Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 16)

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as soon as she entered the room sanskar pinned her to wall.
SW: wt are u doing sanskar?
San: wt the hell are u doing swara!!!! I already told u I will divorce. y are u trying to get close to my family????? stay away from them.
SW: u only told me not to hurt them. am doing same.

San: but there is no need to get close to them. n wt r u talking to maa in kitchen now.
SW: sanskar leave me it’s hurting. n I felt motherly affection so I asked I Wana call aunty mumma.
San: don’t get habituated to all these finally u r one who gets hurt……… saying this he goes.
swara is sad that again she have to leave her newly found mumma. but she decided she will spend as much as possible with suju.

In Ishani room,
Ishani is sleeping n ragini is seated beside her. she is lost in her thoughts.
ragini pov:

Ishani is sanlak sister. it’s means…….. omg am not understanding anything. god plz give me strength to bear the truth. laksh ji should only be my love…..
she sees movement in Ishani n calls swasanlak.
San: ishu how are u feeling now?
ishu: fine Bhai.
lak: do u want to eat anything?

sanishu: bhukkad.
ishu: seriously Bhai. all time how can u think about food.
lak: how can I stop ishu, when my mothers are best cooks. Ishani starts laughing…….
lak: always keep smiling ok. now just forget that incident like a nightmare. ok.
ishu: omg lucky Bhai u are saying such things. I can’t believe such words.
san: ishu did u forget he got married. may b that’s y he became lil mature.
lak: pouting…. now u both became one team n started teasing me. but don’t worry I have Bhabhi in my team. what do u say shona.
SW: yes lucky. oh god I forgot to tell aunty is calling everyone for lunch.
ishu: which aunty Bhabhi.

SW: ap aunty. am habituated to call as aunty.
ragini: sternly…… swara I know Ur culture is different. but from now u call her as badima. coz if anyone listens it won’t b good.get habituated of this life coz this is only going to be Ur lifestyle.

she nods n goes.
lak: rago y don’t u speak politely with Bhabhi.
rag: laksh am just telling her. saying this she also goes.
ishu: Bhai are u both happy with marriage…u know wt I mean.
San: yes . ishu u don’t take tension.
lak: me n ragini did deal. even she loves someone.after meeting our partners we will separate…….

all men are having lunch.
rag: papaji my clg will b completed this week. I got a chance to participate in national level singing competition. it is my dream to participate in it. I need Ur permission to participate in it.

DP: wt type of songs?
rag: classical songs. I’ll play sitar also.
DP: ok u can participate beta. where Ur competition will be held.
rag: papaji this year they are planning to conduct in Thier cities till semifinals.
n finals they didn’t declare still.
san: ragini is this same competition which mehra, premanjali conduct, new voice talent hunt.
rag: yes jiju.

Ishani room:
rag: Ishani, I want to know my love boy. plzz tell me.
ishu:wt is the use ragini.
rag: plz ishu from the day am married to laksh. my heart is saying that laksh is only my love. the way he talks is clearly showing it. but still I want to conform.
ishu: smiles….. yes u r correct. lucky Bhai is only Ur love.

rag: shouts in excitement…….. omg I got married to my love… yippee…
rag: ishu will u do a small help. she nods. don’t tell laksh that am sweety. u know nah how much I asked him that we will meet. but still he didn’t agree.
ishu: so now u are Gona take revenge by not revealing Ur self. ragini smiles.

in kitchen:
suju is teaching swara how to cook.
suju: swara now it is completed. now change n come fast. I’ll tell u how to select n wt type of groceries we must select.
SW: ok mumma.

ap: Sujatha y r being so close with swara. u know how should we behave with our bahus ryt.
suju: jiji do u remember, how maaji used to treat us. she used to treat us like her own daughters. that day only I decided I’ll treat my bahu also in the same way.
sanskar comes, maa did u call me.
suju: sanskar me n swara are going to market. i called u to take us.

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