Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 8)

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next part:
laksh who just entered house became shocked listening dp.
lak: sry papa I forgot to inform Bhabhi said she vil b late as her boss gave her so much work n isn’t letting her come home…….I was busy so I forgot to inform u. her battery is also dead papa.
DP: sanskar do u know her office?
San: yes bade Papa…..
DP: talk to her boss n bring her immediately.
soon sanskar took his car keys n started to drive to his office………..all today’s incidents are coming to his mind.


morning in office.
after lunch, sanskar before going to his presentation thought to check if laksh is comfortable or not. but after seeing the scenario he got angry. he saw laksh doing his work n swara beating his shoulder n mistook it. but in actual, seeing sanskar coming suddenly laksh took his file from swara n she hit his arm playfully…..
San: ms.mehra in my cabin……. saying this he stormed out.
after encouraging her self, she went to his cabin with a scared face.
San: wt kind of behaviour is this? is that the way to behave with Ur CEO with my bro.
SW:sir plz………..
San: stop giving explanations lyk a kid ms.mehra!!! listen now complete these files n then only u are allowed to go to home.understand.
SW: sir my….
San: get out!!
she comes n does her work.. evening before going home laksh asks her to come….but she replies she is having work n vil b late to home. so just inform at home……………..

he soon comes out of his thoughts as he reaches his office.
he goes up n checks.
he finds swara still doing her work n stroms to her cabin.
San: ms.mehra stop working n come home immediately.
SW: but sir still I didn’t complete my work.
San: bade Papa asked me to bring immediately.so just come.
she felt bad as he just came for dp’s sake,not worrying for her. but don’t show it.
SW: sir u go I’ll come.
San: come n sit in car in 2min…. saying this he goes.
soon she packs everything goes n sits in car.no one spoke.


DP n RP are sitting on chairs n rest of all are standing.
they c both swasan are coming.
DP: where were u till now?
SW: bade Papa my boss gave me xtra work. as my battery is dead I couldn’t call u.
DP: why suddenly he gave u extra work?
SW: it’s…….its…my punishment.
DP: resign for Ur job.

tears welled up in her eyes.she lowered her head.
lak: Bhabhi y u got punishment….I mean when I was there Bhai dint say anything ryt.
DP: lakshya wt r I speaking?
San: bade Papa she is working in my company as my pa. I gave her punishment because she misbehaved with lucky.
lak: but Bhai Bhabhi never misbehaved with me.
San: no lucky I saw with my eyes. n lucky why u are taking her side.
lak: Bhai tell wt u saw excatly u saw?
San: after lunch when I came to check she was pulling file in Ur hand. but didn’t give . she bet u on Ur shoulder….
lak: god!!!! Bhai how can u come to Ur own conclusions…. today I dint do any work… Bhabhi only did our both work n explained the situation.
sanskar is feeling guilty for not giving her chance to explain.
DP: done with Ur explanations….now listen to me. swara is not going to office from 2mrw.
San: but bade Papa she signed contract for 2yrs.plz bade Papa,it’s my mistake why u are giving punishment to her.
lak:yes Papa it’s totally my fault. I made Bhabhi to do my work. next tym I won’t do it.i will work sincerely…..
San: bade Papa she is really very talented…am telling it as her boss n i don’t want to loose a good employ lyk her.
DP: am giving her last chance…
SW: tq… bade Papa.

after dinner all went to their rooms.
sanskar saw swara sitting in coach n completing her office work.he felt guilty seeing her.
San: swara u no need to do that work. I mean it’s not Ur mistake so….
SW: no. it’s ok. if am not Ur wife then u might have not knowing the truth. I would lyk to maintain both my personal n professional lyf separately…but sir in such situations plz give a person to give explanation.dont let Ur anger over come u saying this she goes to balcony n continues her work , living sanskar with a mixed emotion on his face.

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  1. Mars

    I’m loving this story sooooo much??? sanskar is very stern type I don’t like his behavior he didn’t even asked sorry from swara.
    Can’t wait to see their love story I don’t know how they are going to fall in love.
    Awesome epiii
    Continue soooooonnnn plzzz
    Take care????

  2. lovly dear

  3. AbrahamEzra

    It’s awesome. Khadoos sanky dont even let her speak and didn’t said a sorry also.

  4. nice shot… dont like sanskar in this ff he too rude..

  5. awesome dr lvd it

  6. Loving the story..

  7. Awesome

  8. Soujanya


  9. Nice,…..

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