Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 14)

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sanlak: papa what are you talking?
DP: with teary eye….. it’s true. Ishani is kidnapped. she didn’t go to any camp.they warned us if won’t do as they say.. they will export…………..
all are shocked with this sudden revelation.
RP: at same time ragini n laksh are caught in hotel. I know it’s a trap. they want to destroy our reputation…..so to save u both I made u both married. but parvathiji kept condition….. understanding the situation n even sanskar is elder to laksh. so I agreed. but still I tried to do secret investigation…….now they got to know. they are taking our Ishani far away from us.
ap n suju breakdown…….
suju: ji I don’t know anything I want my Ishani back.plzzz bring her.
SW: uncle plz give me Ur phone once.

she takes some details n gives him back.
an: swara u take rest u r already not feeling well. n listen don’t take anything to Ur heart. if something happens to u this tym it’s difficult to save .
she nods n goes.
Anand : now wt to do? is there any way……
DP: v tried all ways to save her but all went vain.

San: papa do u know who kidnapped her?
DP: Stephen Robert gang. most of the Kolkata police is under his control. now only god can save her.
swara goes out. as all are tensed about Ishani no one noticed her.

it’s 4hrs all are tensed about Ishani.
kav: maa swara is not there in her room.
sho: she went out.fir some work. I called her. she is on her way. after half an hour swara returns.
Shekhar: where the hell did u go?????with whom r u roaming…
listening him accusing, her eyes got teary.
swara goes to DP n RP.

SW: uncle Ishani is safe. Mumbai police saved her. by 2mrw morning she will reach Kolkata.
DP: is she safe? really will she come here 2mrw.
SW: yes uncle. as it is mid nyt they are sending all girls 2mrw.
sanskar goes n hugs her tightly.
San: tq…. tq sooo much.
SW: funnily…..sir am suffocating….

San: oh am sry.
DP: how did u do it?
SW: uncle my friend works in police department. I gave the phone numbers. he traced n got to know it’s from Mumbai. he informed commissioner n they did this operation.
shomi: Shona now u go n rest.
DP to Shekhar father: Dayalji it’s very late, stay here.

next day,
no one were able to sleep whole nyt thinking about Ishani. all are seated in hall n waiting for her.
swara is running n coming. she is about to slip. but some 1 caught her. it’s Anand.
an: swara y r u running.u must b very careful.
kav: uncle y r u always caring her lyk a small baby. when v r all tensed for ishu.she is fav student.
an: I saw how her family struggled for her. after 2 major surgeries n depression again she started living…….
they hear car sound n runs out.

they saw Ishani coming with arnav.
ap n suju runs n hugs her. Ishani due to fear tightly hugged suju.
they took her to her room.swara went n hugged arnav.

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