand caressing her bangels around her wrists absent mindedly, he looks away as she feels his heart beats race increasing…

She looks up to him, covering his heart with her palm which makes him look back to her instantly… she smiles to him making his lips curve in a small smile , tightening his hold around her protectively, he resumes his description of the twinkling city under them…

Suddenly “blackout”! all lights around are off!!!… from the beautiful pigmented with lights picture remains nothing but… darkness… blackness…

She panics looking down by her window worriedly straightening herself in his embrace, she asks frowning and trying to find some points in the horizon in vain:

“- Sanskar! What happened?… this… it… is blackout?”

He looks to her alarmed face blinking, then remembering that she told him once that she’s afraid of darkness, he reassures her taking her hand in his while caressing her cheek with the other:

“- shh… don’t worry, princess… it’s okey… deko… all lights of the helicopter are on, hai na?”

She looks in front of her to the pilot continuing his maneuvers calmly like if he wasn’t conducting his planning engine in the absolute black surroundings…

“- Sanskar… how will we reach destination? What if there is some accident? What if…”

He smiles to her childish reaction putting some strands of hair behind her ear while saying :

“- don’t worry… we’re not on a road where the three colors are not working, Mr Maheshwari… there will not be another helicopter coming from the other side”

“- are you mocking me, Mr Maheshwari!?”

Her panicked eyes were fixing his angrily, she looks so cute just in this moment and he can’t stop smiling at her pout making her frown angrier:

“- it’s not funny, Sanskar!… I really hate darkness…”

When he puts his hands over her shoulders coming closer in her back, she makes a small movement jerking them away and asks closing her eyes:

“- can we go home, please?”

He puts his hands back on her shoulders caressing their way over her arms until he hugs her again nestling his chin in her neck and whispers:

“- we’re going home, princess…”

She frowns opening her eyes and trying to look back to him, but he points his finger to her window’s side making her look there questioningly…

Slowly, one by one, light spots are lighten at some far point in the middle of darkness… three… four… five… a line… an arc… another line… another arc… a circle… light points where shaping some specific drawing slowly taking her breath away… she was subjugated by the spectacle created just in front of her… a first shape form a letter… he blows in her ear with the complete inscription…


The different circles, curved lines and arcs join with some more spots forming the second word…

“- LOVE…”

Tears accumulating in her eyes makes the lights shining in thousands shades as she reads hearing his voice again:

“- YOU…”

Sanskar tightens his hug around her tears forming in his eyes too as he says finally with this last word appearing:

“- Swara…”

Four simple words he told her so many times that she doesn’t even need to hear them anymore as his every breath is only expressing it… but at that moment… at this instant… she feels like the whole world has disappeared and there is only her prince charming here with her, claiming his love to her in the most magical manner she had never even imagined…

She turns to look to him her tears drowning her face and a smile curving her trembling lips when she says:

“- I love you too, Sanskar! I love you too… but…”

She palms his face their noses and forehead touching:

“- I don’t need all this, my prince… you have nothing to prove to me… I love you… I always had and always will… in this life or another…”

He closes his eyes a painful expression darkening his face before he opens his eyes taking her hands to his lips:

“- I want this entire world to know how much I love you princess… the earth and the sky… the moon and the stars… I would scream it so much, so high that it reaches heavens’ doors…”

Kissing her forehead closing his eyes, tears drown his face too as she feels him trembling; she plunges in his embrace hugging him tightly and the rest of their journey ends silently as they approaches slowly to the source of those lights, somewhere in the middle, the more they approaches, the more a familiar enlightened shape in distinguished from the darkness, pilot was starting his landing maneuvers while Swara exclaims:

“- Sanskar… it’s…”

“- welcome home, princess…”


Swara makes some steps fascinated by the surroundings… beautiful decorations of flowers and colored lights are dancing under the twirling wind created by the flying away helicopter. Sanskar stays back smiling at her astonished expression a beautiful smile drawing her lips while the silky curls of her hair are madly whipping her face… when he comes closer, his hand on her waist startling her, she looks back to him letting him clear the vision of her face putting her hair behind her ears and wiping the pearling tears at her eyes’ corners with his thumbs, he smiles back to her saying:

“- enough of tears, princess… ok?”

They are on the Academy “Castle” old building’s top where decorations have created a beautiful cocoon just for both of them, a table for dinner… colored veiled sailings and music… Swara’s cheeks heat at the memory this place was bringing to her mind delighting her husband who smiles wickedly, putting his hands in his pockets, he bends to her ear and whispers:

“- happy Suhagraat birthday, princess?”

Her eyes widen feeling her heated cheeks burning as she blushes hardly under his gaze, she wasn’t even aware that he was counting days since that night…

“- ha, I counted the time since, you’re completely and fully mine, princess…”

he was so close to her, the closest he could without touching her and just when she thinks he’s about kissing her, he makes a step back taking a deep breath confusing her. She blinks in surprise as he looks around before asking:

“- diner?”

“- sure…”

Her voice was a bit shaken as he takes her hand directing her to the table where he sits her comfortably before taking the seat face to her…

Insisting to feed her by his own hands, she lets him do enjoying the feeling of being so cherished like he only could make her feel… the played song around expressing their both feelings…


Jise Zindagi Dhoondh Rahi Hai… (What my life is searching for)
Kya Ye Woh Makaam Mera Hai… (Is this the same destination?)
Yahaan Chain Se Bas Ruk Jaoon… (Just to rest here forever peacefully)
Kyun Dil Ye Mujhe Kehta Hai… (Why does my heart wish that?)
Jazbaat Naye Se Mile Hain… (I’ve found new emotions)
Jaane Kya Asar Ye Hua Hai… (I don’t know what this effect is)
Ek Aas Mili Phir Mujhko… (I’ve found a new hope)
Jo Qubool Kisi Ne Kiya Hai… (As someone has finally accepted me)
Haan… Kisi Shaayar Ki Ghazal… (Like some poet’s beautiful poem)
Jo De Rooh Ko Sukoon Ke Pal … Which gives a moment’s peace to the soul)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone… )
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar… (As if a (lonesome) wanderer has found a home)
Naye Mausam Ki Seher… (Like mornings of a new season)
Ya Sard Mein Dopahar… (Or afternoons in the winter)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone… )
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar… (As if a wanderer has found a home)


During diner, both Swara and Sanskar talked a lot, they have missed each other so much during those long months of separation and avoiding to return back to the bad memories of blaming and hatred… they just catch up what happened in their lives separately.

Swara enjoys Sanskar’s narration about his journey searching for Laskh and how meeting Dida by coincidence, he found himself plunged in the deepest secret of his family… the deepest secret of her family too… discovering that in some fate’s pages, their story was written before their own births!

He explains how he had to tell about it to Bade Papa because he was the only one knowing about all the story and to imply Baba because Ma, baby Ayush and both her and Ragini were in danger… not because of Laksh’s trial and the mafia’s menace but because, the problem was more personal as that awful man was preparing his revenge for so long time…

He pleads again his cause for hiding the truth from her saying that now he’s not even regretting because she had so much to handle on her own… at least he took this matter off her so strong shoulders… his eyes shine with repressed tears when he confesses sadly:

“- if only I could support you in more, Swara…”


Hmm… Mmm…
Aaa… Aaaa…
Jaise Koi Kinara, Deta Ho Sahara… (Just a shore that offers support)
Mujhe Woh Mila Kisi Mod Par… (I found her on some turning)
Koi Raat Ka Tara, Karta Ho Ujala… (Like a star that shines at night)
Waise Hi Roshan Kare Woh Shehar… (In the same way, she lightens up the city)
Dard Mere Wo Bhula Hi Gaya… (She made me forget all my pain)
Kuch Aisa Asar Hua… (She cast such an effect on me)
Jeena Mujhe Phir Se Woh Sikha Raha… (She is teaching me how to live again)
Hmm… Jaise Baarish Kar De Tarr… (Like the rain which drenches everything)
Ya Marham Dard Par… (Or the satisfaction that one has after applying ointment on the wound)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone…)
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar… (As if a wanderer has found a home)
Naye Mausam Ki Seher… (Like mornings of a new season)
Ya Sard Mein Dopahar… (Or afternoons in the winter)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone… )
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar… (As if a wanderer has found a home)

“- you know, Swara… my whole life was based on what happened that day… I have no idea who was the little girl and where she came from and where did she go after… but in every step of my life, whenever life seemed to turn her back to me, I remembered her and told myself that if a small child could made so much, nothing is impossible in this world… ”


Muskaata Yeh Chehra, Deta Hai Jo Pehra… (This smiling face is protecting me)
Jaane Chhupata Kya Dil Ka Samandar… (Yet no one knows what is hiding in the ocean of her heart)
Auron Ko Toh Hardam, Saaya Deta Hai… She gives shade to everyone else)
Woh Dhoop Mein Hai Khada, Khud Magar… (While standing in the sun herself)
Chot Lagi Hai Usse Phir Kyun… (Even when she is wounded
Mehsoos Mujhe Ho Raha… (Why do I feel the pain)
Dil Tu Bata De Kya Hai Iraada Tera… (Oh my heart! Tell me what are Your intentions)
Hmm… Main Parinda Besabar… (I was a restless bird)
Tha Uda Jo Darbadar… (That was flying from place to place)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone…)
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar… (As if a wanderer has found a home)
Naye Mausam Ki Seher … (Like mornings of a new season)
Ya Sard Mein Dopahar… (Or afternoons in the winter)
Koi Mujhko, Yun Mila Hai… (I’ve found someone…)
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar (x4) … (As if a wanderer has found a home)


As the song changes, Swara smiles to his praising words feeding him back some last bites, he gives her some sips of juice continuing:

“- this how I turned from a homeless guy in depression to one of the greatest business man in the country in few years…”

She frowns pushing the glass away from her lips looking down, he frowns too:

“- kya hua?”

She smirks before replying on an irritated tone:

“- is it necessary to bring your mad ex love in the middle of the conversation, now?”

He blinks shocked almost strangling in the food in his mouth:

“- aree! When did I talk about Kavitha!?”

“- ha! You’re talking about her, now!!”

She folds her arms on her chest angrily looking away making him feel confused, he asks her irritated:

“- Swara… this is not fair… it wasn’t about her in any way before you brought her in the subject! I have a past that I can’t change, before blaming me for it, think at least about me and how I try to live with the crowd of men falling for you all the time”

She widens her eyes shocked by his words as he adds throwing his napkin on the table angrily:

“- Kabhi Sahil, Kabhi Nikhil… and let’s not talk about my lovely brother’s past obsession… I pass my time fighting all the men of this world to prove that you’re mine… but I don’t complain”

She shuts her eyes closed tightly and leaves the table without a word. Walking to the railing, she stands there looking down as unwelcomed tears make their way from her eyes for a moment until she feels his hand griping her elbow to make her turn toward him, she wipes her eyes taking a deep breath before looking finally to him, both says on the same tone at the same time:

“- sorry…”

he smiles holding his ear just like she used to do making her smile back tears forming in her eyes again… she takes off his hand before plunging in his embrace hugging him by his waist and nestling herself in his warm chest, he wraps his arms around her shoulders holding her closer, then breathing deeply her delicate perfume he says:

“- I’m sorry princess… didn’t mean it… I think I’m having the pregnancy hormones’ troubles like you…”

She giggles slapping his shoulder breaking the hug to look up to him, their arms on the waist of each other:

“- nahi Sanskar… it’s my fault… kya karo, I’m a jealous possessive woman and not ashamed about it! It’s because I have the most handsome prince in the world…”

His smile becomes wider at her words making her pout before saying:

“- nothing to be proud of it Mr Maheshwari… your wife is here feeling all insecure about your future disgusted looks to her look alike laddoo’s statue and you’re talking about…”

His finger on her lips stops her in her drama, leaning toward her so closely that their noses touch, their lips at inches from each other, he says huskily:

“- I said “tasty” ladoo, Mrs Maheshwari… because I loooove laddooos! And by the way… I’m eagerly waiting for that because it would mean…”

Caressing his way on her waist to her belly, he strokes it saying suggestively:

“- having more of you… princess!”

Blushing to her hair roots, she pushes on his chest to make him step away from her trying to free herself vainly, her feet slips and she’s about falling back in the void shocking him… he grips her wrist shouting:

“- SWARA!!!”

She chuckles madly her back over the railing the as top of her body balancing in the void, the wind playing with her hair’s curls and gives him the impression of balancing her more… all sustaining her to the ground is his extended hand gripping her tightly!

He drags her back making her crash on him forcefully laughing more… she feels his heart pounding at her ear as she leans her head on his chest… he takes her by her arms snatching her from his embrace to check that she’s fine his fearful eyes detailing her face madly, she sobers seeing the anger filling his eyes when he asks:

“- so you took me seriously when I said that you can scare me if it makes you laugh! How can you be so careless… what’s funny damn it! What if I didn’t reach your hand in time!? What if…”

Suddenly, his lips are sealed by hers as she stops him brushing away his fears and anger in her chaste kiss, her palms hugging his face tightly…

Sanskar sees her close her eyes blushing and it’s enough for him to take her in his arms plunging his fingers in her hair bringing them back as he turns the sweet kiss to a hungry one, his lips taste her lower ones sucking softly on them before doing the same on the upper ones, he feels her wavers gripping his hair locks in her hands the sensations he procures her flowing down in all her body heating her skin and electrifying her members.

Taking advantage of her gasping for air to invade her mouth deepening their caress, pushing her to the railing, his whole body presses hers expressing the flames of desire she lighted up in him burning both of them and when he finally withdraws breathing heavily in need of oxygen, he smiles seeing her trying to catch her breath too flushed like a tomato, her hands clutching her dress sides… she swallows hardly not able to look in his eyes…

At the next song’s first note, she turns her face away unable to bear his heated gaze on her and when he leans over her she pushes on his chest escaping his embrace and running away…

He grips her hand stopping her then coming in front of her, he wraps his arms around her waist closing the distance between them taking her caught hand to his lips where he prints a small kiss, obliging her to look up to him… he suggests:

“- dance?”

She blinks surprised as without waiting for her response, he puts her hand over his shoulder, his free hand on her hip, he starts moving in rhythm with the song’s air…

Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar [] aaya hai
(Today once again I am falling in love with you,
Love, which is limitless and incalculable..)

Toote to toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte behayaa
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi meraa sab le gaya
Na fikar, na sharam, na lihaaj,
ek baar aaya..
(When I broke in your arms, I broke
as if some leaves break from a tree, shamelessly,
I broke in you and got collected within you too,
you only took away everything that was mine..
No worries, no shame, no shyness even once was there..)

Leaning over her, he nuzzles her neck smelling it deeply as he makes her follow his steps all around the wide decorated place… between the lights and the colored sailings, passing her arms under his, she holds back on his shoulders feeling flying in his arms…

Phir zarre zarre mein deedaar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai
(Once again, my sight is at every particle (of yours)
Today once again I feel love for you,
limitless and incalculable love..)

Returning to the middle, he makes her twirl on herself for a while before she crashes on him back, her heart pounding at her ears when his hands straightens her holding her hips again against him.

Tu hi meri awargi
Tu hi duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hi razaa, tu hi kami
Aur tu hi wo, firaaq hai jis ki
Hai silsilon ne mere pass laaya
(You are my vagrancy,
You alone are the prayer of every evening..
You’re the one for no reason, (and) you’re must (at the same time)
You’re my wish, you’re what I lack,
and you’re the one in whose in my thoughts..)

His hands caresses her bare back under her shawl up to her shoulder while continuing their dance, she bites on her lower lip feeling his lips on her neck kissing his way down to her shoulder where his teeth brushes against her tender skin making her shiver discovering it slowly from the pearled scarf wrapping them…

Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Behadd aur beshumar aaya hai
(On your lips there is approval today,
limitless and incalculable it is..)

She lets go of a moan of pleasure when his teeth are replaced by his lips again, his wet open mouthed kisses travel down to her cleavage as his hands gets downs through her back to her waist…

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai..

At the last notes of the song, the shawl lands heavily on ground in a muffed sound surprising her, she should be trembling from coldness in so lack of clothes on the top of her body but she feels consumed in a burning fire clutching harder his hair while desire flowing over her all being by succeeding waves… his hands go up her sides maintaining her in place when his hot breaths are brushing against her skin by intermittence of his hungry lips turning her head more…

Her chest rises and downs repeatedly when he comes back to her lips claiming his possessiveness on them like a thirsty lost man finding an oasis in desert… kissing, sucking, biting… all she’s able to do is surrendering to the overwhelming pleasure he’s giving her… unaware of her own acts, She starts responding to his kiss as his hands reach the edge of her dress’ zip undoing the button there…

When he finally parts away panting and giving her a chance to take gulps of needed air, he’s surprised by her hands pushing him further so she runs from his enterprising fingers in her back…

He smiles shaking his head before looking back to her reaching her destination, he sees her engulfing herself in the elevator cabin waving her fingers bending bye as the door close at her smiling blushing face…

she has lost her shoes on the way… or maybe she simply kicked them out of her running feet!

In the closed cabin, she wipes her face taking a deep breath putting her hair back… her fingers brushes against her swollen lips as she smiles wider blushing more. Now, she knows why he took her out… she feels like her moans were reaching the sky in his embrace, sadistic prince Maheshwari!

Few minutes later, the doors open on the corridor of the ground floor of the Academy… it was dark and too long making her regret immediately her braveness feeling like a coward about pressing the button going up back…

Shaking her head, she scolds herself smiling:

“- Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… you’re in your own Academy… you know this place like your home…”

She remembers Sanskar’s words welcoming her as “being at home” and smiles wider, he’s right… for the past weeks she lived here more than in the family’s mansion because she was feeling his presence…

Making some steps trying to surpass her unreasonable fear, she remembers all the times she met that old chacha without noticing that he was her Sanskar, feeling silly at her numerous fights with him, she finally arrives at the main gate of the building.

Opening it with a deafening noise, she’s surprised to find the stairs decorated with cupped candles all the way down continuing on the ground giving her the direction to take…

She walks barefooted on the upholstered with roses petals road for a moment, going deeper and deeper in the included in the Academy surrounding forest… trees where decorated like in Christmas and she understands slowly that it’s the way lightened by the “ I LOVE YOU SWARA” inscription she saw in the sky… her prince will never end surprising her!

Then, here he was, standing at the end on the decorated path, his vest taken off, his hands in his pockets and his eyes expressing all the love he showers her of… her feet continue willingly their way toward him and as she stops just in front of him, she discovers a huge campfire lightening the dark side behind him, its flames shades dancing over him stature… feeling like the luckiest woman on the earth, she plunges in his embrace hiding her joyful tears in his neck…

he breaths heavily cupping her in his arms, he looks a moment in her eyes as she wraps her arms around his neck, waiting a kind of silent agreement he finishes by have… turning back, he enjoys her surprise as she discovers their old tent set back, he replies at her unspoken question:

“- Our love blossomed somehow in this tent, princess… this why it’s just like he is, whatever happened, however storms try to destroy it… it will always be solid and unbreakable!”

The remaining night flows away in their long languorous love making inside their tent, where for the first time, Swara felt like if her Sanskar has devoted himself to her as he didn’t even let her touch him… asking her to just trust him and accept his need to take possession of all her senses so her pleasure becomes his… giving and never asking… Sanskar plunged her for long hours in an unknown world of almost forbidden and unbearable lust she didn’t even know about.

At the Dawn, as the campfire has consumed itself till the end plunging their exhausted resting bodies in the dark. Sanskar opens his eyes to look at his princess’ face turned a bit up to him as she was sleeping deeply on his bare chest. He caresses her cheek with the back of his hand making sure to not wake her up while he brushes away the loosened hair covering her adorable face…

Shifting slowly to sit up making her lay down on the couch covering the rough soil, he takes his phone thrown not far away and lights it up, going on Laksh profile, he sends a message after assuring himself that it was on silent mode:

“- is everything ready?”

Few seconds later, the response appears:

“- done!”

Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath brushing his hair back a stern expression covering his face. then, putting his phone aside, he take a notebook and a pen from somewhere under the couch, opening it, he starts marking lot of rods on its sheets page after page, counting them again and again to assure himself of the number he wanted… after a moment, he returns to the first page and draws a cross on the first of them gasping painfully…

Hiding the notebook back, he lays down again holding Swara back in his arms, hugging her tightly assured that she’s still asleep, he finally lets go of his pain and cries silently while the first lights of the day invades the small world where he wanted to hide her for the eternity…

PRECAP: Sanskar’s car parks in front of the hospital entry… checking his phone, he turns to Swara who was sitting in the passenger side, her eyes closed.


Thank you all for reading till the end, hope it wasn’t boring and ha i know too much long…

Thanks for the silent readers too

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  1. Phoniex

    Loving it so so much mahira. Can’t say how good you are when it comes to emotions truly you are marvelous. Loved their romance. He never get her chance to take control when it comes to love making he is the incharge of her body that I kind of find cute as everywhere else she is his goddess having the power to even destroy her.

    Yaar I am a bit worried about upcoming episode what he is doing with her. I hope he is not getting his way by fooling her.

    1. MAHIRA

      Oh dear… thank you so much 🙂
      your words are so beautiful and make me feel blessed by all this love , thank you so much
      I see Swasan relasionship the same way… Swara is very strong, a lioness able to face the world alone… she saved herself alone so many times that you wonder if she really need anyone in her life and it’s may be the reason why the rift was so huge between her and Sanskar in the 6 months of separation… her strongness makes him feel somehow weak face to her and it’s never simple to handle her even Sanskar has always been the strongest male character in the story… he’s somehow a younger version of his Bade Papa…
      But then she’s a woman in love too… and it makes her feel weak face to him, may be this why he never has the right to be wrong… how earsily she forgives her sister, her father, her in laws and all human being in the world, but him… she is so exigent toward him… he’s the closest to her heart and it has its cost in return…. she can’t umagine him being inperfect…
      Then, there is the Swara in intimacy, the Swara which Sanskar is the unique to know… when she let go of her strenght face to her deep shyness whenever her lover, husband and the most umpirtant person in her life is with her and in that world where the unique values are the values of their love, he takes the control she’s having all the time, he becomes the master of her universe and she’s just all his, surrendering to what he makes her live willingly… she vulnerable face to him in those moments because she lets go of that armor she protect herself behind it… this trust she gives him makes him able to accept her face off out of their intimacy… not because he’s really weak but because he feels that he’s the only one knowing the real Swara and it’s a power on itself…
      for the precap… wait a bit and you’ll see what he’s planning…

  2. yes its tooo long but not borin……its tooooo goood awesom….is he going to abort her baby in her unconsius state??….post next sooon vaiting tk care

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