Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 13)

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next day evening they both reached home. they saw a man is talking to DP n RP. sanskar saw him n took his blessings….
San: Anand uncle when did u come from London?
an:(he is a phycologist n lives in London) as soon as I came to know my best friend sons got married…that too without me I came here.
DP: Anand I already explained I the situation ryt. plz leave it.
an: ok…ok… where is my fav student… Ur daughter Ishani?
RP: she went to medical camp… signals are not available.

soon gadodia family arrived there.ragini goes takes blessings n hug them.
rag: dadi wt a surprise!!!! u all here.
shek: dpji suddenly called me n asked me to come here.
DP: my friend came from London n he wants to meet Dil family. so I called u here.
Anand seeing swara….I think I saw u some where.
SW: no way uncle. my b u r mistaken.
an: I want to talk to u personally. she nods.
an: so swara gadodia rty, I mean before marriage.
SW: no uncle it’s swara Mehra.
an: but u both r sisters.
SW: but uncle due to situations, I became swara Mehra. n love being called swara Mehra…lyk that he asks all her personal details.
an: now I remember where I saw u. u r prof.pragya Mehra sil ryt. when Ur parents died u took treatment for depression n stress…….
she nods in yes.
an: how r u?
SW: am Fyn uncle.
an: do maheswari family know abt u being swara Mehra.
SW: I don’t know uncle but i asked gadodia family to inform them. n my in-laws don’t talk to me properly as it’s a forced marriage. v r just married for society sake.
an: wt forced marriage????? n society sake????
SW: yes uncle….. n tells him everything…
an: so do u eat non veg.
SW: after marriage I never ate.
an: ok….. u can go. n call ragini.
when she is going out she saw Kavya standing near door n hearing their conversation.
SW: Kavya wt are u doing here.
kav: wt is there to lie near u swara…just listening Ur both conversation to check wt u r telling to him.gud u r talking carefully. if u ever tell raginis secret to any 1. next second she vil b dead.
swara gets angry, she catches Kavya hand n folds it back.
SW: r u understanding wt r u speaking…. she may not b Ur real sister. but still from childhood u r grown together. even at corner of your heart don’t u feel love for her….
Kavya tries to take her hand back. but she holds it more tightly.
kav:(angrily) enough of Ur lectures. leave my hand…..swara leaves her hand…..u vil pay for it.

Anand spoke to ragini n both came to hall.
an: Dp where is Ishani. I mean even in remote areas v vil get some signals. I know she can’t stay without speaking to u.alteast tell me area name………he gets a call n goes out.
they hear some 1 calling.
ap goes to see.
ap : wt u want?
boy: mam v got order on name swara Mehra to deliver KFC here.
ap: may b u r mistaken…… Kavya interrupts her.
kav: yaa swara Mehra is my sister. give it to me.
ap: swara….
kav: I know badima u are confused. when swara is young Punjabi family adopted her. so swara eats NV. I saw her ordering it.
ap gets angry n goes to swara angrily….
ap: swara wt is it? u ordered KFC . n y dint u tell abt being Panjabi.
SW: aunty I won’t eat chicken. am allergic to it.
kav: swara y r u lying, I saw u ordering KFC.
now swara understood it’s Kavya plan.
swara goes to sharmista.
SW: misthi I asked u to tell abt my surname. y u dint tell.
mis: sheaker ji said he vil tell. but ap ji wt swara is telling is truth. she won’t eat chicken.
rag: maa I know u love swara more than us. but how can u lie for her maa.
mis: no ladoo. she really hate it.
San: now y are u all making it a issue. swara is telling she won’t eat ryt. n y r u still keeping it here. just throw it out.
kav: aunty did u c, just in few days she even changed sanskar.n sanskar how can u trust her without any proof.
SW: so u want proof ryt. saying this she goes n starts eating KFC.
dadi: chiiiii……when u want to eat y to do all these actings….am really feeling shame that my blood is flowing in Ur body.i don’t know wt sanskars that punj……
swara falls Down breathing heavily…..every1 panics.
Anand returns after talking call n is shocked to c swara position.
an: wt happened to her?
San: uncle do something. she ate KFC.
an: god y she ate it. she knows she is allergic to it. sanskar take her to room. sanskar carries her to Room.
Anand calls pragya n one speaker.
an: hlo pragya… this is doctor Anand.
tell me where are swara allergic tables.
pra: wt happened sir.
an: tell me fast.
pra: sir it vil b in her emergency medicine box. she said she kept it below clothes.
mis: I got it.
Anand checks the medicine n gives her fastly.
pra: sir anything serious?
an: don’t worry pragya. she is Fyn now.
pra: sir how u met her.
an: maheswari n v are family friends. I met her here.
pra: sir can I talk to her.
swara nods in no.
an: let her rest. u can speak after sometime.
pra: ok sir.

as soon as she ends the call . she calls misthi. she is about to lift but Kavya on speaker without anyone’s notice n asks misthi to speak.
pra:(angry) wt is this misthi. wt happened to Shona. n y did she eat chicken. 1st she hate it. n second she is allergic to it…… not getting any answer she shouts, care to explain me.
mis: ji vo…. she explains everything….. am sry but u know am helpless….
pra: at least u could have called me. now wt should I answer to everyone. that their Shona, princess, angel, baby is not safe n healthy.
mis: am sry from now I’ll take care… plzzz forgive me.
pra: ok this is Ur last chance.if something happens to my shona…… u know abhi n purab won’t leave any1.
SW: Bhabhi don’t say to Bhai. plzzzzz. pra: swara what’s The need to do all those . u can explain them ryt.n coming to Ur Bhai’s. they are really angry on u.
this tym u even upsetted me.
SW: pakka Bhabhi this is last tym.
SW: I want to talk to Bhai.
pragya sees both abhi n purab who are in tears:after sometime(abhi n purab are swaras brothers)
SW: Bhabhi plz on speaker. she does. so my dear sweet Abhishek prem Mehra n kadoos purab prem Mehra….. plzzzz forgive Ur little sister. ok bye saying this she cuts the call.
San: uncle how u know swara n her family.
an:her Bhabhi is a phycology professor. through her I know swara.
RP gets a call n starts crying……
DP: wt happened?
RP: as v are doing secret investigation they are taking Ishani……….

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