SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 5)


Episode 5
Shomi entered in Swaragini’s room.
Shomi:Swara beta get up it’s 6:00,u have to go school.
She tajes the blanket and saw that their were pillows instead of Swara than Swara hugged her from back.
Swara:Good morning Maa.
Shomi:Good Morning.Today u wake up by urself.
Swara:Ya maa actually yesterday I have done holiday so I think to go school a little early today.
Shomi:Ok get ready soon and come to breakfast and plz wakeup Ragini.
Swara:Let her sleep maashe have to go after me so why to wake her up so soon
Shomi(smiles):Your pampering will surely make her ill-mannered.
Swara:Nothing is going to be happen like that.
Shomi: OK come down.

Swara:Just 5 minutes.
Swara go downstairs and have her lunch and left for school.Swara reached school a little early na d she noticed a group of seats in first row and she occupied it for her and Tia.After a while a guy come towards her.
Guy:Excuse me!
Guy:This is my seat.
Swara:No no u are mistaken this is my seat.
Guy:No actually this is my seat.
Swara(little irritated):Aray I said that it’s my seat because I have come first and occupies this seat.
Guy(little angry):Listen!teacher has given me this seat as I’m a new student.
Swara:How can I believe u?
Guy:So don’t believe me who said u to believe I said that it’s my seat and that’s final.
Swara:Look I’m not getting up from this seat and that’s final.(angered and showing him finger)
Tia:Swara what r u doing here and why r u fighting with him?
Swara:Look at him yr he is claiming this seat as his.
Tia:Swara he is Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara:Good for him(making face)

Tia:And Swara it’s his seat.Yesterday u didin’t came na so u don’t know that teacher has give him this seat
Swara opened her mouth in shock while Sanskar smirks.
Tia:Now let’s go and here is our seat(pointing towards a seat)
When Tia was taking Swara Sanskar called him from back.
Sanskar:Oh Hello Miss LADAKU!(Swara turned around)take ur bag or I take it as a welcome gift(smirking)
Swara immediately snatches her bag from his hands
Swara(in her mind):Mr Sanskar I will give u a welcome gift for sure(in anger).
After a while students arrived in the class and teacher came and started to call their names for attendance.After some students she called Swara’s name.
Teacher:Swara Gadodia?
Swara:Present mam.
Teacher:So the famous Swara Gadodia arrived today.Why didn’t u came yesterday?
Swara:Mam who actually I was having so high fever about 103*(making a pout face and fakely sneezes)or else is it possible that I missed ur class(winks at Tia and smiles naughtily)
Teacher:Oh so sad,u should take sick leave today also.(concerned)
Swara(making an innocent face):Mam it’s hard for me to miss ur one more class.
Teacher:So sweet of u Swara.Acha Swara he is Sanskar Maheshwari,new student(pointing towards Sanskar) and It’s your responsibility to give him a welcome tour of our school.
Swara(smirking):Sure mam I love to afterall he is new student,he deserve a welcome tour of our school.
Teacher;Very good,I expect the same from u and Sanskar she will give u the tour.
Sanskar:Ok mam
Swara sits on her seat and smiles evilly.
Tia(looks at Swara):Swara why I’m getting a feel that Sanskar will never forget his welcome gift.(little scared)
Swara(smirking):I love u Tia,u know me so well.Sanskar Maheshwari be ready for ur welcome in Swar Gadodia’s style.
Next Day

In The School
Swara and Tia reaches early in school for Swara’s surprise welcome.
Tia:Swara I’m warning u again plz don’t do this.
Swara:Chup DARPOK he has taken up the fight with wrong person.So he have to pay,ok now u stand at the stairs and as u noticed that he always come early in school then according to my calculation he is about to come.U just go at the stairs and wait for him and when he comes immediately informs me and run from there.Is it ok?
Tia:Swara but?
Swara:Ok Ok now u go .
Tia waits for Sanskar at the stairs.After sometime Tia saw him coming toward the class.
Tia:Swara he is coming.
Swara:Ok u go and don’t come here immediately,come aftersome time.
Tia:Ok and she runs from there.
Swara immediately turn off the lights of the class and hide under a bench.Sanskar entered in the class but due to darkness he can’t see anything,he goes to turn on the lights but Swara has thrown water on the floor so he slips, to save himself from falling he catches a rope but that rope was attached with a bucket of flour and alas the whole flour falls on Sanskar .
Sanskar(shouts):What the……(he hear a sound of laugh and he gets shocked)who is this?
Swara turn on the lights and give Sanskar a shock
Swara:Surprise!Welcome to St.Jones School MR.Sanskar Maheshwari.Haha …haha….(She sits on her one knee bending it)
Swara was laughing whole heartedly and Sanskar was memerized to see the laughing Swara.
Sanskar(fake anger):Swara u….
Swara(laughing):Ya me…… what?U want ur welcome na so it’s ur welcome.
Sanskar tries to get up but dure to water he slips again and a little flour falls in his eyes.
Sanskar:Ahh …
Swara(little worried):What happened?

Sanskar:I think flour has fallen in my eyes(he started to rub his eyes)
Swara(shouts):Stop it!wait let me see.
Swara came close to Sanskar and started to blow the flour from his eyes, Sansakr looked at her admiringly Swara also looked at him,both have an eyelock.
The eyelock was broken by Tia
Tia:R u okay?
Both came into their senses and realized their position and gets separated.
Swara(fumbles):Ya.. ya.Work is done
Sanskar:Tia u r also involved in this.I thought that u r not like her.
Swara(angry):Oh hello mister she is my friend and no one ask ur suggestion about her.
Sanskar:Swara I will see u.
Swara:Used spectacles,u will see me more better.
Tia(shouts):Stop it both of u. Sanskar u go and change ur clothes,in everyone’s locker there is a spare uniform and Swara u come with me wewill call sweeper to clean this mess.Is it clear?
Swasan shake their heads with obedience and left the class while going in separate direction Swara turns back and looked at Sanskar and when Swara looks forward at that time Sanskar looks back at Swara.
Scene ends on Swasan separate ways.

Episode Ends!

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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