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Hai guys I am back with another os and in December I will start a new ff. Pls post ur valuable comments.so let’s start.

SWARA KAPOOR:a very cute girl has a brother loves her parents alot very sweet and kind-hearted.and ragini is her best friend.
LAKSH KAPOOR:swaras elder brother loves her alot he is very sweet calm and handsome loves ragini and family alot.
SUMI AND SKEHAR:parents of swalak loves them alot.
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI:very sweet, kind-hearted loves his sister and parents alot no.1 business man.
RAGINI MAHESHWARI:very sweet,cute girl loves her brother and parents alot. Besties of swara and loves laksh.
AP AND DP:parents of ragsan loves them alot.
So lets start with d story.

I was standing near my car and was waiting for driver to come just than I saw ragini coming with her after 15 years I am again seeing her she is d same her cuteness and sweetness and she is looking more beautiful than in childhood I know her when I was 8 years. She used to come to home with ragini we never talked with each other but this 15 years I was missing her but I don’t know y my parents like her alot always they talk only about her. After schooling she left to new York for her further studies this only information I know about her but after 15 years today i am seeing her she is breath taking and I am mesmerized by seeing her beauty I have never stared a girl in my life but she is the one I am staring now my taught where broke by ragini.

RAGINI:bhai where have u lost bhai do u remember her swara my friend (pointing at swara) {s d girl which sanskar was describing was swara}
SANSKAR(smile):hai swara.
SWARA(SMILES):hai sanskar.
RAGINI(smiles):come swara we will meet parents. Saying this ragini take swara with her but while going swara turns and looks at sanskar and sanskar also sees her both had a cute eyelock. Ragini and swara where chit chatting with ap and dp just than sanskar entered and swara looked at him and think.

he is looking damn handsome than he was in childhood I know when I was 6 years but that time I had no feeling for him my feeling started when he helped me when I was alone some goons where teasing me that time he saved me from them and dropped me in my home from that day I fell for him he is not like other he is different he rarely talk with girls he is a studious always with books but I like him I don’t know when I started loving him but I love him to d core he is my life to see him only I used to come to his home but we never talked with each other I finished my schooling my parents where transfer to new York I was sad that I can’t see him again I missed him alot I was tough for me this 15 years I was thinking about him only I used to call ragini but only sometime she used to talk about sanskar after my degree my parents asked me to stay in new York but I was adamant and came to india just to meet my love after 15 years I saw him standing near d car he was looking breath taking I was staring him he was wearing white shirt black blazer and blue jeans he is handsome as always we came near him he was lost somewhere ragini introduced me and when he smiled looking at me i was about to fall. When he said hai swara I always hate my name but d moment he called by my name I started to like my name. I tried hard and said hai than ragini pulled me inside I was sad that I could not see sanskar but he just entered d hall talking with his P.A. I smiled like a idiot seeing him and he gave me a smile back I felt shy for d first time and lowered my head.

I entered inside and saw her smiling at me and I smiled at her back. My mom asked I did not go to office and I replied no as driver did not come and it is too late all where seeing me with amusement face and there was no satisfaction in there face but I ignored it and left to my room and I started walking here and there I wanted to talk with her but how all r there already they r not satisfied with my answer but what can I do I want to spend some time with her but my sister always stick with her like a gum I am restless and they r enjoying alot just than I heard a knock on my door and I composed myself and asked them to come inside I saw her she only entered d room I was surprised she was looking at d floor not looking at me i could sense that she is nervous but I could not understand y she than spoke and said me to come for lunch and while going
SHE:r u free 2mmorrow.
I (IN MIND):always free for only u.(to her):s
SHE:can we meet 2mmorrow.
SHE:my home.
Saying this without even turning she left I came down for lunch and sat opposite to her she and ragini where chit chatting and I was loving it she mingled with my family well I liked it almost I love her wait wait what did I say I love her no no I can’t do that but y I missed her that means I love her oh my god I fell in love with this crazy girl I am happy about my feeling does she feel d same for me i was staring her and she was staring me back we both where lost in our own world I liked d way she started me.

As aunty asked me to call him for lunch I went that was d first time I went to his room I could not talk much but than I asked him to come for lunch and asked him whether he is free I know he is and asked him to come home as I want to confess him I don’t want to delay more as my parents want me to get married soon before they see any boy I have to say him about my feeling he came down and was lost in his own taught than after lunch I again went to his room and knocked d door this time he opened d door I was standing with d balance of door when he opened I was about to fall but he holded me tightly through my bare waist as I was wearing a white crop top and blue jeans he touch was heavenly to me i was list in his dark brown eyes he made me stand but was holding me through waist I was lost in his touch this was d first time he touched me than we came back to our sense when his phone rang I saw d caller ID name kavita he left me and went to a corner and started talking to her I tried to hear there conversation but when I came close he goes far away after 15 mins he came I did not allow him to talk and started asking questions as I was jealous that he is talking with her 15 mins but what he did next made me hell shock and surprised.

He kissed me passionately I was shocked at first but soon started resprocriating d kiss my hand where holding his collar tightly and his hands where moving on my bare waist and caressing it he kissed me hardly soon I started dominating him we where kissing each other with lots of loves, carving as we missed each other, and immense love for each other passionately kiss changed into a wild kiss but we did not leave kissing due to imbalance we fell on d bed I was beneath him but kissing him hardly soon we broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen but he again pulled into a kiss and this time he kissed softly yo reduce d pain and even I resprocriating with softness and it was a soft and sweet kiss. We broke d kiss he was about to say something I pecked his lips and said.

I:u no need to give explanation I got my answer that u to love me.
HE:so u too love me.
I:s from childhood I love u.
HE:but I did not listen the three magical words from u.
I:than 2mmorrow come to my house u will hear it. We both smiled looking at each other.
Soon I left and was eager that 2mmorrow he is coming and that he loves me.

I got ready in black shirt and blue jeans and I reached her apartment and there she was waiting for me she was damn hot in red gown above her knee she was killing me by her beauty I gave her rose as she love roses ragini said me once she hugged me tightly I asked her about my three magical words she asked me to wait and took me to her house which was fully decorated with candles, ballon, everything d room was giving an romantic sensation. She sat on her knee and proposed him.
SHE:sanskar I don’t know when I started loving u but I only I know one thing that i love and will love u for ever. I was shocked by her proposal and than she took me to d balcony which was also decorated and it was arranged as a candle light dinner and there where my quote written there.
sanskar eyes were filled with tears seeing her love for him and pulled her into a bone crushing hug and said
SANSKAR:I love u swara I love u so much I missed u this 15 years but I did not realize that is love that y I missed u I love u and will love u forever.

When he said I love u my world was turning for me i was the happiest person in d world and he hugged so tightly as if he is not going to leave me than I asked him have dinner we ate I cooked all his favorite dishes and we feeded each other and he sat I sat on his lap and put my head on his chest he kissed my forehead whereas I kissed his palm we both together said

Soon we said to our parents all where happy and even ratlam said about them than we four got married and after 2 years swara gave birth to twins one boy and one girl and ragini gave birth to a girl.
Sorry if d story was not good and pls post ur valuable comments.

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