Episode 29
Sanskar was still in the shock and on the other hand Swara was sad with all the happiness. She reached at her home and saw that everyone is busy in the arrangement of engagement.
At Singhania’s Mansion
Tia and Sanjay entered in the house.
Tia(hugs her): Hello aunty
Maya: Hello beta (smiles) how r u?
Tia: I’m absolutely fine.
Sanjay(fake anger): If ur Saas Bahu love is finished then () mom I’m also here.
Tia(teases): Aunty seems to be someone is getting jealous from our love.
Maya(smiles): Yes u r right (goes to Sanjay ) how r u my son?
Sanjay(hugs back): I’m fine maa and what about this new glow on ur face (looks here and there) and where is bhai.
Maya(smiles): I will tell u everything first u both sit ur brother is in office and u r asking about the glow it’s all because I have fixed an alliance of Arjun
Tia and Sanjay gets shocked
Sanjay: What? with whom?
Maya: U know the girl very well
Tia: Who?
Maya: Swara!

Tia gets shocked and SanJay gets happy.
Sanjay(happily): Really Maa Swara (appreciates) oh what a choice maa.
Maya: I know (looks at Tia) what happened Tia u r not saying anything
Tia(comes back): Ya aunty Swara will be very good as a daughter in law
At the same time Arjun enters and Sanjay happily hugs him
Sanjay(happily): Congratulations Bhai (teases) I’m so much happy for u and now only Swara can bring u on line.
Maya: Now Tia and Sanjay u both have come so u have to take care of the arrangements as only one day is left for engagement.
Sanjay: Sure mom u will not have any complain.
Arjun : OK but at least for now go and take rest.
Sanjay: ok let’s go Tia.
Tia: Hmm
Tia (Monologue): Do Swara have told Arjun Bhai about Sanskar or she has hided it and why Swara has said yes for this alliance had she forgot Sanskar? I have to ask her at any cost. Tia immediately called Swara

Swara: Hi Tia
Tia: Hello Swara.
Swara: How r u and how was ur honeymoon (teases) and how is Sanjay jiju
Tia(smiles): It was good and Sanjay is absolutely fine (asks) Swara I want to ask something from u.
Swara: Yes speak up. Tia is about to say when both of them heard Shomi’s voice.
Shomi(shomi): Swara beta come here.
Swara(sys to Shomi): Yes Maa coming Tia I will talk to u later
Tia: OK bye
Swara(): Bye

Engagement Day
During this time Tia didn’t get time to talk to Swara because both were busy in preparation of engagement.
In the Evening Gadodia family reaches at the farmhouse and the Singhania’s welcome them Swara takes blessing from Maya.
Maya(blesses her): Always be happy (to Tia) Tia take Swara to her room and make her prepare for her engagement. Guests are about to come.
Tia: Yes Aunty Tia takes Swara to her room.
Tia(brings her in room): Swara u go and get fresh then I will make u ready
Swara: Okay.
Swara sits on the bed.
Swara(Monologue): What I am doing? I’m getting engaged to a person whom I donot love and from tonight I will be a sin to think about that person whom I love but it is good for him (a lone tear escapes from her eyes) She goes to washroom
After sometime Tia entered in the room and Swara was also ready.
Tia(): it’s good u get fresh (make her sit) I will make u wear the jewellery (started her make up) Swara touches her neck and feels the “SS” pendant. Swara tried to take it off but vain.
Tia(): Let it be Swara, looks like ur past doesn’t want to come from ur life Swara can I ask u something?
Swara: Hmmm
Tia: Swara have u told Arjun Bhai about Sanskar.
Swara: No…
Tia: Why?
Swara: Because he didn’t asked me, so I didn’t told him.
Tia: But Swara this is wrong he have full right to know about him.
Swara: But what is the reason of telling him, from now on Sanskar will be my Past and Arjun is my Present and Future (take of the pendant) and i will be always loyal to him and honest in my relations,I….I am happy with that.
Tia(hugs her): Oh…Swara (releases) now get ready I will come Aunty is calling me.
Swara(smiles): Okay.
Maheshwari’s enter in house and Swara looked behind.
Swara(smiles): He has come.
Sanskar introduces the Gadodia and Maheshwari with each other and they started to talk very well as they know each other Sanskar looks at Tia and smiles.
Tia(herself): I can understand ur pain and this time I feel sad for you.

At the time Sanskar gets a call he attended it and while returning he heard a sound which frozen him
Swara: Tia, Ragini is that u?
Sanskar’s foot automatically come to Swara’s room and he stops at the entrance and Swara feels someone presence
Swara(doing efforts): Is good u came, yr help me this dori is not tieing. Plz yr.
Sanskar started to come inside the room and Swara feels something familiar.
Swara(whispers): Sanskar…
She immediately looked up and both have an intense eye lock and without broking it Sanskar comes near to her and tied her dori,both were looking at each other through the mirror.
Sanskar(speaks): Are u happy Swara?
Swara(lowers her eyes): Hmm
Sanskar (make her turn): Then say it while looking into my eyes.
Swara(still looking down): Sa..ns..kar everyone is happy so I’m also happy.
Sanskar (started to go): I got my answer.
Sanskar started to go.
Swara(herself): I’m sorry Sanskar, I’m helpless.
Sanskar(himself): I know Swara I can understand it
. Swara(says slowly): Please don’t go Sanskar.
Sanskar stops in middle and Swara’s heart skips.
Sanskar : Swara can I ask for something will u give me?
Swara : What?
Sanskar (hesitates): Can I hug u for the Last Time.
Swara nods her head in yes, Sanskar immediately come and pulled her in a bone crushing hug and Swara hugs him back and tears were flowing from their eyes.
Sanskar(kisses on her forehead): I Love U very much, u r my life.

After sometime Swara releases the hug.
Swara: Now can I ask for something.
Sanskar(smiles): Anything…
Swara: Try to forget everything and do a fresh start.
Sanska): It’s not possible but I will try.
Swara: Thanks..
Sanskar(smiles with tears): In friendship….
Swasan(together): No Sorry And No Thank u
Sanskar goes from there and Swara started again her preparation.
Sanskar reaches downstairs and meet with Suraj,Ajay and Raj. The trio should be happy or sad they also don’t know.
Sanskar(smiles): Cheer up guys it’s our friend’s engagement
Trio gets surprised but after sometime realizes his state. Everyone gets involved in talking with each other. After a while Kavita also enters in the venue.
Kavita: Hi Sanskar.. How r u?
Sanskar: Kavita u here what a surprise?
Kavita(smiles): Ya I’m invited in this engagement after all it’s my friends engagement.
Sanskar: Hmmm
Priest(announces): Bring the girl.
Shomi: Ragini, Tia bring Swara down.
Ragini and Tia nodes in yes and move towards Swara’s room Ragini and Tia brings Swara downstairs and Sanskar and Arjun gets mesmerized seeing her, her saree lehanga was making her more beautiful. Swara takes everyone blessings. Swara stands beside Arjun.
Priest: Now groom make wear the ring.
Swara started to bring her hand slowly and Sanskar started to move backward Arjun started to make her wear the ring
Swasan closed their eyes. At the nick time ring falls down and rolls to the Sanskar feet. Everyone gets shocked. Sanskar slowly pick up the ring and move towards Swajun.
Sanskar(forwards it): Your ring.
Arjun (smiles): If u came with the ring then make Swara wear this ring (Swasan gets shocked looked at each other)
Sanskar(shocked): I didn’t get u.
Arjun(smiles): What you both thought that u both will quietly sacrifice your love and we will not came to know about it. (Swasan looks down in guilt) we all know about it except ur friends (points towards thir friends) look at their shock faces too.
Swara(lowers her head): I’m sorry Maa Baba and Dadi. I make u all embarrass
Shomi(cups her face): No Swara u didn’t make us embarrass, u make us proud (hugs her) yes Swara for all of us u didn’t think about ur happiness () we r very lucky to have a daughter like u.
Swara releases the hug and goes to Maya and Arjun.
Swara(joins hand): Please forgive me Maya aunty. And Arjun u too please
Maya(lower her hands): No Swara don’t do this, I always said that u r my daughter and ur happiness is my priority.
Arjun(smiles): And Swara I called u my best friend so it’s my duty to make my friend happy and ur happiness only lies in Sanskar
Swasan smiles but something strike in Swara’s mind
. Swara(tensed): But Kavita, what about her?
Kavita(excited): Finally my number comes, Swara Sanskar only loves u he could only be happy with u () and I also realized that Me and Sanskar can never be happy if we get married to each other. So (brings Sanskar to Swara and joins their hand) I’m giving back ur life to u

Tia(confused): But how u all come to know about this?
Arjun(speaks): After proposing Swara I came out to attend a call then I listened to Swara and Sanskar’s talks then I understand that they love each other.
Kavita: Then he comes to me and make me realized my mistake. And said yes for helping Arjun in ur reunion
Arjun: Next day when u said yes I understand that due to ur family and Kavita u said yes. After that I tell everything to mom and she also joined us.
Maya: Then we come to ur home and ask for the alliance and then when u left I told about our to ur family then they also agreed. Swara looks at her family in amusement.
Shekhar(comes to Swara): Remember that Shomi give u invitation card it was also a plan. Because we thought that when u will give the card Sanskar will definitely stop u..
Ap(speaks): But he was in so much shock that he couldn’t do anything
Dp(interrupts): Next day we send u office early because Swara’s parents were coming with Maya ji and Arjun and we decide everything.
Sanskar(amused): Mom dad u too…….
Dp(winks): Afcourse.
Tia(irritarted): Is there anyone else who know about it(she a hand which is raise) Sanjay u too (angry) and u didn’t tell me.
Sanjay(lowering his gaze): Because u can’t hide anything that’s why
Tia gives him death glare.
All Youngsters(together): Sanjay now u r gone.
All share a laugh.
Sanskar feels someone is pulling his sherwani Sanskar sees and saw Rahul was there. Sanskar bends on knees.
Sanskar(bends down): Yes Mr. Rahul.
Rahul(warning): Listen Mr.Maheshwari if my di gets a single tear in her eyes then me and my gang will not leave u.
Everyone hided their laugh.
Sanskar(scared): Oh.. and where is ur gang.
Rahul points his finger in a direction and saw that 6 children were coming with water guns. Everyone smiles and all children goes and hugs Swara and Swara smiles.
Rahul: See we love Swara di very much.
Sanskar(salutes): Yes boss.
Kavita(goes to Swara): I’m also with Swara.
Suraj,Ajay,Raj,Sanjay,Tia and Arjun(goes to Swara): We also..
Ap,Dp(goes to Swara): We are also with our bahu….
Sanskar(surprised): Mom,dad I’m ur son(looks at Uttar for some support) Uttara.
Uttara(goes to Swara): Sorry Sanskar with Swara.
Swara smirks….
Sanskar(provoking): Ok when she will torture u then don’t come to me. That’s not fair I’m alone.
A voice comes from back “ U r not alone”. Everyone turns back

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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