SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 6)


Episode 6
At the School
Swara and Tia were walking in the ground during the lunch break,when Swara saw that a group of seniors were bulling some junior students. Swara get angry and she was about to go when Tia holds her hand.
Tia:Swara don’t involve in these matters we will do complain about them to the teacher.
Swara:Are u crazy?They r troubling them right now and I will not leave them.
Tia:Swara but…….
Swara:Yr u don’t wanna come then don’t come no one is forcing u but I will surely go.
After saying this she releases her hand from Tia’s grip. Sanskar also came into the ground and witnessed everything.He follows Swara and stands little far from them.Swara goes towards the seniors.

Swara(angry): How dare u all to bully these students don’t u have shame.U r seniors it doesn’t mean u all will do whatever u want.
Boy 1:Look Yuvi Swara Gadodia has come to save these little mouses.
Swara:Don’t u dare to take my name.(showing finger to boy 1)
Yuvi:Oh Swara baby chill why r u getting so angry.U want that I release these students, OK I will do it but in return u will come with me for a date to canteen.
He holds Swara’s hand.Sanskar saw it and he gets angry, he steps in but till then Swara slaps the boy very hard.
Swara:Done with ur date or something is left to order.
Boy 2:Swara u……
Yuvi:(stops them)Not now boys Swara u have to pay for this slap.
He gives a death glare to Swara and left with his gang.Swara sits on her knees and talk to those students.
Swara(caringly):Are u both okay?
Students nod their heads in positive.

Swara:Don’t be afraid from these type of seniors,be brave okay?
Students:Yes didi.
Swara:Wait a minute I have something for both of u.
(Swara put her hands in her pocket and take out two chocolates and them to those students)Now u both go to ur class.
Students: Thank u didi and didi what is ur name.
Swara(smiles)Swara .
Sanskar smiles on Swara’s gesture. Then Tia came to her
Tia:Wow miss super woman u save the day but what about that chocolate?
Swara:Oho yr it’s my philosophy that there is no better medicine than chocolate in fear and I have experienced it.
Tia:(laughing) You know Swara u r completely crack.

Swara:I know.Now let’s go or else teacher will become crack.
Sanskar laughs on Swara’s words and says:She is mad dude.And went to his class
After two weeks.
Everyone in Swara and Sanskar class came to know that they are the biggest enemies in class but they enjoy their fights and unknowingly Sanskar also.
One day
Their computer teacher came into the class.
Teacher:Okay class the school management has decided that ur exams will be divided in theory and project.The project will be in partners and those partners will be grouped till finals and now I will tell u ur partners name.(After approx students)now next partners will be Swara Gadodia and Sanskar Maheshwari.
Everyone gets shocked including Swara and Sanskar.
Whole class(shocked):What?
Swasan:(stands up and shout)No!
Sanskar: I will not be the partner of this Miss Ladaka.
Swara:Oh hello wake up who the hell wants to be ur partner.

Sanskar:So I am also not dyeing.
Swara:Good for u.I am also not interested in being ur partner.
Sanskar:Mam plz change my partner.
Swara:Yes mam plz,this is the biggest punishment for me plzz.
Sanskar:I m also not happy for this.
The class was enjoying it but teacher gets irritated.
Teacher (shouts):Enough both of u,there will be no changing in partners and that’s final.Do it or get ready for zero marks.
Swasan:But mam….
Teacher:No if and no but and both of u pack ur bags and sit at the last seat and together and no arguments.
Swasan nods their heads in positive.
Teacher: Good
Swasan pack their bags and go to last seat giving each other I Will Kill U look
and settle down. After that Swara goes in a deep thought and decides something.
Swara:Sanskar in calm voice.
Sanskar (shocked,): What! u called me,I’m fainting (acts as fainting)

Swara:(Giving an angry glare) yes I called u and be serious.I have decided something.
Sanskar: What?
Swara:Let’s keep our fighting issues in oneside and give our best in project. What say?
Sanskar: First time I am agree with u
Swara (happy):Thanks
Sanskar (smiles):Ur welcome so did u think about the topic?
Swara(excited): Yes sports.
Sanskar laughs loudly.
Swara:What was funny about the topic?
Sanskar (while laughing): No woh actually girls and sports are two opposite things.
Swara:It’s nothing like that girls can beat boys in sports,if they want to.
Sanskar:Really then I challenge u for a cricket match of 10 overs what say?
Sanskar:Then lets tell this to our respective teams.
Swasan goes to the centre and tell whole class about the challenge ,everyone gets excited and gets ready for it.
Sameer:But what will be the winning prize?
Neha:There will be two prizes,one from boys and one from girls and our captains will decide it.
Everyone agree on this suggestion and both the captains think about it.After a while.
Swara:I have decided that the losing team will give a to whole school,next day.
Sanskar: For their lose.

Swara:No for the winners.
Everyone accepted that prize.
Swara:Now what about u?
Sanskar: The loser captain will be the slave of the winning captain for one day.
Everyone gets shocked.
Sanskar: What happened? Scared?
Swara:Swara Gadodia is not scared from anyone.(smirking)
Sanskar:So accept it!
Sanskar:So don’t forget about it.

Tia:What about the day for the match.
Swara:Don’t worry about that we will take permission for tomorrow.
Sanskar shake his hand:So?
Swara shake her hands:Game on.

Both Swasan smiles looking at each other.
Episode ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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