SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [Episode 2]


Durga Prasad, Ram and Shekar escort pandi-ji out thanking him hands joined on their chest again. They stay there, saluting their guests that join the family in this terrible ordeal leaving after the pray function the family has given.
Sitting around the still smoking extinguished fire, Sujatta is inconsolable; unaware of the world around her, she keeps repeating between her lips her lamentations about her unique son. Sharmista presses her hand in comfort without a word and gives a small smile to Bade ma who’s tired face was worrying the whole family… she was smoothing Uttara hair who was crying in her lap.
Ragini, a plate of water glasses in hands, serves every one trying to hide her own tears, she signs to her worried Ma that nothing has changed about Swara’s state… she has checked on her just after pooja.
She shivers recalling that night. After a feasting family diner, they have saluted her parents who enjoyed with them Laksh returning home before retire to their room. Laksh teased her playfully that his smarter brother preferred enjoying his wife’s company privately… some hours later, his phone rang
On the “accident” place, she found shocked Swara whose tears were her unique way to express anything, she tried to reassure her, to convince her going home and wait in vain, all she had for reaction is the endless flows of tears on her cheeks…

At the first lights of the day, she’s the first to notice Laksh’s reaction on the edge of the accident area, she tries to take her sister apart but Swara just doesn’t move keeping her sight focused on the rescue actions… sooner, a stretched is brought up and transported to the ambulance… she grips her sister’s arm stopping her from hurrying there… she tries to make her look to her, take her eyes off the terrible scene unsuccessfully.
Slowly, she feels all forces running from her, the resisting urge to go from her tight grip fades and at Laksh’s first words asking forgiveness with a broken crying voice, Swara’s eyes close and never opened again until now…
Her unanimated body has been transported in the same ambulance to hospital where all doctors efforts to wake her stayed vain. Helpless, doctors couldn’t give any explanation of her state, their advise was just to wait and pray… to maintain her vital functions safe, she’s fed with a saline perfusion in what medicines are administered punctually; the only sign of life in her was a resisting constant fever and the tears drowning her face endlessly till now.
Ragini wipes her face silently scolding herself for not being as strong as she has to be in such circumstances, Swara doesn’t need her tears or sadness, she needs her to take care about everyone in her absence… She would be angry to know about unfinished meals, forgotten medicines, suspended contracts… but what to do, what happened was unexpected even in everybody worst nightmares.
She closes her eyes taking a deep breath to compose herself, saluting back the last leaving guests, she looks back to Sanskar’s photo… but her eyes are filled with tears again seeing Laksh’s state.
Sobbing silently unable to take off his eyes from his smiling brother’s image, he’s surely the most affected by what happened in the house.

Firstly busy with the funeral office’ preparations, he handled the situation perfectly when everyone was shocked, incapable to take any decision.
It was him who gave orders about transporting Swara to their Mansion at hospital… informed their relatives and acquaintances… then media and business partners… contacted the priest for all the funeral preparations… he consoled his parents and cried in his aunty lap saying that if she’s saying that she lost her unique son, then he’s a stranger to him… if she’s his brother’s mother, how could he be a stranger?
But at the funeral service, he broke down at the moment of setting fire in the stake. Remembering the shradh rites he did months ago and their last fight wishing his dead… how could he be so blind? so heartless?… he cries badly thinking about his brother’s soft smile assuring him that everything will be fine, his unique way to call him Lucky, his shocked face knowing about Swara’s suicide attempt…
“- Stop punishing yourself, Laksh…”
Ragini kneels in front of him taking his hands in hers and making him look up to her, she looks back to other family’s members and wipes her nose trying to repress her own cries, cupping his face, she makes him look to them and says:
“- Please Laksh, who will wipe their tears if you’re so shattered… look to Ma and papa, illness and sadness are choking their hearts… and Shashi… tell me, what would Sanskar think if you’re not helping her, ha?”.
At his brother’s name, he’s cries more making her take him in her arms to console him like a child… suddenly, he whispers:
“- Swara…”

Ragini withdraws looking back, everyone’s eyes turned to the top of stairs getting up.
They look speechless to her standing there, looking all around in disbelieve then descending the stairs slowly with uncertain steps, gripping the railing to sustain her weak body… she doesn’t cross anyone’s look, searching in all direction with her wide reddened eyes. About falling, Ragini hurries to her taking her in her arms tightly and caressing her hair, Swara doesn’t hug her back, her unfocused eyes expressing nothing.
“- you’re finally back, Swara… thank God that you’re fine…”
Ragini’s voice is choked with unshed tears, she breaks contact with her and looks again to her face with a sad smile, a relieved feeling filling her heart for the first time since days.
Swara makes some steps more to the middle of the salon looking around, ignoring interrogative worried eyes of her family surrounding her, she looks back to Ragini and asks her with a small innocent voice:
“- Ragini, Sanskar kaha hai?”
All the present persons are shocked; Sharmita comes back with Ayush who she was feeding at that moment, she exclaims in disbelieve :
“- Shona!?”
Sujatta grips her sister in law’s arm saying:
“- Jiji… she lost her memory!?!?”
“- Sujatta! Bas!”
“- but jiji… look at her!…”
Swara was the unique colored touch in the whole place, graciously wrapped in a soft blue embroidered sari, her hair loosened on her shoulders, parted on her forehead top with too much sindoor… her neck ornamented with both her mangal sutra and the SS pendant necklace… her wrists decorated with the red and white bangels… if not her swollen reddened eyes, the blue circling them, her pale cheeks, she would be “Swara”…
“- Where is Sanskar, ma?”

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    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much

  1. Shreeyu

    Yeh kya tha mahira Di… U made me cry han… So cruel of u… Well it was just marvelous Di… Loved it so much… Now fast… Asap pls?

    1. MAHIRA

      Sorry that I made you cry… Sometimes some sadness is needed for a happy ending
      Thank you dear… Hope you’ll love the next too 🙂

  2. Really wished dome thg like this in serial….not only swara ap, dp, laksh, ragini, gagodiyas everyone has to repent gor wat they did with sanky….waiting for chp……

    1. MAHIRA

      Wished that they didn’t stop the story VSO abruptly… Take their time to end everything well.. Ehhh..
      Thank you sooooo much for your words dear

  3. Where is sanskar?

    1. MAHIRA

      Him… Wait and see dear… Wait and see 🙂

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    It’s…No words to describe how is it?? Words are less in front of it.. Loved it dear.. It’s too good.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. MAHIRA

      Aww thank you for those sweet words happy to know you loved it… Hope you’ll like the next chapter too

  5. Simi


    1. MAHIRA

      thank you simi 🙂

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you an 🙂

  6. Simin

    She really lost her memory

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you Simin :)… wait and see ^^

  7. Mica

    oh God… Swara is in denial state, love the way they gave strengthen among all family on behalf of Sanskar…
    <—watching Sanskar said i won't apology about my love for you as it's the best thing ever in my life

    1. MAHIRA

      What i hated the most was the fact that no one seems find that what happened 6 months ago was the reason of breaking the family, in fact Laksh missing and when every one blamed Sanskar, no one repented… 🙁
      Thanks for reading and commenting dear Mica my dear 🙂
      ufff… I LOVE THAT SCENE!!!!

      1. Mica

        aahhh..don’t be dear Mahira didi….. at Swaragini’s world, it always happen, no matter what the situation.
        when Ragini’s truth come out, they just simply forgave her, there wasn’t even a talk or conversation that “she did wrong thing about love and obsession”
        when ragini became sadistic malkin, she was simply forgiven, made us some how feel hilarious when she acted as innocent soul blaming Kavya as she didn’t even tried to look what she ever done to MF.
        or they didn’t understand Laksh feeling to made him became another criminal…
        uuugghhhh…. on that scene —- i can’t help to melt watching Sanskar’s gaze to Swara while blocked her way.. omggg I MISS THEM

    2. MAHIRA

      Now you point it, i think that it’s the reason I loved Swasan the most…
      Except the ending track, both Sanskar and Swara was able to really apolgize and repent from their hearts…
      Sanskar could asked forgiveness from every person he hurted by his first behavior being the sadistic Sanskar blinded by revenge… It was just Swara’s words and tears which made him halte and ask himself about his acts, then repent by saving her life , then refuse to continue against his mother and Ragini wishes… then try to protect her and save her marriage to finally make his best to change his errors by trying all possible to make the truth come out…
      And not just for Swara, he asked forgiveness from his bade papa, bade ma, from Gadodias to have divoced from Swara (wheras it was Ragini and Durga Prasad’s fault)… and on and on…
      *loving Sanskar more for all that*
      Swara too (even with all her mahan skills)… she never lost an occasion for saying a sweet cute sorry (i just love her guilty pout and big eyes)
      *Loving Swara and Swasan*
      About others… it’s amazing that criminal acts has no results with some of the others…
      Ragini tries to kill an innocent woman throwing her in river
      Laksh’ was involved in diamon’s traffic
      Pari tried to kill baby Ayush
      Dadi ma… oh God, the list is too long and i have to go to work!!!
      *Swasan’s love scenes…. possessive hurting grip on Swara’s arms against the wall and replying “of course you’re hurt because i’m in your life -FAINTING-*
      i miss them pfff

  8. Raina

    Didi!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much. It was sooooooooooooo amazing. But sanskar????!!!!!!! Oh god! Where is he?

    1. MAHIRA

      Mere Pyaree Raina, wait and see… thank you so much ^^

  9. loved it soo emotional

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much Sneha 🙂 hope you’ll like the next episode too 🙂

  10. Adishu

    she really lost her memory??? where is sanskar???? please don’t kill him and us diiiii….. please…. we want swasan n I know you too…. so please bring him back….. n how much did swara forget????

    1. MAHIRA

      ehem ehem… Aditi my dear, wait and see… I love Swasan too 😀

  11. Arshaanya

    Mahira i want sanskar bck othrwse m gonna kill u ????
    Bt if last rituals n evrythng is done dan how can he come bck ???
    If u want to b alive bring him bck ????

    1. MAHIRA

      *hide in neverland with Sanskar*
      boo… don’t be angry Arshaanya, wait and see… 😀

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you soo much 🙂

  12. Shiksha


    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you Shishka 😀

  13. Prashasti7

    U made me cry again Mahira Dii m angry on u ??? I want my sanskar back plz plz plz plz anyways hatts off 2 u u describe the feeling soo purely I just love u soooooooooooooo much bt still m angry I want my sanskar back???

    1. MAHIRA

      I love you too my dear… Sorry for making you cry.. Don’t be angry … Wait and see 😀
      Thank you sooo much 🙂

      1. Prashasti7

        It’s ok I forgave u ???????

  14. mahira di!!!!
    u made me cry!!
    y u r soo heartless! y u made ur chote cry!
    when swara came down,ask where is sanskar and her outlook make my heart sink…
    im rly speechless.
    nw i hv 2 eat lots f choco ice cream 2 decreese my pain!

    bt i like da way laksh repenting! bz f him dis thngs hpns! urrg

    bt plz tell me mahira di where is sanskar?
    i rly missing him like hell!
    atleast ask him 2 cm and punish his princess!

    waiting 4 ur nxt epi so eaglary!
    plz uplod it asap!
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. MAHIRA

      * big hug + didi kiss*
      pulling my ear to say sorry for making you cry… but kya karo? We suffer all without Sanskar^^
      Where is Sanskar?… hum… wait and see… soon!

  15. Emotional yet awesome. U made me cry mahira. But loved it.
    Update the next one soon dear.

    1. MAHIRA

      Aww thank you Pramudi my dear, sorry for making you cry, hope you’ll love the next chapter 😀

  16. Dii crying and eating dairy milk ???? plz don’t kill sanskaar sorry I am commenting late

    1. MAHIRA

      Sorry for making you crying… *bear hug*
      Wait and see… It’s just the beginning 😀

  17. Chanu

    we r srk s and sanskars fans na?
    so hw cn u 4gt dat?
    we shdnt say sry and thank u..
    so dnt say it!
    bt u looks so cute.
    say hi 2 ur niece

    ur wrds gv me hope!
    so waiting 4 sanskar!
    plz uplode nxt part di!

    1. MAHIRA

      Ufff… No sorry no thank you… I loooove Omi!!! And of course sanskar … Bilkul sahih hai 😀
      And yes never lost hope 😉

  18. Swarna01

    Swara mental truma se gujregi na?

    1. MAHIRA

      Se gujregi … Means?

      1. Swarna01

        I mean she is now
        mentally unstable right?????

    2. MAHIRA

      Hum … Let’s wait and see…
      Thank you so much dear 😀

  19. Kakali

    Mahiraaaaa diii,,, m replacing Swara n saying afrer waking up ” WHERE IS MY DORAEMON SIDE PILLOW?” goshhh it’s better to watch Kal ho na hoo rather then reading this heart breaking chappy of my SwaSan… but m happy… soooo happy… Loved it dii… it’s awesome.. continue soon … i wanna see SWASAN to b called as grandma n grandpa…? Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. MAHIRA

      Mere pyaree kaku
      Sanskar kaha hai? Wait a bit… I’m a kind of writers who like take aaaalll their time in little details
      So I’m more heartless than karan johar and that last scene in KHNH ?? *sadistic smile*

      1. Kakali

        Mahiraaa diii,,,, that’s a very good question “Where is Sanskar?”
        –>Sanskar is in heart of Swara..
        –>Sanskar is in Destiny of Swara..
        –>Sanskar is in soul of Swara…
        –>Sanskar is IN Swara…
        –>Swara is only about HER Sanskar …
        –> Sanskar is only about HIS Swara…
        waaaa that’s why they r SwaSan..
        m a hopeful person more than a sadistic one.. in my every story i killed both SwaSan.. but see i couldn’t separate them.. hahaha … who m i n who r u? when Death is nothing to separate our SwaSan… “SWASAN LIVE LONG”…
        n about Karan Johar.. heheeh let him doo “Radha on d dance floor” with his latest thumka… !! *hugggg…
        stay blessed Diii… Gd Night… sleep tight .. ?

      2. Kakali

        Waaaaa Diiii.. i would like to argue with u…
        hmmmm even i dun want Swara to get anything that easily… u know it’s not her cup of cold coffee..?…
        without struggling for her love. ummm nahhhh it’s yumpossiable…
        i love to see her broken,in pain… but most probably in d form of “PRINCESS OF LIONESS”..with her roaring voice.. that’s why Swara is my SWARA n i admire her d most..?..

    2. MAHIRA

      Huum… I am a bit sadistic but be patient and you’ll see… i’m not the shameless leader fan for nothing, love, romance… this all we love Swasan about… but it’s never easy, Swara has never got anything easilly…
      About where is Sanskar…
      –>Sanskar is IN Swara…

      *i’ll shut my mouth*

      But… you’ll see…

    3. MAHIRA

      Let her take her breath and know what happened… Lioness she has always been, lioness she’ll always be^^

    4. Chanu

      Heartless kaku!!!…
      Always killng my swasan…
      bt in dreams u ddnt do dat.. my sweet kaku.. 😉

      *bt sanskar is in swara!!!
      that touched my heart!!! Its rly lvly dr!!

  20. As usual it’s awesome..waiting for the next.

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you soooo much afra dear 🙂

  21. You are really a fantastic writer….loved the epi so so soooo much?…..just waiting for entry of our beloved sanskar in ur ff……i wished everyone in the serial also should have repent in the serial for treating sanskar like this…but never mind if we would have got it there then how would we witness ur creative skills…??
    i just wanna ask how old r u and where r u from….sry if i sounded rude *puppy eyes*

    1. MAHIRA

      DA my dear, y’our words brought tears to my eyes, really… THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
      Old… i’m 35 (probably the oldest Swaragini fan here 🙂 )
      and i’m from Algeria?
      and you?

      1. Awww…?
        I m 18 n from india

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