SwaSan Love Me (one short)

*************Love Me***************

It was a beautiful and a pleseant morning the birds chirping the cool breeze blowing and the rain drops is showering blessing to a new season spring season which made love birds lets see thz time who is the love birds

The river water was flowing two girls r shown giggling and playing with the water

Let’s see who is the love birds
Let’s see who is the love birds


It is a huge manshion like a royal palace a and the screen shit to a room of that manshion it was a huge and a beautifull room there was huge bed on which a boy of 25ss is sleeping peacefully but his was disturb by a knock in his door he opened the door with a remote


His face is visible yes he is our dashing hero sanskar……..SANSKAR MAHESWARI

Sanskar p.o.v

Sanskar i heared mom calling me
I immideatly got up from the bed and took the arthi …yeh it sound wat london and arthi? But wat to do my mom she never forget her sanskar …arrey I’m not talking about me ….Manners she never forget it whether it may be india or london …yeh we learnt the same …WE means I and my bro Lucky
My thoughts disturb by my mom saying
“Sanskar ur dad asked u to come ”
“Hmmm k mom”

Soon i got ready and went to hall were my dad Ram Prasad Mahewari was seated
I saw lucky giggling seeing me

I glared at him

“Dad did u called me” i asked

Lucky giggle
Oh is thz boy irritiating

But he is right in doing tat

Dad stared at me i know wat question he will ask becoz it was our daily routien but my answer was always same and today also it will remain same

“So wat is ur decision sanskar” asked my dad
“Dad as usuall a big nooooo ” i said
“But sanskar ek baar ussai tu dekh tho lai …I’m sure u will like her ” my mom said

Offo y can’t they understand I’m not interest in thz marriage staff

“Mom its my final decision ” i said in clam tone
“Par….befor mom could compelte

“Okay sanskar do as ur wish u don’t want to marry then don’t do it but i want u to go india” my said

Wat india? But y? I asked ?ly

“I want u to go india atleast and haan in thz matter i will not ask ur opinion u should go means go “my dad said in strict tone

“Okay ” i said

“Woow india even i will go dad ” lucky said
“Hmmm okay ” my dad agreed

“But dad where should we stay there” i asked
“U will stay at shekar’s place” my dad said

I was shock to listen thz

“Wat shekar uncle place? But..how..i mean i rejected to marry his daughter soo how can i stay their”

“He is my friend …i rejected for something he wil surely understand me ” my dad said in angry tone

“Ooooo I’m soo exicted to go india ..dad when.is our flight” my bro asked

“Today ” my dad said

It was beyond shock

“Wat today? How can……” i kept quite seeing dad stairing at me angryly

“Woooowwwwww today then bhai come let’s go to meeting ” lucky said excitedly

I smiply noded and went with him

“Bhai wat is thz haan can’t u accept for marriage if u keeping repeating like thz then i will become old zara mere baare mai tho socho ..i know u don’t like marriage but i like naaa ” lucky said

“Then go marry who stoped u but my decision is final ” i said

“Do u like any other girl ” lucky whisphered
“Lucky” i glared at him
“No i just asked u bhai as from 3years u r rejecting to a same girl shekar uncles daughter SWARA so i thought may be u like another girl” lucky said

Yeh i rejected a same girl again and again for 3years ….mom and dad dnt brought any other marriage proposal to me just from 3years they asked me to marry Swara shekar uncles daughter but i rejected it is not she isn’t beautifull No i dnt see her but my mom used to say tat she is beauty with the brain but I’m least interested in all thz marriage staff i think it is a cage where we can’t breath properly i want to live my life like a happy and a flying bird soo i rejected for marriage

My thoughts was disturb by lucky shakes me

“Bhai office came” lucky said
“Yeh coming ” i replied

Soon alll the chores of office was done i and lucky returned back to our house only to see my mom and dad standing at the door with our bags packed to go india

We took there blessings and left for airport soon we boarded the plain and left to our destination to India to bhopal shekar uncle’s place

Soon we arrived
It was inneed a beautiful place the beautiful and the pleseant morning, the chirping of the bird, the cool breez was welcoming us i feel sooo completed coming here

We reached to shekar uncles place
And knocked the door

A girl about 20ss opened the door she looked at us confusingly 1st later she had a bright smile on her face the happiness was cleary shown on her face seeing us

“Ma baba ..dadi dadu ” she shouted in excitement

All came

“Hi…i mean Namastai uncle, aunty” i said

And took blessings from them

“Ram said u and laksh will come na where is he?” Asked shekar uncle

“Uncle I’m here ” said lucky from back

He came to them and took blessings

They greeted us and Asked us to come inside

Offo thz lucky yeh kabhi nahi sudrega again started flirting

“Hi beautifull can i know ur sweet name ” lucky started flirting
“Lucky monkey joker” she replied and winks at him

“Oh my god ragini ” he said suprisingly
“Oh hi ragini how r u …grown up haa” i said
“Hi ji….i mean sanskar I’m fine wat about u” she asked with smile
“Ohh I’m great yaar” i said

She is ragini..swara’s sister i saw them when we were kids infact we used to play together…..but where is swara i want to see her but she was nowhere ..okay let it be i will see her later

We talked sometime
Later shekar uncle asked ragini to show our respective rooms
Ragini simply noded and took us with her

“Ragini u r sooo beautifull yaar u r long hair offf ” lucky started his flirting work
“Lucky kai bacchai don’t u dare to flirt with me haan ” said ragini
“Haan haan haaaaa” said lucky dramatically

Smiles seeing them

” sanskar thz is ur room if u need anything call me okay” assure ragini

I smiply noded

Raglak left

I closed the door and throwed my self on the bed

“Haaaaaaaa I’m soo exhausted ”

Just then i heared a melodeous voice of giggling immideatly got up from the bed and went to towards the window from where voice was coming only to see a angel infront of me

Ohhh god wat a creation her long black hair, her milky skin,she was dressed in half saree her bare slim waist i wanted to hold it she was playing with small kids, giggling,lauhging, her anklet sound hhhhhh she is driving my crazy …i tried to see her but no i was unable only her back was facing me

Hhhhhhhhh i want to see her dammit just then i realised wat i was doing was it really me ….no I’m least interested in girls but she ….she is different she is making me carzy

She leaves from there

I scartched my head and went to washroom


We all seated at dining for break.fast
We were busy in eating

Just then

“Ragini where is swara did she had her breakfast ” dadi said

Ragini signals her something which i failed to understand

Then i realised yes swara where is she hmmm i brushed my thoughts and continued eating but my mind was struck to tat girl who is she i want to know

After breakfast we talked for sometime

I,lucky, and ragini had superb time togther

Like thz the day passed

Every morning i used to see tat girl …nowadays i speacially wake up early only to see her but everyday i failed to see her face …
I tried to ask ragini about but every time i back off thinking it will be not right to ask
More over if she get to know tat I’m speaking about a girl then she and lucky will surely teases me like hell

Sometimes i will be lost somewhere thinking about tat girl for which lucky used to tease me

Day by day she was becoming my habit

Sometimes i used to hear her melodeous voice inside house but untill i reach to it she was gone
She was driving my crazy more and more

One day

I was talking at my mobile to my mom and dad just then i heared same giggling and anklet sound i turned to see just then a girl dashed me she was about fall but i held her. Her face was covered with her hairs
I stucked it back of her ears
wat i saw was oooooh myyyyy goddddd wat a creation …..her eyes yes her eyes i’m feeling to lost myself in it …..her milky cheeks is glowing like anything …….her lips pink soft lips hhhhhhhh im feeling to drink essence of it …i was totally spellbounded to see her beauty …..can anyone thz beautiful …..yeh i was holding her soft milky waist i want to squeeze it like anything i want feel her …..

My thoughts was broken by a voice


I looked up only to see ragini hearing ragini the girl immideatly got up from my hold and ran from there

Before i could ask anything to ragini she also followed her

When she ran it was the same melodious sound of anket then i realised oh god she is the same girl whom i wanted to see i can’t belive finally i saw her

I want to ask ragini about her just then something poped to my mind

Yeh ragini ……she called her swara …tat means she is swara
Oh my god she is MY SWARA
I realised wat i said wat my swara?
Oh god wat is happening to me

I was unable to sleep the whole night i was just thinking about her

The next morning wat i saw was suprised me Swara came 1st time swara came to break fast ooooh i was awestruck to see her in western cloths yes she was wearing western cloths i was not knowing tat the girl i used to see evreyday can also wear western dress ….she was dressed in black jeans and a crop top just above her belly ohhh she is making crazy
I was unable to focus on my food my eyes was just staring her and her milky skin her belly can’t she cover it oooh y r u making soo diffcult

Soon we completed my break fast

Lucky and swara was speaking, laughing,giggiling made me ireked i don’t know i was feeling angry but y I’m feeling soo?

“Becoz u r in love ” said my heart

Wat I’m in love really i asked myself

I saw swara she dnt even spoke to me a word not even looking at me argggggggg
it was clearly seen she was avoiding me
Yes she was avoiding me

All left i was lil revived only i and swara was there she was about to go but i held her by wrist she looked at me

“Y r u avoiding me swara” is asked
“When did i avoid Mr sanskar ” she said not looking at me
“Hey swara wats the matter” i asked
“Nothing ”
Saying thz she jerk her hand and left.from there
I felt hurt very hurt by her behaviour

At evening it started rainig

All family member went out to play in.the rain even swara went

I was just seeing all thz with a smile i saw swara dancing her dress was fully drenched becoz of rain it was touching her body she was dancing with laksh
..i got furious thz was it for me i went towards her i was also fully drenched …i holded her wrist she looked at me i ignored her and took her with me without anyones notice. .. ..
I pinned her to the wall and holded her by waist

“Speak to me ” i said
“Leave me ” she said angryly
“No 1st do as i said ”

She was struggling in my arms

” y u r ignoring dammit” i shouted
And squeezed belly hard
She immideatly pushed me and said
” becoz i don’t want to fall in love with u more and more ..i hardly controlled myself can’t u understand” she shouted

I was numb hearing thz

Yes i was happy she loves me then do i love her
“Yes u love her” my heart again said

Now i belive tat yes I LOVE HER
i was at cloud nine i want to tell her but she was gone

Just then.i saw ragini who was seeing all thz with a happy smile

I walked to her

“She loves u from childhood sanskar” she said
“Wat?” Shocked to listen it
“Yes she loves u very much but she was dis heartend when u rejected to marry her”she said

There was no limit for my happy i was really very happy

I hugged ragini and thank her
” i also love her ragini” i said
She smiles

“Thz is not fare bhai ” said lucky

I was confused then ragini told me tat she and lucky made a plan to make me jealous i was shocked and suprised to hear tat all family members were involved in the plan and dad and mom also actually they send me here for thz purpose only they knew it tat i and swara was perfect for eachother so they did thz
i and swara was totally unaware of all thz

They also said tat swara is angry with me becoz i rejected her

I was happy i feel compelte now
Now i realised y i felt compelte when i reached her bhopal becoz my love was here yes.love her veryyyyyy much

Sanskar p.o.v ends

Swara p.o.v

I loved him from chidhood i was really happy listening tat I’m getting married to him love of my life but the next moment all shattered he rejected me not only once but thrice. I was really broken i wanted him to LOVE ME as i do but no nothing happend like tat

When baba said he is coming india i was hell angry y the hell he was coming i hardly controlled my feelings

He was staying but i never came infront of him and i never wanted to but ragini forced me

When he held me from falling my heart skip a bit
he was just staring at me at dining i was blushing hard
He asked me y I’m ignoring him i tried my.best to be rude with him
Now wat he did sent shiver to my spine
But i hate him No no no it is waste to say tat becoz i always loved him and will always do
Swara p.o.v ends

She changed herself in a pink loose shirt and a plazo her hairs was still wet she was looking at the moon lost in thoughts
just then she feels a familiar hand under her top holding her by waist she closed her eyes feeling the touch

Voice:wat r u thinking about (whisphere)
Swara:sanskar (yes it is sanskar)
She realised tat it is he so suddenly jerks off his hand and turns with anger

Swara:can’t u understand once….

Before she could complete she finds him in his knees holding a rose in his hand

Swara i don’t know when i stated loving u
but yes i love u

U teached me tat
“Love is a wonderful thing,
“Tat gives joy in ur heart”
“Love it was tat made us”
“God’s divine nature is love”
“But mine divine nature is u”

Swara immideatly hugged him in tears

Swara:i love u tooo sanskar i love u very much

All family members claps for them they smiles seeing there family’s love towards them

After a month they got married

It was there wedding night

Swara was standing near in a bridal dress thinking wat all happend in her life just then she feels a strong hand around her belly squeezing it tightly she smiles and closes her eyes feeling his touch

“Sanskar ” she murmured

He turned her towards him and was staring her lovingly and stairs her lips feeling her gaze she closes her eyes giving a postive sign he without wasting time placed his rough.lips on her soft yet rosy lips and started kissing and biting her lower lips while she mourned in pleasure he enter into her mouth and started exploring his tounge all over her mouth
The love wala kiss turned into hungry and wild kiss she also was responding with equal passion and love

He was caressing her back.reached to her blouse dori and opened it and broked the kiss due to lack of oxygen
While she breathing heavily
He was caressing her neck with his lips and nose

Sanskar:(huskly) wat u say my love
Swara:(huskly) wat u want my life (blushes)

This was it for sanskar he carried her in bridal style and gently placed on the bed
And slids her blouse sleeves while she was playing with his shirt button
Finally both were naked her soft and delicate skin was touching him he was caressing her bare body while kissing her he bited his neck and kissed it lovingly
And placed a wet kiss on her clevage like thz both kissed eachoth and made love

Swara:sanskar we r the love birds of thz spring season
Sanskar:thz season gave me my love

They lived happyly throught there life

Hi guys I’m tanu …hmmmm do u all know me if u know then who am i kkkkkk leave tat say how was thz os plz do comments guys i know some may don’t like as it is boring but still comments for my sake yaar

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