Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 8


Episode 8
Next Day After Reunion Party
Swara wake up little late because she slept late yesterday,she was quite dull due to yesterday’s incident. Swara get up a goes to washroom to get ready for hospital.She goes downstairs and compose herself to present herself in front of her family.
Swara:Good Morning (with fake smile)
Ragini:Good morning, Swara yesterday when did u came.
Swara:Madam when I came u were busy in ur dream world and Rahul u also slept (making a pout face)
Rahul:Sorry di,u know I tried my Best to not to sleep but I slept.
Swara(smiles): It’s OK I was just kidding. OK maa I going to hospital (shouts)
Shomi:Swara beta have ur break fast first.
Swara: Sorry maa Im already late.I will try to eat something in hospital.
Shomi:Don’t try just eat it.
Swara:Yes mam.
Swara kisses Rahul and Shomi and left for hospital.
At hospital.
She was busy in her work when Dr.Vikram knocked in her cabin.
Swara:Yes come in.
Dr.Vikram:Swara Im here to inform u that the senior physician will not come today.
Swara:Oh but why?
Dr.Vikram:There is some urgent work so he will join this hospital after somedays or months.
Swara:Don’t feel bad sir but he has shown an irresponsible behaviour, if he don’t want to come soon so why he said about this.
Dr.Vikram:It’s OK let it be Swara,u continue ur work.I will go.
Swara:Yes sir,OK.
After One Week
In that week Swasan tried to forget that reunion day but it was all vain,that day has became a part of their dark memory.They make themselves busy in their respective work.
One Day.
Swara was busy in her work when her phone ringed,it was Tia.
Swara: Hello Tia,how r u?
Tia:Im fine Swara, u didn’t call me after reunion.
Swara:Yr I was busy in work so I didn’t get time.
Tia:It’s okay.
Swara:So now tell me the why u called me at this time?
Tia:Why I can’t call u?
Swara:Oh hello drama Queen stop or drama and tell me the reason.
Tia:Woh actually my marriage date has been finalized.
Tia:Yes and it will be a destination wedding and it was Sanjay’s family idea.
Swara:Oh so u both can enjoy each function together. How sweet?
Tia(shies):Ya and u will be there at any cost because u will do the preparation as u promised.
Swara(sad):Yr I can’t come maa and baba will not allow me.
Tia:I know u will give the same excuse that’s why I have already asked permission from her.
Swara:U must be kidding right?
Tia(happily):No, I have already asked her and she permitted to.
Swara:Wow yr u r to good.
Tia:(proud):I know.
Swara:OK now come to earth and what are the days of wedding?
Tia:Excuse me ,tickets are at ur house and flight is of tomorrow.
Swara(shocked): This much short notice,are u okay?
Tia:No arguments and why are u wasting ur time in talking with me.
Now do ur packing. Good Bye
She cuts the call.
Swara:Hello hello…..so much less time Oh God.First I will give leave application first then start packing.
She immediately gives leave application and left for home.Then she talked about this matter to Shomi and started to do packing.
Swara:Why u all r not coming with me?
Shomi:Beta Rahul and Ragini’s exams r near that’s why u go there from our side.
Meanwhile Ragini also came.
Ragini(in crying voice):I will miss u Swara.
Swara:Awww I will miss u too and hugged her.
Swaragini plays……
Swara waved bye to everyone and left for Udaipur.
Swara reached at the wedding’s destination but there was shock waiting for her.
Swara was hell shocked to see the person whom she never want to meet again was in front of her’Sanskar’.Tia hugged her.
Tia(whisper): Swara I’m sorry,dad invited him because he is his friend’s son and neighbour also,I also came to know about this today.
Swara(whispers):It’s okay don’t take so much tension.
They break the hug and in no time another girl came and hugged her.
Swara(shocked):Kavitha u r here also.
Kavitha:Ya Tia invited me.
Swara looks at Tia shockingly and Tia nods her head in negative.
Swara:Oh that’s good. I am also happy.
Kavitha:Sorry yr I couldn’t come in reunion but now I am here.
Swara smiles.
Kavitha fakely smiles and Hugs her again and leave from there.
Swara(whispers):Why u invited her?
Tia(whispers):Madam she is self invited.
Tia:Yes on last day she take promise from me that I will invite her in my wedding so I have to.
Swara;Ok and now tell me a truth.
Tia:Like what?
Swara:What kind of behaviour u r showing to Sanskar.
Tia:Complete rude.
Swara: But why?
Tia:Are u serious Swara after whatever he has done to u,u r asking me this question.
Swara: Ya afcourse,he has done bad with me but why r u punishing him.
Tia:So have u forgiven him whatever he did to u on reunion. (Swara stays quite)Say.
Swara(taking a deep breath):Yes!
Tia:But why?
Tia:OK baba(joined her both hands) u win I will talk with him normally but on one condition.
Swara:What condition?
Tia:First u greet him if he replies ur greet normally then I will follow ur words.
Swara(pleading):Is it important?
Swara goes towards Sanskar to greet him.
Sanskar (to himself):Why Swara is coming towards me?I think to greet me. I will answer her positively so no drama creates in front of anyone.
Swara came close to him.
Swara(smiles):Hi Sanskar.
Sanskar was about to answer her when they heard a voice.
‘I didn’t expect such a soon meeting Ms.Swara.’
Swara turned around and immediately follow that voice,leaving Sanskar boggled.
Swara(shocked):Arjun Singhania you?
Arjun(smiles):Yes!I think God also wants us to meet again.
Swara smiles while Sanskar don’t like his presence.
Swara:But u told me the reason.
Tia(interrupted):Actually he is Sanjay’s cousin.
Swara(surprisingly):Ohh,now this is called a true surprise.Well nice to meet u again (forwards her hand with a smile)
Arjun:Same here.
Swajun (Swara+Arjun) shakes hand smilingly.
Scene splits in Swajun’s smiling face and Sanskar’s irritated face.
Episode Ends.

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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