Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 9


Episode 9
At the Wedding’s Destination
After shaking hands Swara move towards Tia.
Swara:Well madam where is ur would be husband.
Sanjay:I’m here.
He also joins them.
Swara:Oh hello jiju,I’m ur one and only close saali,Swara(happily).
Sanjay:Oh so u r the great Swara Gadodia,u know there are hardly 1 or 2 chats in which she didn’t take ur name and I was very much desperate to meet u.
Swara:Oh thank u thank u.
Arjun(interrupted): Well u deserve this,ur personality is really appreciatable.
Swara:Now u r seriously embarrassing me.OK Tia is there any surprise is left.
‘Yes, We Are’

Swara turned back and jumped in happiness
Swara(happily shouts):Suraj!Ajay! U both.
Run towards them and give them a side hug
Ajay:Tia called us for her wedding.
Swara(happy):That’s owsum.
Sanskar came towards them.
Sanskar(little nervous):Hi Ajay Hi Suraj.
Ajay was about to go Sanskar stops him.
Sanskar(embarrassed):Ajay yr plz forgive me for that day.
Ajay looks back at Swara,she gestures him to forgive Sanskar.
Ajay: It’s OK and hugged him.
Sanskar (happy):Thank u so much yr.
Ajay(smiles):Come on dude we r friends.
Sanskar nods happily in yes.
Swara (to divert the topic):Acha jiju tell me do u wear spectacles.
Sanjay:No! but why?
Swara(teasingly):Now I get it whyu have selected Tia for u .
Sanjay and Tia:Why?
Swara(teasingly):Because he don’t get scared on wedding day because u will use so much make up na…
Everyone laughs while Tia shows fake anger.
Tia(fake anger):Swara ki bachiii.(started to catch Swara)
Swara(while running):Swara ki nhi Sharmishta ki bachi…..
Everyone was enjoying their Cat and Mouse chasing and Tia was about to catch her Swara saw two ladies coming downstairs, she immediately runs towards them and hide herself behind one Lady.
Swara(breathing):Sujata aunty plz save me from ur dangerous daughter.
Tia(irritated):Mom look she is again teasing me.
Sujata(smiles):Tia leave her beta.
Tia:But mom…..

Sujata:Tia….(Swara show her tongue to Tia)
Swara(coming out from her back):Thank u Sujata aunty if u would….aah aah.
Sujata:(while holding Swara’s ear)and u why u came today,u should have come with us na.
Swara:First leave my ear plz it’s paining, (she left her ear)thank u and why u r scolding me I came na.(making a pout face)
Sujata:Awww OK go I have forgiven u for coming late.
Swara:(started to stretch her cheeks)Thank u my cutie pie.Well cutie pie who is this new beauty(pointing towards the other lady)
Sujata:She is Arjun’ mother and Sanjay’s aunt.Meera Singhania.
Swara becomes straight and takes blessing from her.
Swara:Hello aunty and sorry if u feel bad from my words.
Meets(smiles):It’s okay beta,it has been time to listen beauty word from others for me.
Swara: Don’t worry aunty now I will call u beauty only.Is that okay?
Meets:Not only ok ,it will be the best.
Arjun and Sanjay smiles.
Swara:Acha aunty….sorry sorry I mean beauty I want u to give two warnings.

Swara:No.1 Try to maintain distance between Tia and kitchen,if she by mistake cooked something so eat it on ur own risk
No.2 If u all have to go to a party then tell her a day before so that she could get ready easily.
After listening Swara’s warnings Tia opened her mouth.
Tia:Haw Swara now I’m really angry with u.
She turned her face,Sujata signals Swara to convince her and Swara assure her through signal her back. She goes to Tia holding her ears.
Swara:Sorry Tia(with an innocent face)
Tia melts seeing Swara likes this and smiiles and hugged her.
Everyone smiles seeing their bonding.
Ram:Wow my both daughters are hugging each other.
Swara(smiles):Ram uncle.
She goes towards him and take his blessings.
Ram:Always be happy and it’s good u came now come with me in study I need to discuss something important with u.
Sujata:Sorry Ji Swara is coming with me in kitchen.
Ram:Why ji?
Sujata:Because I need her help.
Ram:No she is coming with me.
Both started to argue on Swara.
Tia:Come on mom come on dad,she came today let her take rest.
Swara:It’s OK to take rest I have whole life but first uncle aunty’s work. First I will finish work with uncle than aunty but aren’t u forgetting something.
Sujata and Ram:What?
Swara(angry face):You forgot so soon?
A servant speaks:She is talking about her bribe.
Swara:Right!see kaka they forget.
Swara turned her face.
Ram:Who said we forgot.
Both came to Swara and gives her two chocolates,Swara’s face lights up.
Swara(shouts):Thank u and hugged them.
Both Sanskar and Arjun smiles on Swara’s childish nature.
Sujata:Now happy?
Swara:Very much now u both give me 15 minutes, I will go and freshen up and come downstairs as soon as I can.

Swara goes upstairs and everyone dispersed. Swara was walking in the corridor and was busy in her mobile and there was some water on the floor. She slipped due to water and was about to fall but two strong arms hold her.

Swara opened her eyes and saw Arjun in front if her.They both were looking at each other while Sanskar was passing from there and say them in that position and gets shocked.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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