Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 12)

hlo guys. wish u all a happy Diwali…..

next part:

swara ran to her room n sanskar is also running behind her. Before she closes door he enters.
San: swara who is he?
SW: while sobbing, my ex.
San: did u both decide to marry?

she kept quiet…….
San: at least as Ur frnd……tell me only if u trust me.
SW:it happened before 4 years. many boys were attracted to me. Sahil is one of them.daily he used to follow me. my frnz used to say, am lucky to have such a person who loves me soo much. I was not interested v in him. but still listening to my friends I gave him a chance……
after 3 to 4 months he said he wants to introduce me to his parents. I trusted him n went to his home…….
I heard him talking to his friends.

he don’t love me. but he wants………she cries.he pats her shoulder in order to console her. am his 7th target. he already spoiled many girls life…….
San: n when that man is infront of u, u r just running away.
SW: I don’t want to face him. he even don’t deserve to see my Shadow.
San: not for Ur sake for the girls whose lyf he spoiled for them u stand n punish him.

saying his he drags n takes her.
now both r standing infront of Sahil.
SW: it’s swara for u mr.sahil.
Sahil: Shona wt happened to u. y are u behaving lyk this.
SW: then wt r u expecting, should I come n hug. the boy whom I loved with my heart n sole,…just wants to use me.wt u thought I will fall in Ur trap………. but sry Mr.sahil Ur plan got failed.that nyt I heard conversation b/w u n Ur friends.cries n slaps him.y u did that to me Sahil. y u did. do u think girls as toys n do wt ever u want…..

he was about to swara by her waist… but sanskar catches his hand.dont u dare to touch Mrs.sm. Sahil looks at them with shock.
Sahil: wh….at?????
San:(smirks)she is my wife Mrs.swara SM. pulls her by her waist…Jaan now don’t stress Ur self .police are on their way.
soon police came n arrested Sahil.
he takes swara to his room.

San: swara r u ok.
SW: hmmm………… to b Frank am feeling great relief…. sanskar if u don’t mind can I know, y u married me. u can directly reject the proposal ryt. n y u asked me to sign the divorce on 1st day itself(guys try to remember in 1st part I mentioned , alone tear tear escaped from her eye seeing her husband’s behaviour…it is because…… he gave divorce papers n asked her to sign on spot…..n she did as he said. )

san: I said no. but my bade Papa forced me. so I married u. I love Shona…my shona..ryt now she is angry on me. but I’ll convenience her n take care of her. I’ll never leave her for a second also….
SW: she is very lucky to have u in her lyf.
San: no am lucky to have her.
soon they both had dinner.

sanskar in his room:
am sry to lie to u swara. my shona…..my Kavitha is no more in this world. I need to take care of my angel also. I can’t love anyone except my shona…….. he sleeps thinking of having his Shona…..

so guys how is it plz do comment.

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  3. i think he is having a daughter

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      Keep on guessing dear. Angel will b revealed in few parts…..

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    now who is this angel.. n how can he call kavita as shona… no I don’t like this thing sorry…

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      Sry dear ,even I don’t like sanskar calling Kavitha as Shona. but it is need. As story moves further hope u will like angel…….

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    Omg cheapo sahil. Loved the way sanskar protected her. Is angel his baby. Plss post soon

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  6. Loved it dear

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    It was nice but I don’t like shona for kavita bcoz it suits only Swara. Lets see what will happen.

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      Tq dear…….n sanskar has a reason to call Kavitha as Shona…..as story moves hope u will like it.

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