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Hy guys here is a new os i hope you will like it its a bit long but hope you will like it
The rays of the sun and the chirping birds woke Swara to yet another day in their life. She tried to move but her husband was too possessive of her. He always says, “What if you sleep walk and leave me alone?” Swara turned her face to the side. Sanskaar was peacefully sleeping with one hand beneath her neck and the other on her palm which was resting on her stomach. He nestled behind her to the extent that they were stuck to each other from head to toe.

Swara slowly removed his hand freeing her own then silently got up. She put her feet down and found her slippers. She stood up with care as she anticipated what happens next. Sanskaar took her palm and pulled her on him. “Sanskaar!! One day you are going to break your nose or my ankle.”

“You should say good things in the morning. Like Good Morning Shona!’ See, that sounds so much better.”

This was their daily routine. Yet everyday he manages to surprise Swara on how he wishes her morning. “Good Morning, Sanskaar. Now don’t you want to get up?”

“I want to but since you are up, I guess I can sleep for an hour more by the time you complete your dressing up.”

“I don’t take that long.” With that, she caressed his cheek. She was amazed at how fast he went back to sleep.

Sanskaar has been working on his laptop for quite sometime when Swara walked out of the bathroom – hair wet, fresh face and the hum on her lips. As he was appreciating her beauty, she caught him working early in the morning. She was trying to teach him to appreciate the morning climate but he was always restless to check the overnight emails. Seeing her glare, Sanskaar quickly shut down the laptop and walked over to her at the dresser.

She was searching for something on the dresser. Sanskaar stood behind her and picked the thin comb from a corner and handed to her. She collected her hair to one side to comb. Sanskaar draped his hands around her waist and pulled her into him. He rested his face on her empty shoulder. “Do you plan to kill me everyday?”

“I heard someone saying you should always say good things in the morning. Try now?”

“You look beautiful, Shona!”

“Yes! Now isn’t that much better? By the way, thank you.”

“Why don’t you try saying something nice?”

“You look handsome with an unshaven face. But you look killer clean shaven.”

“Still, not satisfied. Try something else.” He ran his lips arong her dress neckline. She melted into his arms. The comb slipped from her hands and she closed her eyes. He whispered to her “Now try..”

“I love you, Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar was elated to start his every day like this. To see his wife before he saw the strong Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari face the world. He kissed her where her neck meets her shoulder. “I love you, Swara.” And he released her. She found her balance with the help of the dresser. He bent down and picked up the comb. While passing it to her, he said “I want to listen to Yaaram song today. Be ready.”

“Sure, Your Majesty.”

“My love.” He corrected with a kiss on her cheek and left for the bath.

By the time he came out, Swara had prepared cappuccino for Sanskaar and tea for herself. She set the tray on the small table at the balcony. She saw him searching for her in the room. He saw the teacup setting and frowned. Swara moved quickly to get her guitar. They settled into the chairs at the table.

“Your personal fm is ready. What would you like to hear today?”

“Hmm.. I remember sending in a request for Yaaram.”

Swara smiles and plays the tune of Yaaram as Sanskaar sips on his coffee. The lyrics had gotten to him when he heard it last night and was excited to hear them from Swara. The song was so casual yet so romantic between two people mad in love, just like them; thought Sanskaar.

The song ended and Swara said sipping on her tea, “We have now come to the end of our early morning concert. Now would you like to get ready for the day..” She looked at him directly, smirked and added for good measure “My love?”

Without waiting for the answer, Swara got up and started to pick the tray. Sanskaar stopped her and signalled her to take a seat. Once seated, he asked, “What are you thinking, Shona?”

“Nothing Sanskaar. Why do you feel that?”

“Swara, I am not just your husband. I am your love. I can tell.”

“Well I have received a request from my music director to come up with a composition. They want electric guitar based romance tune. It’s quite tricky, you see.”

“Sorry, I can’t help much but I am sure you will find the way. My Shona can make the impossible possible.”

“Thanks Sanskaar. I will deal with it. Now if you let me, your Shona has to go prepare your breakfast and moreover, today it’s our turn at aarti. A busy morning! Come down soon!”

She left the room with the tray. Sanskaar had fallen into this routine very easily and with every passing day, he came to respect Swara for all the principles she stood by. May be that’s what love does to you.

Swara came down to prepare for the morning aarti. She wished everyone Morning. The three Daughters-in-law took turns to do the aarti everyday. Today was Swara’s turn. She prepared the thali, and while waiting for others to join, she went into the kitchen to prepare for the breakfast. Sanskaar has been demanding for achar paratha for many days. So she decided on preparing the paratha today.

While Ragini and Swara were busy with breakfast preparations, Sanskaar peeks into the kitchen. Just his luck, Sujata pats him. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you Mom. Good Morning!” He hugged her.

“Good Morning! Do you think I don’t know what you are doing here?” She teased him.

“Mom!!” He turns to the kitchen isle. “Swara, today we will be doing the aarti, right?”

Swara gave some instructions to the helper and came. “Let’s go, Sanskaar.”

They did the aarti together. Later, Swara prepared 2 plates of breakfast and asked the helper to leave it in her room and to ask Sanskaar to have his breakfast. In the meantime, she helped Ragini and Parineeta set the table for the family. For some strange reason, Sanskaar never joined the family for breakfast. Moreover, he demanded that she have her breakfast with him. When asked, Sanskaar said he wanted to make sure she had her breakfast before becoming busy in the daily chores. Once the table was set, she quickly ran up the stairs knowing Sanskaar must be waiting for her.

When she opened the door for their room, Sanskaar was sitting on the couch with the breakfast tray in front of him wearing anger on his face. “Swara, where were you?”

“Sorry Sanskaar, I will get your jacket first. It just came back from laundry yesterday.”

He stood up, walked over to her, held her hand and made her sit on the couch. He sat next to her and passed a plate to her. She had a bite and only then he picked up his plate. Swara quickly finished her breakfast and started looking for Sanskaar’s jacket. She found it mixed with her laundry. Then she picked up his watch, phone, car keys, handkerchief and kept the laptop charger in the bag. She laid out all of them on the table before the couch. By then, Sanskaar finished his breakfast and took all the accessories she had arranged for him.

She followed him downstairs to the car. DP, RP, Adarsh and Laksh were also leaving for office. Laksh was going to some other place so he took the separate car. “Sanskaar, I am going by your office way. Shall we go together?”

“Thanks Laksh but today I am going to see my external legal counsel.”

DP asked “Any problem, Sanskaar? Why are you seeing the lawyers?”

“Bade Papa, I have a contract signing today. So just to get the final review.”

“Congrats Sanskaar. It’s always good to get the final review.”

With that, the elders and Laksh left leaving Swara and Sanskaar for their Good-Bye moment.

Swara asked, “Do I need to be there for the signing?”

“Of course. You are an equal partner. So as usual we both need to sign.”

“So what’s the itinerary?”

“Simple.. I will come home at around 3.30 from the legal office. Then we go to our office by 5.30, signing at 6, then there’s a small party for the contract celebration.”

“Party? Just the office people?”

“The client team will also attend. Don’t worry. I went through your wardrobe and picked out the orange sari. The matching set for it has been ordered and will be delivered by noon. I think you have the sandals.”

Swara laughed at how well he had planned and hugged him. He returned her hug. “Well, when I plan the party, I better clear your confusion on what to wear. Just helping where I can.”

He separated her from him saying, “Regarding your composition, take the guitar, close your eyes and think of me. You will get it!” They both laughed together while Swara mock hit him in the chest.

He plated a kiss on her forehead and went over to his car and drove off.

Swara did the normal household chores and when the ladies of the house sat down for the lunch, Parineeta commented that Sanskaar cares too much about Swara. Swara blushes and says “Nothing like that Bhabhi.”

Just then the delivery for the jewellery set arrives. The delivery boy apologises profusely. “Very sorry Ma’am for the delay. Could you please give your husband a call and inform him that you have collected? Otherwise I may just get fired for the delay.”

“I will call and tell him. Don’t worry. Thank you.”

Swara calls Sanskaar, “What did you say to that delivery guy that he is so scared?”

“Shona, I just finished my meeting and called to check whether they have delivered. When I got to know that they haven’t delivered until one, probably I lost my temper. Sorry. Any way, do you like the set?”

“I haven’t opened it yet. But I’m sure it will be great. So you are coming home now?”

“No Shona, our legal associates have asked me to join them for lunch now. Will be home by 4.”

“OK then. Watch what you eat.”

“Yes, my love. Take care. Bye.”

As she hung up, Sujata came to her and asked to open the set. It was a magnificent diamond necklace set, simple and elegant. While Ragini and Parineeta complimented Sanskaar’s taste, Sujata showed off that that’s her son.

After some time, Swara was in her room for a short afternoon nap. Then she thought of trying Sanskaar’s idea. She took her guitar, sat on the bed and kept a book open for notes. She closed her eyes and thought about Sanskaar this morning. His Good-Morning, his music request, his choice of her clothes and accessories and how much he loved her. She found not one but two tunes and decided to let Sanskaar hear and choose. She would then send the chosen one to her director.

She glanced at the clock showing 4. Sanskaar mst be on the way. She quickly took a shower and changed into the sari. When she walked out of the dressing room, Sanskaar was looking at the diamond set he had bought for her. “I was thinking this is way too simple.”

She made her stand before him at the dress and made her wear the necklace. “I was wrong. This is just perfect for my Shona. Do you need help with the earrings?”

“I’ll manage.” She took the rings from the box and put them on. She turned around for him to look and asked, “What do you think?”

“Killer!” They shared the laugh. Sanskaar extended his arm, “Ready to go?”

“Of course.” She hooked her arm into his and together they left for the signing.

At the office, the staff welcomed Swara. She had gotten to know most of them at these signings only. She almost never came to office on other days. Yet whenever she visited office, they gave her warm welcome. The signing was exactly at 6. Both parties signed the contracts and there were few short speeches from company heads.

Later at the party, there was buffet dinner arranged. Sanskaar caught up with Swara after talking to his associates. Seeing him there, his colleagues who were happily chatting with Swara made themselves scarce. He noticed that Swara had not touched the non-vegetarian items. “Why so?” Sanskaar asked.

“Just like that.” Swara answered.

“Swara, we have gone through this a lot of times. You don’t have to follow outside. You are getting a chance, just enjoy.”

“Yes Sanskaar. We have been through this a lot of times. This is my choice. When I feel like having, I will take even if you don’t say so. Anyway, these are not the same as Dida’s cooking flavor.”

The party ended by 9. They were on the way home when Sanskaar stopped on a roadside and pointed to a small stall selling Rasgulla in matka. That was one thing he knew Swara would indulge in. They ran to the stall and bought a matka. They leaned against the car’s bonnet and enjoyed the sweet. Sanskaar was lost in thinking of Swara’s childlike choices. She was happier with a roadside Rasgulla than the diamond jewellery set. Probably this is what made her so easy to love and trust.

They came back home and headed for their room. Both took turns to change. As Swara sat on the bed, Sanskaar took the couch and opened his laptop..

“Sanskaar, not today. Please.. sleep early for once. For me.”

“Anything for you, Shona.” With that, he joined her on the bed. He leaned back against the headboard while Swara brought her guitar. She settled against him and he draped his arms over her waist.

“I found these two tunes today. Tell me which one you like.”

She played the tunes. He liked both. To decide, he asked her how she came up with them. “I took your decision and thought about you while playing. You were right I automatically got them.”

“Hmm.. what were you thinking of exactly?”

“The first tune came when I thought about our love confession and the second one came from our this morning concert.”

“Take the second one.”

“How did you decide?”

He kissed her cheek and said, “Today my love for you is more than the day of confession.” He took the guitar from her and set it next to their bed. “Now shall we sleep?”

They lie down with the comforter pulled over. Swara nestles against Sanskaar while they both give a silent thanks for yet another day of happiness and hope that the next day is equally blessed if not more

Credit to: An unknown swasan lover

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