Swasan love OS by chaitu

Shemish and dp ap are childhood friends ap dp came to visit shemish

In London airport
Shemish were greeting ap as they came from Australia .
Ap :hugging her how are you shomi
Shomi : I am good any how are you…hmm..looking still young
Dp: side hugging ap she is always young girl
Ap: shut up
Sheku: common duggu here also you started your romance
Dp : iam romancing with my wife so no problem murmuring in sheku ear but here we can romance with others also no problem
Sheku : you never change naa…dp nodded his head as no
Sheku : where is our hero I think even he is also like you only
Ap : no doubt jaisa baap waise beta too naughty and flirty
Shomi : common ap let him enjoy his life
Dp : by the way where is your laadla
There comes our hero looking hot and dashing
Sheku : hugging him how are you my son
Sanskar : good uncle hugging shomi how are you beauty
Shomi : good handsome
Dp : making faces if he is handsome what am I
Sanskar : common dad you have become taklu uncle now
Dp : haan… Even I was no correction iam more than handsome then you but this anu never left my hair saying duggu your hair is so soft but now because of her my soft hair left me and I became taklu handsome
Shomi : Bas bas ..u guys continue in home now let’s go guys

In a beautiful mansion
Everyone were chitchatting in leaving area sanskar was busy in his phone call
Dp : where is my princess I want to see her
Ap : yes shomi where is she even she did not come to airport also
At that time they heard a sweet voice having guitar on her back
Swara : handsome cutie iam here
Dp : hugging her how are you my princess
Swara : iam fine handsome how is you romance going on
Dp : sad face poor…. ap glared him I mean perfect
Swara went to ap and kissed her cheek
Swara : how are you cutie where is my gift
Ap getting a box from her bag here it is
Swara : I love you cutie. Ummah…
Shomi : how much chocolates you will eat
Ap : no problem shomi I prepared it caressing swara hair u have it beta swara showed her tongue to sumo
Sanskar after call came to hall and got mesmerized to see swara .she saw him and forwarded her hand to sanskar
Swara : hii…swara mitra
Sanskar : hugging her Sanskar maheshwari hotty and kissed her cheek
swara was shocked and rubbed her cheek everyone laughed and had their dinner

Next day
Everyone were there in swimming pool area
Dp shekhar and some of his friends were chatting having there drinks whereas shomi ap and their gang was gossiping some of them were enjoying in swimming pool
Sanskar after his work came down wearing white shorts showing his perfect abs to go to pool area while crossing swara room door opened he was dumbstruck to see swara wearing blue bikni she was looking hot swara saw him
Swara : let’s go everyone are waiting
Sanskar : holding her waist kissed her neck looking hot and se*y
Swara : I think you are crossing your limit
Sanskar : you are making me to do that hotty
At that time sahil came their and hugged swara (sahil is shekhar’s friend son) sanskar was feeling jealous to see them close and went to pool area
In swimming pool everyone were enjoying in water with a soft drinks (juices) swara introduced sanskar to everyone sahil came their looking lustly at swara
Sahil : looking hot haan…
Swara was feeling uncomfortable she was about to go but he held her hand seeing this sanskar came towards them and holded her waist
Sanskar : everyone are calling come let’s go swara
They went sahil becomes disappointed swara mummbled thanks to sanskar
Swara came and sat with shomi whereas sanskar was sitting alone on the pool chair sipping the juice a girl named Lisa came and started to seduce him swara was burning in jealousy Lisa took sanskar with her he went unwillingly while moving behind her someone dragged him to a room
Sanskar : what are you doing swara
Swara : finding word woo… I came to say thank you
Sanskar : lifting his eyebrow I don’t think so..
Swara : OK think whatever you want
Sanskar : OK say
Swara : thank you
Sanskar : itna sukha thank you I want some spice in it
Swara : its in kitchen go and take it
Sanskar : defiantly I’ll take but not from kitchen but from you by saying this he smooched her lips and went
Swara : you crossed your limit Mr…now wait and watch what iam going to do

At night
Swara came down wearing a shorts and Mickey t-shirt
Sanskar (monologue) : night time she looks so cute but day time always ready to pounce on me angry bird but mine
Swara came and kissed dp’s bald head ap glared him swara saw this and settled next to dp
Swara : handsome why cutie is seeing you with so much of love
Duggu : because someone kissed her property
Swara : confused .property
Duggu : my shiny head
Swara : oh..sorry cutie I will not repeat this but I like shiny head .listening her he imagined himself and dropped his spoon
Shekhar : not only you duggu every wife property is there husband’s head to do their rajyabaar.shomi and ap glared them swara was laughing sanskar was lost in her
After eating kaka brought halwa prepared by swara to everyone while serving swara signaled something to servent he nodded as yes this was seen by sanskar all praised her sanskar took first bite it was too spicy but still he ate full bowl after that he wished good night to everyone and ranned to his room swara felt bad to see him so she went to his room and saw him drinking water swara went towards him
Swara : how was the spice Mr over smart
But sanskar didn’t replied anything swara can’t control herself and captured his lips and kissed him making him calm they broke the kiss sanskar saw her breathing heavily her br*ast was moving up and down can’t himself he took her to another deep kiss they were sucking and bitting eachother lips both were kissing passionately after breaking the kiss he saw her she was seeing him with teary eyes and started to beat him with her hand hair brush pillows etc he held her hands at the back of her touching her front towards his
Sanskar : what happened baby instead of se*y avtar why you took Kali avtar
Swara : because you didn’t eat spicy halwa you just acted right
Sanskar bitted his tongue
Sanskar : how you came to know that kaka said you naa..I warned him then also he said you
Swara : nodding her head as no he didn’t say me I got it because your mouth tasted sweetness not spicy she freed herself and went out
Sanskar : ohh…god now she is angry man what should I do now abb inko manane keliye kitna papad belana hein mujhe god plz..help me

Next day
Sanskar was in swara room cleaning everything (swara has given a punishment to clean her room and to give his credit card for shopping) he was cleaning her wardrobe she came back after ending the call and saw something has fallen down she ran and took it in her hand and kept on her back sanskar seeing her action became confused
Sanskar : swara what are you hiding show me
Swara : much nahi to diverting him now sanskar your punishment is over so go out I’ll clean this
Sanskar : no swara I’m getting bored so I’ll only do this and show me what are you hiding he forcefully took her hand and saw her holding b** swara closed her eyes and turned around being embraced
Sanskar : facing her kisses her eyes she opens it
Sanskar : so this is the thing covering beautiful site of mine saying this he kisses her b** seeing this swara felt shy and ranned from there shouting iam taking everyone for shopping
Sanskar : smiled always ready to bankrupt me

At night
Swasan went to party there sahil and lisa was there swara and her friend john were dancing Lisa took sanskar swara got jealous to see them dancing so she went to bar area and ordered juice sanskar came there sahil and Lisa both planned to drug them and take the advantage after sometime they came with the juice both were searching them but swasan are no where to be found (swasan are not drugged but still missing)
The hotel room door opened swasan entered in kissing each other sanskar kicked the door to close they broke the kiss sanskar leaned again to capture her lips but she pushed him
Swara : don’t come to me go that chudail Lisa only
Sanskar : caressing her waist how can I go to her when I have my se*y angel in front of me he pecked her lips
Swara smiled slightly there was a clock sound both saw the time it was 12:00 they looked each other and kissed softly devoring all their love for each other breaking the kiss sanskar touched his forehead with her
they kissed passionately( so swasan are married before one month they were in relationship for two years since sanskar after marriage whent to business trip swara was feeling lonely so she came to her house after returning she gave him a punishment to not to be in her room so sanskar was in different room) breaking the kiss
Sanskar : jaan please end this punishment naa…you know na I can’t control more plzz..baby I wana listen your moan and make u sore with my love baby
Swara : who stopped you dear even I want to feel you jaan

Next day Morning
Swasan came to mansion holding each other hands
Ap : I think punishment is over
Duggu : what this much early this is not done princess sanskar glared him seeing this swara pinched him duggu started to laugh
Shekhar : handling the envelope take this your flight is after 2 hours get ready
Shomi : and your luggage is packed this is your car key
Shemish apdp : together enjoy your honeymoon
Swasan blushed

The room was filled with moaning sound
Sanskar : hmm….yes swara like that suck it hard after she got tired he came on top of her he positioned himself and started to thrust her both climaxed sanskar falls on her after sometime sanskar was cares her waist kissing her br*ast swara jerked his hands
Swara : honeymoon is not only doing this Sanskar let’s go and explore the city
Sanskar : we will explore city on our second honeymoon in this honeymoon let me explore you deep saying this he kissed her lips and started with the another session

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