Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 28


Episode 28
In The Afternoon
At The GM
Swara reached at her house and saw Dadi,Shomi and Shekhar were talking with each other.
Swara: Maa,Baba I want to talk to u.
Shekhar: Sure beta come here (Swara sits) and tell what u want to say.
Swara: Baba woh (tensed) baba my senior physician want to come our home.
Shekhar: Sure beta but why anything serious.
Swara: Baba he wants to marry me (everyone gets shocked) that’s why he wants to come to our house for marriage proposal.
Shomi(asks): So u liked him?
Swara(immediately): No…I mean as friend and as a doctor he is very good.
Swara tells Shomi and Shekhar about everything except Sanskar and that Arjun proposed her.
Shomi(hugs her): I’m so much happy for u now u go and get ready I have to do the preparation (to Shekhar) let’s go Shekhar.
Shekhar: Shomi take a breath. They r not coming right now.
Shomi(tensed): Shekhar but work is very much and time is less (to Swara) Swara u r still standing here,go get ready.
Swara(smiles): Yes maa I’m going (herself) Swara ur parents r very much happy because of u and their happiness matters u the most so just let it be the way it’s going.
In The Evening
Someone knocked at the door of the Gadodia house.
Shomi: Ragini open the door.
Ragini: Yes maa(open the door) yes.
Maya(smile): Hello! Is it Swara Gadodia’s house.
Ragini: Yes.
Maya: I’m Maya (pointing towards Arjun) and he is Arjun my son.
Ragini: Oh plz come in(to Shomi) Maa they have come.
Shomi(smile): Hello I’m Sharmishta,Swara’s mother.
Maya(smile):I’m Maya and he is my son Arjun.
Arjun takes blessing from Shomi and Maya gets shocked because he don’t take blessing from anyone accept her.
Shomi(blesses): Always be happy,please come sit.
Maya(sits): Thank u (teases) blessing and all not bad beta.
Arjun (embarrass): Mom
After a while Shekhar and Dadi also comes and they have a chit-chat.
Maya: Now can we see my dear daughter in law.
Shomi: Ya sure , Ragini bring Swara.
Ragini: Sure maa.
Ragini goes and bring Swara, Swara comes down and she was looking like an angle wearing white frock with golden works. She comes downstairs and takes blessing from Maya.
Maya(blesses): Always be happy and u r looking gorgeous , come sit with me now Sharmishtha ji Swara will be ours.
Shomi: Yes for sure.
Maya: Swara u r always will be my daughter and ur happiness is my priority. Acha Sharmishtha ji and Shekhar ji I want that Swara’s and Arjun engagement must be done after two days.
Everyone gets shocked.
Shekhar: But Maya ji it will be very much hurry and we have to do so many preparations.
Maya: Shekhar ji don’t worry about preparations and yes engagement will be in our house so don’t worry about it.
Shomi: Is it important in engagement in two days.
Maya: Yes because after two days there is a very auspicious day that’s why and tomorrow my son Sanjay and my daughter in law Tia r coming also.
Dadi: OK we have no problem.
Shomi(stands up): I will bring sweets for everyone.
Maya(happily): OK and Swara u must invite every friend.
Swara(tensed): No aunty it’s not necessary.
Maya: First I’m ur beauty not aunty and second u have to invite ur all friends and that’s my first order for u as a mother in law.
Arjun(interrupted): She didn’t become ur bahu till now and u started to give her orders.
Maya: Oh my son is already started to take my bahu’s side (dramatically) now what about this old woman.
Everyone shares a laugh.Arjun embarrasses and Swara feels awkward.
Till then Shomi comes and everyone feed sweets to each other and Swara and Arjun.
At Night
Swara was in the room when dadi comes in.
Dadi: Swara r u busy?
Swara: No dadi plz come in.
Dadi: Swara I came to talk to u.
Swara: Yes dadi say.
Dadi: Swara u think that we r very bad (Swara nods in No) we are making u married without ur wish. But beta we r doing this for ur own good.
Swara: I know dadi that’s why I have no objection for this marriage.
Dadi: Will u tell me one thing honestly?
Swara: Sure dadi.
Dadi: Swara do u love Arjun? Swara give me my answer beta.
Swara(stands up): Dadi honestly I don’t love him (Dadi get shocked) yes dadi he first proposed me then I said yes and I already told him that I don’t love him and he has no problem with that.
Dadi: But…
Swara(interrupt): Dadi I just told him the truth and I don’t want that Mine and Arjun’s relation based on any kind of Lie.
Dadi(kisses on her forehead): I’m proud of u Swara, u r the best daughter in the world, now go to sleep it’s already too late.
Swara(smiles): Yes dadi.
Dadi goes from there,Swara lays on the bed and closed her eyes but sleep was far away from her eyes.
Next Day
Swara goes to the breakfast table.
Swara(smiles): Good Morning Everyone.
Dadi(smile): Good Morning.
Swara(sits): Maa plz give me breakfast I’m starving.
Shomi: Here it is and ya Swara take this (collecting cards).
Swara(confused): What are these maa
Shomi(giving it to her): These r ur engagement invitation card go and give them to ur every friends.
Swara: Maa is it important?
Shomi(put hand on her head): Yes of course beta,it’s ur engagement and no more arguments.
Swara : OK maa (looks at the watch) ohh I will be late for hospital (runs outside) OK bye everyone.
Everyone together: Bye.
At the MM
Maheshwari’s were on the table having breakfast.
Ap: Sanskar u r not taking anything in breakfast,why?
Sanskar(dull): I don’t know mom just not like to eat anything.
Dp(concerned): R u okay beta?
Sanskar(tired): Yaa dad just little bit feeling dull.
Dp(worried): Sanskar I think u should take a leave for today.
Sanskar(object): No dad it’s OK,I’m fine.
Adarsh: I think dad is right, u should take rest and don’t worry about work I will manage.
Sanskar: But….
Uttara(irritated): Ufff Sanskar u r not going anywhere and that’s final.
Sanskar nods like a obedient child.
Dp(stands up): Ap we will leave, come now Adarsh.
Adarsh stands up and at the same time whole Maheshwari family heated a familiar voice and Sanskar dull face lighten up like a bulb
Swara(smiles): Good Morning Everyone May I come in.
Dp(smiles): Sure beta, feel free here.
Swara comes in house and takes Dp and Ap’s blessings and hugs Uttara.
Ap(blesses her): Always be happy Swara u came here at this time.
Sanskar: Ya u here (concern) is everything okay.
Everyone was quite surprised seeing Sanskar’s concern.
Swara(smile): Ya I’m absolutely fine actually I came here to invite u.
Ap(asked): Invitation for what?
Swara(think): I’m sorry Sanskar be ready to face pain (take a breath) it’s the invitation of my ENGAGEMENT.
Everyone gets shocked.
Sanskar(takes a back): Engagement?
Swara(a lonely tear escape from her eyes): Yes I’m getting engaged to Arjun Singhania.
Ap(hugs her): Oh congratulations beta we will sure come.
Dp(blesses her): I wish u get all happiness.
Adarsh: Congratulations.
Uttara(hugs her): Congrats!
Swara(releases the hug): Thank u everyone.
Whole time Sanskar was in a shock and Swara looks at him.
Swara(controlling herself): Now I should leave I have other work also.
Dp(smile): Ok beta.
Swara goes from there.
Dp: Ap I don’t understand one thing.
Ap: What?
Dp: Why I’m not feeling good on her marriage news.
Ap: I’m also thinking about the same thing.
Dp: I think we should leave now.
Adarsh: Yes dad.
Dp and Adarsh take a leave and Ap and Uttara notices that Sanskar is still in a statue state.
Uttara(tries to bring him back): Sanskar what happened?
Sanskar(comes back): Han….What? Swara,where is she?
Uttara: Where r u lost? And Swara is gone.
Sanskar(lifelessly): No she can’t….
Uttara(confused): What she can’t?
Sanskar(starts blabering): She can’t leave me..She can’t leave me like this(runs to his room) no she can’t do this to me.
Ap(tensed): What happened to him?
Uttara(confused): Don’t know maa (worried) let’s go and check him.
Ap and Uttara goes to Sanskar’s room and saw him crying.
Ap(shocked): Sanskar what happened beta (caresses his face)why r u crying.
Sanskar(pleading and holding her): Maa plz stop her.
Ap(confused): Who beta?
Sanskar(crying): Maa Swara(Ap and Uttara gets shock) I love her,she is my life plz Maa .
Sanskar tells Ap and Uttara whole truth ,each and everything and its another shock for them.
Sanskar (holds her hand): I know I did a mistake and I have asked forgiveness and she have forgived me then why?
Ap(having tears):But I think God has not forgiven u (Sanskar ups his face) yes Sanskar u have played with the feelings of two girls and in this matter I cannot help u because u have created this mess.
Ap goes from there and Uttara also stands up.
Sanskar(sadly) Di u also think that I’m responsible for this.
Uttara(hugs him): I don’t know Sanskar but in ur matter I can only pray.
Saying this Uttara left the room and Sanskar was crying.
Scene freezes on Sanskar’s face
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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