Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 7)

hlo guys….. thanks 4 Ur lovely comments n suggestions.sry 4 not replying u all personally………..k now lets go to next part.

swara is helping ap n suju in kitchen.
she is continuously looking at tym n doing her work. soon she finishes her work n gets ready to office in simple kurthi hiding her mangalsutr n vermilion.

both sanlak got ready to office n were going to go but were stopped by DP.
DP: lakshya go n bring ragini. after dropping ragini in clg n go to office.
lak: but papa…….
DP: I don’t want to hear any thing.

San: lucky after dropping ragini u come to office.am already late today.i have to check tender details also. it’s with my pa. (shouts)mom come fast, am getting late. soon Sujatha comes running n swara also comes running behind her with a bowl in her hand.
suju feeds him curd with sugar n wishes him all the best. laksh goes to ragini. sanskar also goes to office but not before glancing at swara once.after all men left even swara start.

soon swara goes to office before sanskar comes n arranges all the files on table properly.she sees sanskar coming n stands beside his chair.as soon as he enters she greets him professionally n tells his schedule.
San:ms.mehra, where is today’s tender file.
she gives it to him.

San: well everything is perfect.i just want this project at any cost……did u check Laksh sirs cabin. n u just shift to my beside cabin.
SW: ok sir.
san:ms.mehra today am very busy so I’ll just introduce lucky to everyone.u guide him his work n no one in office must know that u r guiding him ,got my point.
SW: yes sir.

after sometime laksh came to his office.sanskar called all his employes n introduces him as their new CEO n asks all employes to introduce themselves. he takes Laksh to his cabin n calls swara.
lak: Bhai , Bhabhi……..
San: lucky I can understand ur confusion. she is working under me since 1month. any1 here don’t know abt our marriage as we want to maintain both our personal n professional life seperately.now stop all this discussion n start Ur work ms.mehrs vil help u. as Ur cabin is under renovation u n ms.mehra vil b sharing same cabin……. saying this he goes.finally Bhai went . u know Bhabhi in Ur office there are many hot girls.u must introduce them to me.
SW: sir am here to explain Ur work. till v share cabin I’ll guide u. if sir comes to know v r speaking he vil fire me.

lak: Bhabhi first plz stop calling me sir. am Ur sweet devar. in home u even call me lucky. second thing me n work are two different things. u know working ryt. she nods . then u work I’ll submit it to Bhai.(sry guys forgot to mention in these 3 days both swalak developed good bonding…..so they talk freely).plz Bhabhi pity Ur devar nah. it’s my office 1st day n Bhai is asking me to work.from 2mrw I’ll start pakka. she smiles n agrees…..
they both are chatting n doing work.no no actually swara is working n laksh is disturbing…. sanskar who saw this immediately came there n asked her to show her work to which she showed. he asked laksh even he showed. Sankar found laksh working slow n asked him to which he reasoned as it’s his 1st day he working slow.

as sanskar is busy he didn’t observe swalak much……..
evening after reaching home he directly went to his room.

nyt at 7 suju said DP is calling him down. so he went.
DP: sanskar did swara inform u where she went at this tym………………

so guys how is it.plz do comment.

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    Awesome one dear I hope soon SwaSan will Start developing feelings for each other Continue soon tc??

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    Nyc update…??

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    Awesome and loved swa-lak bond

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