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Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 6)


hlo everyone. I could c many of u are confused with last part. swara n sanskar are married to eo. both are not interested in this marriage n didn’t c each other till fire accident. one more important thing swara works in sanskars company as his pa. her surname is Mehra, reason u vil b knowing in further parts. Kavya n ragini are sisters.Kavya is still unmarried, she is elder sister of swaragini n frnd of laksh. hope Ur confusion is cleared.
ok now coming to next part.
sanlak swara goes to their room.
San: miss Mehra I mean swara……. marriage……..
SW: sir I can understand u r shocked n confused. ven I saw Ur photo in this room even I was in same state. after listening to u I decided not to disturb our professional life n kept quite. sir I have a request, her looks at her….. sir plz don’t disclose abt our marriage to any1 coz after 6 months v vil get separated.
San: ok. ur both surnames are different u r swara Mehra n she is ragini gadodia.its confusing.(hahaha see even sanskar got confused).
SW: sir it’s a long story. our mothers are different but father is same. her mother is mother by blood is misthi I mean shomi.when I was in womb she ran away from Shekhar gadodia n was going to commit suicide. at that tym her frnd Mrs.Mehra saw. sir did u hear abt serogacy, he nods. mrs.mehra gone through that process n carried me, gave birth to me. he could c her eyes shining. they are my lyf. u know sir they used to care me more than my elder brothers….
San: hmmm so u live with mehras.she nods. but why…….
suju: chori wt r u dng? drink this milk u vil feel better.
SW: aunty no need am perfectly fine.
lucky comes in: Bhabhi y u don’t want to drink milk. u know it’s good 4 Ur health.if u drink milk……
SW: then devarji u drink it.

lucky: oh no problem saying it he was going to drink it….but suju slaps on his arm n says chora if u want I’ll give u . but now this is 4 swara n u (looking towards swara) drink it fastly I have so much work.
SW: aunty u go I’ll come.
ap: Sujatha u r still here only.
suju: jiji I came to give milk to swara. shomi ji said she don’t lyk milk n vil throw it or give to someone.
laksh start laughing loudly….hahaha both Bhai n Bhabhi are same. even Bhai does same.dont know wt vil happen to their kids. swara gets embarrassed n drinks milk in one go.
all are having dinner. DP completed his dinner n was about to go.
SW: uncle actually 2mrw I have some important work in office. I’ll may b half an hour late to home. I’ll come by 6.plz uncle it’s really important. DP:(warning tone) ok but reach home by 6. lakshya 2mrw morning drop ragini in college n go to Ur office.
lak: ji papa….. murmurs huh always spoiling my name,can’t he call lucky or at least laksh…….

So guys how is it. Plz do comment

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  2. going nyc but when scene changes give little space between them

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    It’s superb dear. Plss post soon

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