Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 24


Episode 24
Swasan were busy in each other eyes, exploring each others feelings when Arjun entered in the cabin .
Arjun(while entering the cabin):Swara I……
Arjun gets shocked Swasan came to their senses and composes themselves, Sanskar gets irritated seeing Arjun still there.
Arjun:Oh sorry I should come after knocking.
Swara: No no it’s ok,u don’t need to knock.
Sanskar looks t Swara’s face.
Arjun(looks at Sansakr):OH Sanskar u here(saw the injury)what happened ?what about this injury?
Sanskar(fakely smiles); Nothing just a little accident(looks at Swara)Swara has done the bandage,now it is much better.
Arjun:Oh it’s good(smiles while lookin Swara ) afterall Swara is doing bandage.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar(directly): U tell me, why u r here(Swajun looks at Sanskar in a shock) I mean u in this hospital.
Arjun was about to say.
Swara(interrupts): Actually he is my senior,he has joined this hospital.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Arjun: Oh it’s just a reason to be with Swara.
Swara (laughs):When did u learn flirting.
Arjun:I’m not flirting.Swara I was thinking that r u free in lunch.
Swara: Yes why r u asking?
Arjun:What about lunch today?
Sansakr gets shocked
Swara: Today?
Arjun: Ya any problem, u urself said that u r free.
Swara was about to say something.
Sanskar(immediately): No she can’t go with u(Swajun looks at Sanskar) I mean actually my head is paining(holds is head) aah.. and I’m unable to drive ,so I thought that Swara will drop me to my home but if she is going then I will do something(making a fake but cute helpless face)
Swara: No no Sanskar I will drop u to ur home, we can go to lunch someday,what say Arjun?
Arjun: Hmm OK (Sanskar gets happpy) afterall now we r in same hospital, we can have much time(Sanskar again gets tensed).
Swara(gives a side hug): Thanks Arjun for understanding me, u r my true friend.
Sanskar looks at Swara like What About Me? (making a puupy face)
Swara: Lets go Sanksar.
Sansakr stands up .
Swara:Bye Arjun.
Arjun: Bye Swara.
Sansakr was like, he will kill Arjun anytime.
Swasan were in the car. Swara was driving the car Sansakr noticed that she was quite happy.
Sanskar(looking at Swara): Looking very happy, anything special.
Swara: Nothing I’m just happy that Arjun is my senior.
Sanskar(little serious): Why?
Swara: He is a good doctor but important thing Is that he is my friend and a good person too. I can share my problems easily,no no I don’t need to say he just get it without my saying
Sanskar looks at Swara.
Sanskar: Like u always get about my thinking.
Swara(smile faded away):Hmm
Swasan arrived at the MM. Sanskar get down from the car while Swara was still in the car.
Sanskar(goes at Swara’s window):Come I will make u meet with my family.
Swara: No No Sanskar this is not the correct time, I will meet them later.
Sanskar(sits back in the car): ok I will not go inside also.
Swara(shocked):But why?
Sanskar: Because this is not the time to go at gome,please drop me at my office,
Swara(angry): R u mad? U have to take rest and u r saying for office, sorry I’m ur doctor and I’m not allowing u for office.
Sanskar(determined): Ok then come with me inside the house.
Swara: Sanskar listen.
Sanskar(comes close to Swara): Ya Swara listening (checks his ears) what happened I think Audio is not clear.
Swara (gets back): Ok let’s go.
Swasan enters the MM
Sansakr:Maa I’m home.
Ap(coming from the kitchen):Sanskar today u came early(notices the bandage) what happened to u.
Sansakar(console her): Nothing serious Maa,just a minor accident.
Sansakar: Yes maa accident, but just relax now I’m fine (touches the injury)aah…
Swara(slowly with tears):AAh…(concerned) Sansakar what r u doing?don’t touch ur injury
Sansakar shakes his head like a obedient child.Ap notices Swara.
Ap(looking at Swara from top to bottom):Sansakar who is she?
Sansakr(smiles at Swara): Maa she is Swara my school friend and she also helped me and droped me here so I invited her so that she can meet with u.
AP (comes to Swara): It’s good u bring her here.
Swara takes blessings from her and Ap gets impressed.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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