SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 3)


Episode 3
At the hospital.
Swara knocked Dr.Vikram’s cabin door.
Swara:May I come in sir?
Dr.Vikram:Come in Swara and please sit.
Swara sit down and asked,
Swara:Sir u called me anything important?
Dr.Vikram :Yes Swara,I want to tell u that a new doctor is coming in our hospital.
Swara:Oh that’s great sir.
Dr.Vikram :Swara listen, completely he is joining as a senior physician
Swara:Oh,no problem sir.(Swara is also a physician and she is one of the best but she don’t like if anyone interfere in her matter and everyone knows it very well)
Dr.Vikram (doubtfully):So you have no problem?
Swara :No sir,I don’t have any problem until that doctor doesnot interfere in my work and u know it very well that I don’t like interference in my job.
Dr.Vikram :Thank God, Swara I was very much stressed about this matter,you released my tension,Thank u so much
Swara:No problem sir,now can I go?
Dr.Vikram :(happily):Sure.
Swara left Vikram’s cabin and after a while he gets a call.
Dr.Vikram :Hello.
Unknown person:Hello dr.Vikram it’s me.
Dr.Vikram :Yes doctor.
Unknown person :So what u think about my offer?
Dr.Vikram :Yes u r elcome in our hospital,I have also discussed this matter with my hospital’s best physician and she has no problem.
Unknown person (attitude):Dr.Vikram,do u really need to disscuss this matter to a normal physician?
Dr.Vikram :You don’t know doc. Dhe is the best physician of our hospital and we can’t loose her and it’s a seperat mater that she has her own way of work and we don’t have any problem with that.
Unknown person :Intresting!
Dr.Vikram :So when u r joining ouer hospital?
Unknown person :Day after tomorrow.I hope u don’t have any problem with my joining date
Dr.Vikram :No no not at all,ok than see u soon.
Unknown person :Ya sure.
Swara’s cabin.
Swara was packing her stuff when she gets a call.
Swara:Ya maa.
Shomi(tensed):Swara are u coming or u will be late?
Swara:No maa I am just coming but what happened.(Understands Shomi’s tension)
Shomi(tensed):Swara, Ragini is in her room and she is not talkin to anyone and even not eating anything.
Swara(shocked):What?Ok I’m just coming.
Shomi:Ok beta come fast.
Swara immediately calls Suzi and tells her that she is going home and if any emergency comes just inform her she will be there.

At Home
Swara reached home and asked
Swara(tensed and in hurry):Maa what happened and where is Ragini?
Shomi(tensed):In ur room and she is not opening the door.
Shekhar(tensed and angry):Check her or else Iwill check ker in my way.
Shomi:Shekhar please!
Swara:Maa baba relax u wait here and I will go check her but first u both relax.
Swara goes upstairs and peeped her head in room and saw Ragini was reading a book.
Swara:Ragini is reading book at this time,I’m sure something is wrong definitely.
Swara entered in the room and saw Ragini’s eyes were red which means she cried.
Ragini:Oh Swara u came(acting normal) come sit, how was ur day?
Swara come close to Ragini and asked,
Swara:Ragini what happened?(in a cold but anger voice)
Ragini(avoiding eye contact):Nothing!
Swara make her face her and again asked her
Swara:Ragini I asked what happened?Did u again fight with Laksh?
(Friends,Laksh and Ragini are in relation and only Swara knows about it)
Ragini(in a crying voice):He is cheating on me.He is having another affair.
Swara(shocked):What?No,Ok tell me clearly.
Rgini:Sandy told me that he was with a girl.
Swara:Did Sandy saw him?
Ragini:No,Manish told her amd she told me
Swara:Are u serious?you are believing on Manish,u know he likes u and he didinot like ur relation with Laksh.Unbelieveable Ragini.
Ragini realizes her mistake.
Ragini:How could I be so fool?
Swara:U r(tauntingly),listen Ragini in every relation the most important thing is TRUST.If u don’t trust ur partner than u can’t build a true relation.Understand?
Ragini:Yes Swara u are right.Thank u so much.
Rgini clears her all misunderstanding with Laksh
Swara:Now let’s go down,maa and baba are waiting for us
Both sisters go down and Ragini ask forgivness from her parents for her rude behavior.
Swara:Ok plz stop this emotional drama and today let’s have dinner outside.
Ragini:Wow nice idea,what say baba.
Shekhar:As my princesses wish
A voice comes from back,
HAU…. U all are making plan of outing without me.
Swara:Who dare to make plan of outing without Mr.Rahul?We were going to surprise u but alas u came to know about it.
Swara:Sachi muchi but at what time we will go baba?
Shekhar:About 9:00.
Swaragini and Rahul jumps in excitement.

AT 9:00 in Moon Light Restraunt.
Sanskar was talking with his school frie =nds Raj and Sameer.At the same time the Gadodia family entered in the same restraint.Swasan feels strange but nice.
Swasan:What is this special feeling as someone close to me is near me.
They both look here and there but unfortunately they didn’t see each other.
Shekhar ives the order and after a while he gets a call.
Shekhar:Swara I will go attend this call meanwhile u go and give the order of ice-cream.
Swara:Ok baba.She stand up and goes toward the counter.

At Sanskar’s table
Sanskar:Guys I will come after doing an important call and while returning I will pay the bill also.
Raj:OK dude.
Swara and Sanskar were coming from opposite direction but on a same way and they collide with each other but Sanskar was busy on call so he didn’t see her but
Swara:I’m sorry (while going)
Sanskar:This voice?Is she was Swara?
Sanskar look here and there but till than Swara was gone.Sanskar came to the counter for payment,he put his hand in the pocket for wallet but find a locket of “SS” and it was of Swara
Sanskar:This locket?(He remembers something)

Swara was walking in the corridor of her school when a pair of hands grab her and drags her in a classroom.She was about to shout but that person put hand on her mouth.
Sanskar:It’s me.
Swara:Sanskar what r u doing,if someone come we will gone and I’m also angry with u.
Sanskar:U can get angry but first close ur eyes.
Sanskar:How many questions u ask Swara?I said close ur eyes and forward ur hand.
Swara closes her eyes and forward her hands.Sanskar put something in her hand.He came close to her and whispers in her ears.
Sanskar:Happy Birthday Swara.
Swara opens her eyes and look at him at then she she her hand.It was the sam pendant of ‘SS’.
Swara(happily):You remember?
Sanskar:Ofcourse!ok tell me do you like my gift?
Swara:I loved it Sanskar,you know it’s not just a gift,it is the symbol of our love.I will never separate it from myself because it is given by u.
Sanskar looked at her emotionally and hugged her,she hugged her back.
Sanskar came out of thoughts ann look here and there but he missed her then he goes to the counter.
Sanskar:Excuse me (to the person standing on couter)
Counter man:Yes sir,how may I help u?
Sanskar:Ya I want to tell u that I found this pendant and I think a girl droped it mistakenly so if she comes back for it so kindly give her back.
Counter man:Ok sir.
Sanskar left the couter after giving the pendant and sit with his friends while Swara was having ice-cream and they were about to left when Ragini noticed Swara’s pendant missing.
Ragini:Swara where is ur pendant?
Swara(shocked):What?(She checked her neck and found her pendant missing)Oh God,where it goes?
Ragini:Swara did u drop it somewhere mistakenly?
Swara(thinking):Now I remember,when I was going at the counter I collided with someone,It think I drped it at that time.
Shekhar:Let it be Swara I will get u a new one.
Swara(worried and tensed):No baba,that pendant was very close to me plz u all move forward and I will try to get it from the counter.
Shomi:Shekhar let her go,ok Swara u go we will wait outside.
Swara:Thanks maa.
Swara immediately rushes to the counter while her family waits for her outside.
Swara:Excuse me!
Counter man:Yes mam.
Swara:Have u found a locket of ‘SS’.Actually I droped it by mistake.
Counter man:Yes mam here it is.He handovers her pendant to her.
Swara(gladly):Thank u so much.
Counter man:Mam u should not thank me,u should thank him(pointing towards Sanskar)
Swara:Oh thanks .
Swara goes toward Saskar for thanking him but Ragini called her.
Ragini:Swara where are u?Did ufind ur locket?
Swara:Yes I found it and I am coming.
Ragini:Ok come immediately.
Swara move towards a waiter.
Swara:Excuse me!Can you do me a favour?
Waiter:Sure mam.
Swara:I will give u a letter kindly give this letter to him(pointing towards Sanskar)
Swara writes something on a paper a give him with a rose and left the place.Waiter goes towards Sanskar.
Waiter:Excuse me Sir.
Waiter:Sir a lady asked me to give u this letterand rose.
Raj(teases):Oh a girl send u a letterand rose.
Sankar:Come on guys.Ok please give me.
Sanskar takes the letter and the rose from the waiter and read it and it says.
Sanskar smiles after reading the letter .
Raj:Dude where are u lost?Lost in that girl thoughts right.
Sameer:AHM AHM……..
Sanskar:Shut up guys.Ok tell me what u were talking?
Sameer:Ya we were talking about the reunion party of school.U are coming na?
Sanskar:Afcourse dude,why do I will miss it.
Raj:Yes,after many years we all will meet our other friends.I hope everyone comes because in farewell everyone was not present that time.
Sanskar:Hmmm(thinks about Swara)Ok dude I think we all shoul leave now because it’s 11:00.
Sameer:Ya u r right.Ok bye.
The three friends hug each other and bids bye.

At Swara’s Home
Swara entered in the house and saw a invitation card,she opened it and saw it was the invitation for Reunion Party.
Swara:Wow reunion party but who will allow me to go(sadly)
Some one saw this.Everyone says Good Night to each other

In Swaragini’s room
Ragini:Today what a fun we had.
Ragini:What happened Swara what are u thinking?
Swara:Nothing I was just thinking about that man who found my pendant and give it to the counter,how good he was.You know Ragini I can’t take the risk to loose it.It’s very special for me.
Ragini:I know.
Swara:Ok now sleep tomorrow u have college and I have to go hospital.
Swaragini started to sleep but her phone rings and seeing the caller ID a smile appeared on her face.It was from Tia Swara’s best friend from school.Swara picked it up.
Tia:U mean,selfish girl (angrily) I will not talk to u
Swara:Dude plz apply break and what happened why u will not talk to me.
Tia:Because u don’t call me,we talked 2 months before now we r talking and this time I am calling u as always.
Swara:Sorry yr I was busy yr.
Tia:Ya u are the Prime Minister of India that u have no time.
Swara(teases):Oh How do u know?Recently I got the offer for Prime Minister.
Swara:Ok baba Im sorry plz forgive me.
Tia:Ok I will forgive u but this is the last time.
Swara:ok ok now tell me why do u call me at this time?Is everything ok?
Tia:Ya everything is ok.I just wanted to ask u that will u come to the reunion?
Swara(sadly):No yr…
Tia:But why?U also didn’t came I the farewell.
Swara:Tia no yr I think I could not make it but I will try but I will not promise.(Swara say this to make Tia happy)
Swara:Yes really.
Tia:Ok now Good Night and I also have a surprise news for u.
Swara(curiously):What! tell me
Tia:No,in the party ok bye Swara.(She cuts the call)
Swara:Hello hello Tia……. she cut the call.Crazy girl.

At the Maheshwari Mansion.
Sanskar was trying to sleep but he was not able to sleep because he was thinking about Swara,that she didn’t messaged her” good night” as it is her daily routine.
Sanskar:What the hell!Is she ok? why she didin’t messaged me till now.
Dude why r u thinking about her just try to sleep.
After a while Sanskar gets Swara’s message of Good Night.He takes a breath of relief and he sleeps peacefully too.

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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