Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 5)


Hiiii guys… Shreny is back with other part. Hope u are enjoying the story.
Sry I mentioned v call Kavya as kav but it’s choti. Ok now coming to today’s part.
Shomi: oh god my daughters didn’t come out till now.
Kavya: ragini is having breathing problem also….
Soon sanlak goes inside n search for them.
Lak: rago Bhabhi…..
San: god where r they?….. After searching for 2 min they find ragini struggling.they both bring her out.
Shomi: beta where is Shona. She didn’t come yet.
Rag:(speaks with difficulty)maa she pushed me out n she…..
Dadi: beta u just relax don’t worry abt her.
Shomi joins her hands before sanlak n cries: plz for last tym go n search my shona jamaisa…. Plzzz am begging u.
Shekhar: shomi did u c how it’s burning. It’s not safe for them to go.dont worry even rescue team came. They vil bring her out.
Feeling helpless shomi cries.
San: don’t worry I’ll bring her out. Sanlak go n search her. They could hear someone calling sir….sir..
They turn n find a girl fainted in sanskars arms.

San: murmurs miss Mehra.
Lak: Bhabhi…Bhai let’s take her out.sanskar carries her in his arms n takes out. He is still in shocked state. Seeing sanskar carrying her daughter soon shomi ran to him.
Shomi: Shona shona beta . Wake up.
Suju: sanskar lie her down. Laksh bring water. She sprinklers water in her face. Slowly swara opens her eyes.
Shomi comes n hugs her n cries.
Shomi: beta thank god u woke up. What’s the need to need to do those stunts. Shona Now u r having 2 family responsibilities. Take care of Ur self.
SW: making faces misthi r u scolding me.
Shomi: no beta I didn’t mean it. U r late so I got worried. Just think wt vil I answer to Ur bhai if sanskar is late.apji if u don’t mind can v take swaragini to baadi tonyt.
Ap looks at DP . He nods.
Ap: ha u can take. They r Ur daughters.
SW: misthi am Fyn. I won’t come.dont worry abt me.plz plz plz (she asks so cutely then how can she deny her daughter). Shomi accepts.
DP: v all elders vil go in one car n u come in other. Sanskar drop ragini n Kavya in baadi. Take swara to hospital n come home.
San: ok bade papa.

Now sanskar is driving car. Laksh is beside him.swaragini Kavya are on back side.
Lak: Kavya u never said u have sisters.
Kav: lucky u never asked me ryt. U know I don’t lyk to share my personal lyf with any1.
Rag: hey stop one min , u both know eo.
Kav: not both but v 4 sanlak me n ishu. They r my seniors.
Rag: oh… So u both have sister also but I didn’t c.
Lak: she went to camp. They c a mobile ringing.
Sanskar gives mobile to laksh.
Lak: Bhabhi some1 calling.
Before she takes it sanskar puts it on speaker. Caller: Shona wt is is this . Y don’t u answer my calls. I was calling you 4m morning.u know Ur Bhabhi took home house on her head. Swara smiles listening it. Bhai relax am Fyn. I already told today puja is there. Ok now am on way to home vil Cal u later bye….
Soon they drop ragini Kavya go to hospital n return home…..

So guys how is it. Plz do comment

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  2. I’ confused who is married to whom😧 plz clear it

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    Nice one I think swara is married to sanskar but then how miss mehra😱😱😱 I m little confused😕😕 waiting for next part continue soon tc😊😊😊

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    Superb cool dear. So my shona is married to her sanky only. Hurray.

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