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Hi sorry that i couldnt uploade an epi on my ff swasan a ff but for that mistake i have written this os and tommo i will upload the next epi for sure

Pov of swara

I am standing outside my home in my garden the sun is shining but still its raining im crying but nobody sees it due to rain ‘ im crying because of you sanskar why did you cheated me sanskar why did you leave me sanskar i just hate you … no i cant hate you bcoz i love you very much but you you didnt love me just used me why sanskar why ‘ she cries

Pov of sanskar

I am standing on my balcony with teary eyes im thinking about swara … i ‘ sorry swara im really very sorry i love you very much you know na but what to do yesterday i came to know i am a cancer patient and just have 1 month and i dont want you to break i want you to smile always and its good if you hate me you know swara i proposed you on this summery rainy days it was the bestest day in my life ‘

Flashback :

swara is sitting in her room with sanskar’s pic in her hands she smiles ‘ i love you sanskar i love you so much and today i will say that to you i will propose you ‘ she smiles and kisses his pic … the phone rings she smiles as the name flashes its her sanku she takes the call …..

sanskar : hi shonu

Swara : hi sanky why did you call

Sanskar : im so happy today shonu today im going to propose my love and i want you to come and see if all i have arranged is good or not

Swara is in the verge of crying

Swara : no sanskar i have a lot to do but its good news you have found your love … Says it difficulty

Sanskar : plz shonu its the most important day of my life and i want my best friend to be with me please

Swara : okay sanskar ( sadly )

Sanskar : thanks shonu i will pick you at 8 be ready

Swara : okay bye

********* call ends *********

i am very happy for you sanskar that you found your love but now my love is snatched from me … she cries

Later ……

She gets ready she wears a red dress with light make – up she looks beautiful she goes outside and sees sanskar standing he ks wearing a black blazer and a white shirt with black tie and pant he is mesmerised seeing swara he opens the door of the car she sits he also sits and starts riding … san ‘ shonu why arent you talking ‘ … Swa ‘ nothing sanskar its just not my day’ … San ‘ what happened then ?? … Swa ‘ i dont want to talk about it ‘ … San ‘ tell me swara you always say everything to me na ‘ … Swa ‘ i said na no ‘ … sanskar gets sad beacause swara was never so rude with him swara sees him and feels bad … Swa ( thinks ) ‘ what are you doing swara its not his fault that i falled in love with him ‘ …. Swa ‘ sorry sanku i didnt mean to be rude its just i dont wanna talk about it please dont be angry at this important day of yours ‘ … san (smiles) ‘ its ok shonu ‘ they chat a little and laugh ( swara fake ) soon they reach the place …

Sanskar opens the door for swara she steps out she sees the venue and all the romantics arangments and gets touched by how much that girl she is happy for him but still is sad bcoz she loves him sanskar gives her his hand to take she is suprised at first but then takes his hand they walk towards the middle of the venue he releases his hand and knies down he starts saying
‘ swara first you wer’re my enemy and i just wanted to hurt you the most and when i crossed the limit you forgave me and we became friends knowing each other more and more we became best friends and i protected you from all evils and our journey from enemies to best friends was superb but i dont want that i want a journey of enemies to lovers swara i dont know how , when , why but i fell in love with you swara , truly , madly , deeply … I want to live my life with you fotever without you i am incomplete swara will you marry me after our studies ofcours but before that will you be my gf please swara i love you very much ‘ he takes a rose from his pocket and holds it infront of her … swara is teary eyed and super happy she takes the rose makes
him stand hugs him and says i love you too sanskar … then sanskars rough lips meets with swaras soft rosy lips

*******fb ends*******
He also recalls how he and kavita acted to be in love and how he said he just used her to make kav
Jealous ….. sanskar goes to sleep and swara also both sleep but not peacefully



Swara wakes up her eyes are red due to crying she freshes up and sits again on bed thinking ‘ that day when he proposed me i saw truth in his eyes i saw love how can that be fake i dont know why but i think something isnt right should i call one of his friends ‘ she calls rahul one of san friends

Ra : hello swara

Swa : hi rahul do you know what is it with sanskar he is so weard the last days

Ra : no i dont know but 2 days before he had gone to a dr becoz he feeled not good and once he was back he did weard and yesterday i heard what he did but swara sanskar isnt that plz believe me maybe he has a reason

Swa : i know but do you know wich dr he had gone to

Ra : dr karan singh

Swa : ok thanks for your help bye

Ra : bye

******call ends******

Swara gets ready fasts and leaves with her scooty to the hospital

In the hospital

Swara enters the cabin of dr singh .. dr ‘ yes mrs gadodia can i help you … swa ‘ yes dr can you please tell me what sanskar has bcoz from the day he came here he does weard things and im really worried ‘ … dr ‘ oh yes mrs gadodia that you asked actually i gave him the wrong file in the file he has got is written that he has cancer but actually its just bcoz of tiredness he is feeling weak will you please give the right file to him ‘ … Swara is shocked and now understands why he did that … Swa ‘ thank you dr and i will surely give this file to him bye ‘ and then she leaves for mm


Sanskar was watching swaras foto and apolizing to it then he hears the doorbell he opens and is shocked to see swara there he is more shocked when she gives him a thight slap … Swa ‘ sanku how dare you to lie to me ha i know you love me and now i know the truth sanskar and what was your plan making me hate you for the rest of my life without knowing that you are dead ha ‘ sanskar cries ‘ im sorry swara but i dont want you to be weak when im no more ‘ she hits him with the file many times saying ‘ duffer idiot stupid you arent going to die
‘ … sanskar ‘ but swara i have cancer ‘ … Swa ‘ no dr gave you the wrong report you havent cancer you arent going to die ‘ … San ‘ sacchi swara ‘ ….. Swa ‘ mucchi ‘ … They cry and hug each other …. San ‘ im sorry swara ‘ … Swa ‘its ok sanky but never do that again ok ‘ … Sanskar ‘ i love you princess …. Swa ‘ i love you too my prince’ …. They kiss

2 years leap

Swasan are married and are blessed with two childs saras and sara and they live happily ever after

********** the end **********

Hope you all liked it …. comment please

Credit to: p.j

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