Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 25

Episode 25
Ap: Sanskar ur friend is well mannered,I’m very much impressed.
Sanskar scratches his head and Swara smiles. Uttara comes downstairs.
Uttara: Hello Bhai.
Sanskar: Hi Uttara .
Uttara(looks at Swara): Bhai who is she, ur girlfriend (teasingly)
Swasan(immediately): No no nothing like that.
Sanskar(slowly whisper): Atleast not now(Swara looks at Sanskar) what?
Swara(looking confused): Why do I feel that u said something?
Sanskar(naughtily): Ur ears are drumming dear.
Swara turns her face.
Sanskar: She is my school fellow Swara….
Uttara(happily): Are u Swara Gadodia?(excited) oh so u r Swara Gadodia,u know in school times Sanskar always talks about u (Sanskar bows her eyes in shyness) and I was very much eager to meet u.
Swara smiles, due to Swara’s presence everyone was quite happy.
Swara(stands up): Acha now I should leave.
Sanskar didn’t like this.
Uttara: But why?
Swara: Because of the time,but I will try to come here again.
Sanskar: Where u will go,hospital?
Swara: Not hospital (Sanskar relaxes) because this is not the time and I will go to home.
Ap: Swara beta u can go but at least meet Ssnskar,’s father, u will glad to meet them.
Swara: But aunty I’m actually getting late.
Sanskar: How can u say no to my mother(holds Swara’s shoulder and Swara looks at Sanskar) u sit here.
Swara: But Sanskar…
Sanskar: No if’s and but’s and Uttara di why r u sitting here please bring something for her.
Uttara(Swara excitedly goes to the kitchen): Ya just few minutes.
Swara: Uttara di no…..
Sanskar: Swara sh…
At the nick time Dp entered in the house.
Dp: I’m home,is there someone.
Ap: Ji u came.
Dp(while entering in house): Array wah Ap ji u looks so happy today,anything special.
Ap: Not anything, anyone special.
Dp: Huh…
Ap: Sanskar’s friend has come and she is very nice. U will be happy to meet her.
Dp: Oh let’s meet her.
Dp comes to Swara and both get shocked .
Swara(surprised): Uncle u ?
Dp(surprised): Beta u?
Ap and Sanskar gets confused.
Sanskar(confused): U both new each other.
Dp: Yes she is the same girl who helped me on that day when I had a little accident and she scolds that child mother instead of me.
Sanskar: oh no wonder she is Swara.
Swara: But uncle seriously u were not a fault.
Everyone were enjoying Swara’s company, Sanskar looks at them and smiles.
Sanskar(Monologue): What a perfect family and it’s perfectness is just because of Swara.
Uttara(): Oh sorry Swara.
Swara(): it’s OK u didn’t do it intentionally, I know.
Uttara: Sanskar u take Swara to ur rooms washroom.
Sanskar: OK di..Swara let’s go.
Swara: Hmm
Sanskar takes Swara to his room’s washroom,Swara started to wash her dress when an idea struck in her mind,Swara takes some water in her hand and sprinkle it on Sanskar who was busy in mobile.
Sanskar(shocked): Swara…
Swara starts to laugh whole heartedly and Sanskar gets mesmerized.
Sanskar starts to come forward and Swara stops laughing and starts to step backward.
Swara(nervous): Sanskar …
Sanskar(smirking): Hmmm…
Swara gets attached to the wall,then Sanskar comes close to her and Swara closed her eyes at the time Sanskar smiles pour some water on Swara and started to laugh.
Swara(shocked): Sanskar….
Sanskar(laughing): Swara just look at u.
Swara(fake angry): Sanskar u r gone now..
Sanskar started to run and Swara starts to chase him but while chasing Swara slips due to water and both fall on the bed and Swara was top of Sanskar.
Swasan had an eye lock and Sanskar tucked Swara’s some hair behind her ear,Swara blushes.
Sanskar phone bring them back to senses and both composes themselves.
Swara: I think we should leave everyone must be waiting.
Sanskar(smiles): Hmmm
Swasan goes downstairs.
Uttara(teasingly): Why u get so late?
Swara(fumbles): Woh Uttara di….
Uttara(smiling): Uttara di sounds to good from u but u didn’t give me answer.
Sanskar(interrupted): I was showing her my room.
Uttara: Ohk
Swara: Now I should leave then I will meet u later and it was nice meeting u all.
Swara bids bye to everyone.
Swara was in the hospital when Arjun came to her.
Arjun(entering in the cabin): Hi
Swara(smiles): Hello
Arjun: Today r u free for lunch or busy somewhere?
Swara: No no I’m free today,we can go for lunch.
Arjun(holds her hand): Oh yes,I promise u will never forget this lunch.
Swara: What special about this lunch?
Arjun : When u will come then I will show u.
Swara: OK .
Arjun brings Swara to Blue Hotel,as he has reserved a special table for both of them.
Swara(excited): Oho this much special treatment, what’s the matter?
Arjun(happily): U will come to know soon,first enjoy the lunch.
Swajun were enjoying lunch, after lunch.
Swara(put her hand on table): Now tell me what’s the matter?
Arjun (little shy): Swara I….
Swara: Haan say it.
Arjun (stands and bends on his knees): Swara I want u to be my better half (Swara gets shocked) Swara I Love U….Will u marry me?
Swara in shock stands up from the chair and there was a pair of eyes who was also the witness of this scene and he is non other than Sanskar.
Episode Ends

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