Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 10)

hlo guys thanks for your comments. here we go with next part…….

it’s lunch tym…..all staff went to canteen to eat their lunch. both sanlak are in cabin to eat their lunch.
sanskar sees swara is left asusual….. laksh observes it.
lak: Bhai why Bhabhi is not going to canteen.
San: she will do video chat.
lak: how u know?
San: daily after everyone goes to lunch, she will do……I just observe all my employes.
lak: Bhai shall I call Bhabhi to have lunch with us.
San: but lucky she is an employee here……..
u know I maintain my both personal life n professional life separately.
lak: ok then I will eat with Bhabhi only today……saying this he goes to swaras cabin.

before he enters, raj(other employee of same office).enters n locks the door from inside.
sw: raj wt r u dng here?
Raj: swara u always eat Ur lunch alone. so I thought y not to join u.
swara phone rings…..it’s laksh to ask everything is ok or not….
lak: hlo Bhabhi is everything ok?
SW: yaa don’t worry…
sw: Raj it’s ok. I like to eat in my cabin itself…
Raj: hmm….k… can I talk to u for few mins. plzzz it’s a request…
SW: ok.
Raj: swara it’s nearly 1 month u joined office….when I saw u for 1st tym, am totally flat on u.as days are passing I realized am in love with u…. saying this he forwards a ring….
SW: am sorry Raj. we r just colleagues….not even frndz. am sry , but I can’t accept u.
Raj: (lil frustrated) wt is less in me swara. I have good job. most of the girls in our office r just waiting for a chance to talk to me. (trying to touch her) just try me baby am v.good in everything. wt do you say…let’s meet tonigh…..before​ he completes sentence swara slaps him hard. he gets angry n starts misbehaving with her.sanlak sees this n goes to her cabin.

seeing both Sanlak coming Raj starts running from there.sanlak catches him n start beating.
San: mr.raj don’t show Ur face…
swara is sobbing at corner of the cabin.
sanskar passes his hanky to her.laksh starts consoling her.
San: swara come to my cabin.laksh bring her lunch box.
he sees swara not moving a bit.so he drags her by her hands n laksh follows them.
sanlak opens their boxes which Ramu Kaka bought.
San : swara open Ur box. she is lyk a statue…miss Mehra, can’t u hear I said open Ur box.
swara slowly opens her box. she bought some other food , not the same.
lak: Bhabhi from where u bought this food. it looks lyk not made in home.
SW: I ordered it from hotel…..
San: u can bring it from home nah? anyways from tomorrow I’ll ask Ramu Kaka to bring Ur lunch also.
San: am not asking u am informing u.
if u want u can take leave today afternoon….
he sees his mobile ringing…it’s from private no. he signs laksh n goes out.
San: (his eyes r filled with tears) angel…….

hiii guys done with this part. so how is it. plz do comment…..

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