SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 4) Part 2


Continuation of Episode 4
At the Party.
Swara was talking with Neha and Tia at that time Arjun come towards them.
Arjun:Excuse me.(The trio look at him)
Arjun:Miss Swara if u won’t mind can I talk to u for sometime.
Swara was about to say no but…
Neha:Ya sure u can talk to her.(Swara looks at her angrily)

They started to walk away from Neha and Tia.
Swara:Yes,What do u want to say?
Arjun:Miss Swara First I want to say that u sing beautifully,you have a magical voice and I want to give u an offer.
Swara:Thank u and What kind of offer?
Arjun:I want u to sing with me.
Swara:Singing and u? but I thought u are a doctor.
Arjun:I am! but I am also a singer also and due to my studies I have stopped singing and I will help u to become no.1 singer.
Swara:Thank u for ur offer but I’m not interested.
Arjun:But why?you can surely become a good singer.
Swara:Mr Arjun singing is my hobby and by profession I am a doctor and I don’t like to mix my hobby and profession.
Arjun:But if u make ur hobby ur profession than u would love ur work.
Swara:I love my work .

Arjun:Still I hope that u will think about my offer.
Swara:I will think but I’m not sure about the answer.
Arjun:Ok and ur wish will be my command.
Swara(smiles):Thanks for asking also.
Arjun(smiles):Thanks for giving me ur precious time(forwards his hand)
Swara:Ur welcome.(smilingly shakes hand)
Sanskar has seen them together but can’t listen his conversation and he was getting irritated that Arjun is taking intrest in Swara.At that time he gets a call he goes to the first floor of the venue because of loud music and while returning he saw from the window that Raj was cutting his wrist.
Sanskar(shocked):Oh no shit man.(He run towards the door and after 2 and 3 attempts he opened the door but Raj has cut his wrist already)Raj what u have done yr?
Raj(crying and fainting):Sanskar,she left me again she broke my heart again ……..I don’t wanna live now.

Raj:S…. and he faints.Sanskar immediately take out his hankerchief and tie it on Raj’s hand to stop the flow of the blood and he messages Sameer.
Down At The Party.
Everyone was chatting with each other then Swara notices Sanskar’s absence.
Swara:Sameer where is Sanskar?
Sameer:I don’t know till sometime he was there(At the same time Sameer gets Sanskar’s message he read it and gets shocked)Oh my God.

Swara:Sameer what happened?
Sameer:Raj has cut his wrist.
Everyone gets shocked
Swara(shocked):What? wait a minute where is Sheetal?
Suraj:I got her message she said she is leaving the party due to some emergency.
Swara:First we should check Raj out.
Everyone rushes to Raj meanwhile Swara calls the doctor.They saw Raj was laying on a sofa and Sanskar was with him.
Swara(worried):Sanskar what happened to Raj?
Sanskar gets up and give a tight slap to Swara.Everyone gets shocked including Swara.
Sanskar(angry):Don’t u dare to take my name from ur disgusting mouth(He holds Swara tightly and started to shake her)What do u think of ur self hannn.U can play with anyone’s feeling.How can u do this Swara,don’t u have heart.
Ajay:Sanskar listen, u r taking it wrong dude.
Sanskar(angered):Not a single word Ajay, why u always take side of her?Is something going between u and Swara in the name of sibling.

Sanskar:Don’t shout Swara,I also know to shout What happened feel bad if I said the truth.U know I am feeling disgusted that till now u were my friend and A time was there when I loved u.I’m warning u Swara if something happened to my friend than u will have to pay for it.IF I CAN LEAVE U FOR HIM THAN I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR HIM.

Everyone gets shocked with this revealation Espacially Swara.
Swara(with painful voice):U left me for Raj?
Sanskar:Yes and leave her with a jerk.
Swara takes a back and Tia holds her
Tia:Sanskar u don’t know the whole truth.
Sanskar:Oh really than I am dying to know it.
Tia was about to say something but Swara holds her hand.
Swara(painful voice):I hope that u never get to know that truth because after that u will be on guilt and I can’t see u in guilt in front of me.
Sanskar gets numb and Swara left the place Tia follows her.
Tia:Swara stop!
Swara(wiping her tears):Tia u go Raj need all his friends.
Tia:And u?
Swara(try to smiles):I’m fine.U go

Tia goes to Raj and when Swara was leaving at the same time doctor entered.
Sanskar:Doctor it’s good u came plz check him.
Doctor:Yes(After examining and bandaging)now he is fine u can take him home and there is such blood loss.
Sanskar:Thanks doctor.
At The Terrace
Swara was staring the moon and she feel someone’s presence.She thought that it’s Ajay or Tia
Swara(while staring the moon):Today I am feeling so alone.I have everything now but still nothing.
“Problems are part of life.Everything will be fine.”
Swara gets shocked it was Arjun.
Swara(wiping her tears):Excuse me.She was about to go.
Arjun:Will u not share ur pain?

Swara:It will be better if the pain remain inside the heart.
She left the terrace and Started to go than she receives Tia’s message in which she said that they had left from the venue.
Swara while driving reminiscences her past
Sanskar was walking in the cooridor than Swara called him from back.
Sanskar listened to Swara’s voice but ignored her.Swara runs towards him and hold his hand while he tries to jerk.
Sanskar:Leave my hand Swara.
Swara:No Sansakr first tell me whyr u ignoring me?
Sanskar(rudely):It’s nothing like that.

Swara:I’m not a kid Sanskar,plz tell me why r u ignoring me.Ur ignorance is killing me.
She stated to ask many times than he gets frustrated and shouts on her
Sanskar(frustrated):Yes I’m ignoring u because I don’t want any relation with u.
Swara left his hand with a shock.
Swara(shocked):What? U r lieing na Sanskar.
Sansakar:No I’m telling the truth.
Swara(wiping):Sanskar u can’t do this to me plz I love u.
Sanskar:I thought the same but I was wrong I don’t love u Swara.
After saying this he left Swara alone and she bend on her knees while weeping.
Swara stops the car with a jerk and see that her house has came.She park the car and came in her house and saw Shomi was waiting for her.
Swara:Maa u didn’t sleep.

Swara:Ok where is baba,Rahul and Ragini.
Shomi:The trio had slept
Swara was about to go Shomi hold her hand.
Shomi:Swara is everything ok?
Swara:Ya maa.
Shomi:R u sure?
Swara(smiles):Afcourse maa.
Shomi:Ok now go to sleep.
Swara:U 2 Good night.
Shomi:Good night.
Swara goes to her room and goes to change
Sanskar dropped Raj in his house and cooked up a story of his injury and went to the his house and directly goes to his room.
Swara came after changing her dress and put her mobile on silent and goes to her room’s window.
Sanskar also goes to his room’s window.

When Sanskar left Swara in the cooridor alone,he hide behind the pillar and saw her crying and broken.
Sanskar(with moist eyes):I’m sorry Swara but I have to do this for my friend.I’m really really sorry
Both started to stare the moon.

Pyar hai ya sazaa, Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
Swara reminiscences Sanskar’s slap and his tight grip.Tears come in her eyes.
Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan,
Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi dastan,

Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar.
Sanskar remembers slaping Swara and punches his hand on the wall with full force.He also have tears

Kaisa hai safar waffa ki manzil ka,
Na hai koi hal Dillon ki mushkil ka,
Dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein,
Sansein sansein tooti bandhishein,
Kahin toh har lamha honthon Pe fariyaad hai,
Kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai,

Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Scene splits on Swara and Sanskar’s teary and sad faces.

End of Part 2

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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