SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 7)


Episode 7

Friends I am summarizing Swasan’s past.

Girls won the match,After the match Swara didn’t accept Sanskar as her slave because she don’t want to hurt anyone’s self respect. Sanskar was very much impressed by Swara’s gesture. He thinks about her whole night.

Boys decorated the whole school for the party and Sanskar was eagerly waiting for Swara but he don’t know why.But when he saw her he gets memerized.During the party Swara went to a lonely place due to some misunderstanding and was surrounded by Yuvi and his gang,they try to misbehave with her but at the nick of time Sanskar saved her.She hugged him in fear and he hugged her back to console her and drop her with Tia.

Next day Swara came to school and thanked him and they became friends.

Days started to pass fastly and Swasan’s bond became more stronger and started to like each others presence very much,after somedays Sanskar realized the reason of his care for Swara and jealousy from those who try to be close with Swara.Sanskar confessed his love to Swara and Swara accepted his proposal because she also have feelings for Sanskar.

After two years Swasan’s relationship was a pious one with no hurdles but as we know pure relations age is very short.Then Raj entered in their lives,he was Sanskar’s childhood friend. He was one of the quite ones.He started to fall for Swara and he confessed his feelings in front of Sanskar.Sanskar was heartbroken,one side there was his friend and on the other side it was his life. After so much thinking he decide to sacrifice his love for his friend.

Sanskar started to ignore and tried to behave rudely with Swara and began to give importance to other girls so that she gets hurt,Swara started to feel bad about his behaviour towards her but she never loose hope and whenever Sanskar saw her in pain he also feel sad but controlled his emotions. At last Swara lost her patience and asked Sanskar about his rude behaviour and ignorance so he told her that now he is not in love with her and now he is intrested in some other girl and Swara was completely broken because it was like a thunder for her but she did not believe on Sanskar’s lie because he know him very well.She tried many ways to know the truth from Sanskar but vain.But Swara was determined to know the truth.

Sanskar started to flirt with other girls in front of Swara so that she feels bad and his plans always work and she always felt bad.Here Ajay entered in Swara’s life,he was like her brother they began to share a brother and sister bond.Swara can’t hide her any paim from him,he can easily guess about her pain because somehow he also went through from same pain.When Sanskar left her she lost herself,she was not the same Swara.Swara decided to leave this topic and do a fresh start as friends.Sanskar accepted this suggestion so that he can fit Raj in Swara’s heart but Swara was trying her best to get his place back in Sanskar’s heart but Sanskar’s ignorance was killing her inside but she hided her every pain from everyone but can’t hide it from Ajay.

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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