SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 4) Part 1

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Episode 4
Next Day.
It was a fine morning.Swara and Ragini were getting ready for coll and hospital.Shomi was busy in kitchen,Rahul had left for the school and Shekhar was starting to read the newspaper.When he picked it up,the invitation card for the reunion dropped from the newspaper.He read the invitation and called Swara.
Swara come down.
Swara:Yes baba.
Shekhar:What is this Swara?He showed the invitation.
Swar:Woh baba actually it is from my school for the reunion party but don’t worry I read it and as u will not allow me for it so I have no problem with ur decision.After all parents always take right decisions for their children.
Shekhar:So you will not go?

Shekhar:Ok listen today come home early.
Swara:Why baba?
Shekhar(smilingly):Because in the card the timming of the party is 8:00 pm
Swara:Huh….(Then she realizes whatShekhar said)What?
Shekhar:What….I’m giving permission for the party.
Swara(cheerfully):Really baba?
Shekhar:Really beta and u only said that parents don’t take wrong decisions for their children and my Swara is now to much dependent that she can take care of herself.Am I right?

Swara nods her head in yes and hugs Shekhar
Swara: I love u baba.
Shekhar:I love u 2 beta.Now go u r getting late for the hospital.
Swara(happily):Oh ya.
She then goes to her room and hugged Ragini.
Swara(happily):Ragini, baba gave me permission for reunion party.
Ragini:That’s great Swara.
Swara:Ragini,thank u so much.
Ragini:For what?
Swara:I know u put the invitation card in the newspaper so baba read it and allow me.
Ragini:How do u know?
Swara:I know it and thanks one again.
Ragini:ur welcome.
Swara hugged Ragini . Swaragini plays……….
Swara left for the hospital.

In Sanskar’s office
Sanskar was busy in his work but was still thinking about Swara.
Sanskar:Will she come or not?I think no because last time she also didn’t came and it’s good if she does not come.
In the Afternoon.
Swara was coming back to the her house after finishing her all appointments and she was stuck in the traffic she asked a man.
Swara:Excuse me what is about this traffic?
Man:Actually there is some problem forward there and it will rake about 1 hour.

Swara tried to reverse but she was stuck so she decided to wait.After some time she saw that in the nearby road a kid was standing in the middle and a car was coming towards him
Swara:Oh my God!I have to do something.
She rushes towards the kid and and saved her but she herself got a deep cut in her wrist.
Swara(worried):Are u ok beta?
The kid nods her head in yes but he was scared.
After going a little far the car stopped and A man of 50s came out from the car and he was non other than Dp(Sanskar’s father)
Dp(worried and tensed):Beta are u both ok/
Swara calmly:Yes SIR.Meanwhile mother of the kid came and started to shout on Dp.
Swara:Mam it was ur mistake not him.
Lady:WHAT?(DP nad the lady was hell shocked)

Swara:Yes mam,u left ur child in the middle of the road.How could u be so careless?What if something happens to him so who would be responsible.
The lady realizes her mistake and asked forgiveness from Swara and Dp.Swara bend on her knees and see that the kid was still scared.
Swara:R u scared?
Swara:But I have listened that boys are very much brave and u know I have the perfect thing for u to get rid of ur Fear.
Swara:(smiles and take out a chocolate from her bag )take it and ur fear will be gone.
Kid:(Takes it and kisses on Swara’s cheek)Thank u.

Swara;Awww(kisses him back)ur welcome.
The kid and the lady left the place and Dp noticed Swara’s injury.
Dp(concern):Oh God!your hand get injured.It’s all because of me(feeling guilty)
Swara:It’s ok Sir,it’s just a minor injury.I will manage.
Dp:R u sure?
Swara:Yes sir,now Ithink that u have a meeting that’s why u were in a rush.
Dp:Ya I totally forgot.
Swara:Excuse me sir.
Dp:(Dp turns around )Yes beta.
Swara:Sir kindly repair your car,it is not only dangerous for others but also for u.
Dp(smiles):Ok beta.
D pans Swara both sits in their resprctive cars and left for their destination but a pair of eyes witnessed the whole incident.
Unknown person(impressed):Interesting!
At the Office.

Sanskar was waiting for Dp he see him coming and he asked.
Sanskar:Dad why are you late is everything ok.
Dp:Y a Sanskar just a little accident.
Sanskar(shocked):Accident?Are u ok na, nothing happened to u na?(worried and concerned)
Dp:Han beta I’m fine and it’s because of that girl.
Dp:Yes a girl and he tells Sanskar everything.
Sanskar:Oh how nice of that girl.I wish I could thanks her.
Dp:Hmmm and I forgot to ask her name(regretting).I hope I meet that girl again
At Gadodia House
Swara:Hello maa(hugged Shomi from back)

Shomi:Swara beta, you came early today.
Swara:Ya maa I have to get ready for the party.
Shomi:Ok then she noticed Swara’s injury Swara beta what happened?(worried)
Swara:Relax maa It’s just a minor injury.
Shomi:I’m asking how this happened?(angered)
Swara narrates the whole story to Shomi.
Shomi:How irresponsible was that man?
Swara:It was not his mistake maa.ok now I’m going for taking rest after that I will get ready.
Shomi:Acha listen,Ragini told me that u should not start to get ready until her arrival?
Shomi:She said that she will make u ready and u have no fashion sense.
Swara(scrastically):Now I’m gone.

Shomi and Swara laughs and Swara goes upstairs.
In The Evening
Sanskar was getting ready and he was looking dam handsome and heartthrobing in black coat pant while he was combing his hear Raj calls him.
Sanskar:Y a Raj.
Raj:Dude where are u?We are almost at the venue.
Sanskar:Just coming in half an hour.
Sanskar entered the venue and searched for Raj and Sameer and he found
Sanskar:Hey guys.
Sameer and Raj:Hey,looking good yr.
Sanskar:Thanks,u both both are also looking dashing,so everyone came
Raj:Ya almost.
Sameer:Ya (pointing towards Tia and Neha)
Sanskar:Ohhh let’s go meet them
Sameer :Ok
Sanskar and his friends go towards Tia and Neha.

Sanskar:Hi Tia.Hi Neha
Sanskar:So enjoying?
Neha:Not really?
Neha:Swara is not here na that’s why.
Neha:You confirmed na that she is not coming.(To Tia)
Tia:I called her she said she will try.(sadly)
Sanskar:Let it be yr she must have some problem.
Neha(shocked looking at the entrance):Tia am I dreaming?
Neha:Ya! look at the entrance
Tia,Sanskar,Sameer and Raj also looked at the entrance all get shocked and Sanskar just missed his heart beat.
From the entrance Swara was coming wearing a white churidar and looking just like a fairy.Swara came close to them.
Swara:Hi guys(smiles)
Tia(shocked):Neha pinch me yr am I dreaming?Is it Swara?
Swara:Come on guys it’s me don’t over react.(She look toward Sanskar and gang)Hi Sanskar,Sameer,Raj.

Sanskar(came from thoughts):Hun….. hi.How are u?
Swara:Fine and u?
Tia:Swara u told that u will not come.
Swara:No I said I will try.(They were talking when someone tapped Swara’s shoulder Swara turned around and saw those prson and exclaimed happily)Ajay Suraj.
Ajay:Hi sis.
Suraj:Hi Veeru.(Swara give both of them a side hug)
Sanskara and everyone was shockes because they thaught that Swara was not in touch with anyone.
Swara(happily):Hi bro and basanti where is dhano?(teasingly)
Suraj:I bring her here to meet u
Swara:So sweet.
Sanskar(can’t take it now and he asked):You were in touch with her.
Ajay:Ya she is the only one whom we were in touch.

Swara:Guys excuse me come Suraj let’s meet your Dhano.
Suraj:Let’s go.
After meeting Suraj’s gf Swara gets a call and due to noise she goes to parking area andwhile returning she dashed with someone and his bouquet of flower falls down.
Swara:Oh I’m sorry.(during picking up the bouquet )
Unknown person:It’s ok(He is the same person who was in that traffic signal)
Swara goes from there while that person watches her with a smile till she disappears.She goes to Tia and her whole gang including Sanskar
Swara:Ya I forgot to ask what was the surprise?(Tia shows her finger)No way! u got engaged.
Swara:With Sanjay right?(Tia nodes her head in positive)Oho someone is blushing.Tell me what u were talking before my arrival.
Neha;Ya we were discussing that today Principal will make us meet with his nephew.
Tia:Ya he came back India from London after completing his studies and we have listenes that he is so handsome.Ah I wish that I met him before my engagement.
Neha:Ya me too.

Swara:Tia Neha how can u say this I will not leave u both if both try to betray my both jiju’s(Neha is also engaged)
Neha:Look she never met his jiju’s and how she is taking her side.
Swara:So why I should not take my Jijus side both poor guys
Tia:Poor guys?
Swara:Ya u never listened.
Swara:that RAZIA PHAS GAYI GUNDAUN MAIN.(Everyone laughs loudly)
Neha and Tia:Swara youuuuuuuu(Tia holds Swara’s ear)
Meanwhile their principal came with the same guy whom Swara dashed with.
Principal:What is happening here?
Tia:Sir look Swara is pulling our leg.
Swara:No sir I was just saying the truth and as u know that the truth is always bitter.Swara laughs
Principal:Yes I am also with Swara.
Sanskar noticed that the new guy was admiring Swara and he was not at all liking this and he asked.
Sanskar:Sir I think that he is ur nephew.

Principal:Yes Sanskar he is my nephew Arjun Singhania. He is a doctor and yesterday came back to India from London.
Neha whispers to Swara:God he is so handsome.
Principal:Nd Arjun he is Sanskar,Sameer,Ajay,Suraj and where is Raj?
Sameer:I think he has gone to attend a call
Principal:Now intro of girls she is Neha,Tia and she is Swara the pride of our school.
Arjun forwards his hand towards Swara shocking everyone.
Arjun:Nice to meet u.
Swara:Same here.
Arjun:We already met I think.(another shock especially for Sanskar)
Principal:Come Arjun I will introduce to others.Ok enjoy youngsters.
Arjun while looking towards Swara:I hope we again meet.
Swara smiles after the left they Swara noticed that everyone was staring her.
Tia:You did’t tell us that u met him already.
Swara:Just a clash.
Neha (questionly):Just a clash?

Tia:Then it’s ok
But Sanskar was not at all liking it.After some time Sameer goes to stage and stops the music.
Sameen:Attention ladies and gentleman to make this night more memorable I would like to reaquest Swara to sing a song for us.
Everyone started to cheer her.Swara tried to resist but vain,she goes to the stage.
Swara started to play the guitar and closed her eyes.
Jab rulana hee tha tujhe, toh phir hasaaya kyun
Saath rehkar bhi hai juda, toh pas aya kyun
Jab rulana hee tha tujhe, toh phir hasaaya kyun
Saath rehkar bhi hai juda, toh pas aya kyun
Jab rulana hee tha tujhe, toh phir hasaaya kyun
Saath rehkar bhi hai juda, toh pas aya kyun
(Swara thinks about her and Sanskar’s moment:Their first hand shake,His gift and their first hug)

Kyun yakeen uth gaya dil se kahin wafaon kaa

Pyar mehsoos kyun hone laga gunaho sa
Kyun yakeen uth gaya dil se kahin wafaon kaa
Pyar mehsoos kyun hone laga gunaho sa

Pyar mehsoos kyun hone laga gunahooooon sa
Aaya apne bich me kisika saya kyun
Jab rulana hee tha tujhe, toh phir hasaya kyun
Sath rehkar bhi hai juda, toh pas aya kyun
(Swara thinks about Sanskar with another girl which she had seen and Sanskar thinks about Swara talking with Raj)

Kyun ajnabi kee tarah humse pesh ata hai
Chand lamhe bhi hame too naa de paata hai
Kyun ajnabi kee tarah humse pesh ata hai
Chand lamhe bhi hame too naa de paata hai
Chand lamhe bhi hame too naa de paata haiiiiiiiiiii
(FB:Swara calling Sanskar from back and he ignored her and moved away)
Aisi kya hamne kee khata, hame sataya kyun
Jab rulana hi tha tujhe, toh phir hasaaya kyun
Saath reh kar bhi hai juda, toh pass aya kyun
Jab rulana hi tha tujhe, toh phir hasaaya kyun
Saath reh kar bhi hai juda, toh pass aya kyun.
Swara opened her eyes with the sound of clapping she have tears in her eyes which can seen by those who can see her in pain(Ajay,Tia,Sanskar and Arjun).Swara get down from the stage and come near to Tia.
Tia:R u okay?
Swara(smilingly):Ya afcourse(wiping her tears)
At the same moment the light offs and Ajay and Suraj appeared on the stage and started to dance to light the mood on song Tukur Tukur

Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…

Jashnbazi ki shaam hai…
Jashnbazi ki shaam hai…
Tirkit taal pe thumke lagaye jaalima…

Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…

Ajay ans Suraj both give hands to Swara and Tia requesting to join them.Swara and Tia winked at each other and hold their hands and started to dance.(Swara did this to show her friends and those who love her that she is fine)

Teri shaitanio se mehfil rangin hui…
Tu diwana hua main bhi shukeen hui…
Duniya jalti hai to jale..
Duniya jalti hai to jale..
Raat bhar jaalima ke sang nache balma…


Ai yai ya..
Ai yai ya…
Hey ai yai ya..
Ai yai ya….


Zindagi hai ek latifa..
Dil walo ka dil khalifa…
Mare mauke pe chauka ye Tafri kre…
Khul ke jeene ..aahhhaa..
Ka salika….aahhhaaa..
Hum se sikho betarika…
Pal mein sadio ki hum
Mauz tagdi kre…
Aao tum bhi le lo maza…
Aao tum bhi le lo maza…
Warna dur khade mast maza dekhna…

While dancing Tia looked at Swara.
Tia (Monologue):How much u will try to show that u r fine while I know that how much u r in pain.

Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur…
Dekh taka tak…
They ended their perfoamance with folding their hand on the body and hear a huge applause.
End of part 1

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