Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 27)

part 27:

it’s nearly 1 week….. sanskar is trying hard to make swara happy, but she is as always giving cold treatment to him.

before knowing she used talk to him. but now she is not even uttering a single word. if she had to answer him, she is just giving only one word answer……. she is behaving normally with everyone, except him. she even stopped going to office tooo………

Sunday evening:

all sat in garden n r having their snacks.

San: swara now mom is Fyn. I think u must join office now. wt do u say?

sw: no.

San: wt?

SW: I mean, I’m thinking to stop working.

San: no. u can’t. u signed contract for 18 months. so u must continue…..

Suju:yes chori. wt will u do by staying whole day in house. u continue Ur job.

SW: but mumma….

suju:no buts , vuts….. from tommarow u r going that’s it.


next day:

after helping suju in kitchen swara goes to office.

she quietly goes to sanskar’s cabin n stands without wishing him.

San: good morning angel. what’s my schedule?

She keeps quite.

San : angel

he sighs…..

San: swara wt my schedule?

she keeps his schedule paper infront of him.

San: angel plz speak to me.

she silently goes to her cabin and does her work.

nyt tym

sanskar is waiting for swara…
but she is busy in her work…..I.e,. avoiding him….

he went to bed and pretended to sleep.

after sometime swara entered room.

she saw sanskar sleeping n went to coach.

I’m sorry in advance for boring part guys…… plz do comment n Share Ur views.

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    waiting when she will talk with him why she avoiding him?

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