Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 27


Episode 27
Listening to the voice Swara gets shocked and turned around .
Swara(surprised): Dadi..(runs and hugs her) oh dadi how r u I missed u so much,u forget us name (make a pout face)
Dadi(caresses her face): No my beti how can I forget u?
Shekhar and Shomi comes and takes her blessings.
Swara(remembered): Ya dadi why r u saying no for Ragini’s marriage(holds her shoulder) dadi Laksh is a nice guy and his family is also good.
Dadi: But still I will not allow this.
Swara (tensed): But why at least tell me one reason.
Dadi(straightforward): Because of u(Swara gets confused) is it good that elder sister is still unmarried and younger sister us getting maaried. What will people say?
Swara(irritated): Ohoo dadi in which era u r leaving and I don’t care about peoples’ nonsense.
Dadi: But I do.

Swara (looks at Shomi and Shekhar): Maa, Baba u make dadi understand please.
Shomi(comes to Dadi): No Swara ur dadi is right and u should get married now.
Swara(shocked): Maa u 2 (looks at Shekhar) baba…(Shekhar gives a surrended expression)
Dadi: See…
Swara(angry): U all r not doing good (stamp her foot) I’m not talking to u(and goes angrily)
Shekhar(tries to stop): Swara beta…
Dadi(put hand on Shekhar’s shoulder):Let her go Shekhar she can’t be angry from anyone of us longer.
Swara goes to her room and looks at Ragini who was sleeping.
Ragini(murmurs): I know Swara u will do something for me and Laksh.
Swara hears it and goes to her window.
Swara(looks at sky): In what problem I’m struck now.
Swara have a sleepless night.

Next Day
Swara gets ready for hospital and comes down and see that everyone is having breakfast.
Swara(serious): I want to talk to u all
Shekhar : Yes say it beta.
Swara (takes a deep breath): I’m ready for getting married.
Everyone gets happy,Shomi comes and hugs Swara.
Shomi(hugs her): I’m so much happy. You have taken the right decision (takes her to the breakfast table) come have breakfast.
Swara(looks at everyone): I’m not hungry , bye everyone.
Swara goes from there.
Rahul(sadly): Di doesn’t give me a good bye kiss today
Dadi(tensed): She is still angry from us.
Shekhar: Hmm u r right and I don’t know when she will make her mood back.
Everyone do breakfast

At the hospital.
Swara comes to her cabin and closed her eyes for a while all Swasan moments comes in front of her, she opened her eyes in a jerk.
Swara(to herself): No this is wrong, now I need to forget him
Swara’s heart: If u can’t forget him till now so how will u forget him in few days.
Swara(sadly): I will for sure
Swara stands up and goes to Arjun’s cabin
Swara(knocked at door): May I come in?
Arjun(stands up): Ya sure u can, u don’t need to ask permission from me. Come sit.
Swara(comes in): No..no I just come to tell u that I’m ready for marriage .
Arjun(shocked): What? R u serious ?
Swara(nods in yes): Yes I accepted ur proposal
Arjun comes and excitedly hugged her but Swara didn’t hugged her back.
Arjun(happily): Oh Swara I’m so much happy,thank u so much.
Swara(smiles): No need and ya u can come with beauty(Meera) at anytime for proper proposal .
Arjun(happily): OK we will come today.
Swara(smiles): Hmmm
Swara goes from there. Swara walking in the corridor.
Swara(closed her eyes and tears started to flow): I’m sorry Sanskar,I’m really sorry.

Scene freezes on Swara’s face.

Episode Ends.

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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