Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 23


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Episode 23
Swara gets shocked seeing that person.
Swara(shocked): You.
Arjun(smirking): Ya me, I’m that irresponsible doctor who don’t care about patients health.
Dr.Vikram: Do u know each other?
Swara: Yes we r somehow relatives.
Arjun smiles.
Dr.Vikram: So Swara he is ur senior and I hope u will cooperate with him.
Swara(angrily): I will try Sir.
Vikram and Arjun gets shocked.
Dr.Vikram: But u yourself said that u know each other so what’s the problem.
Swara: I should leave now.
Swara goes from there and Arjun understands that she is angry from him so he take a leave and follow her. Swara goes to her cabin and Arjun also entered there and he just love her cabin it was so neat and arranged.
Arjun: Swara yr come on
Swara: I don’t want to talk to u.
Arjun: Swara yr what happened? Atleast tell me my mistake plz.
Swara: First how can u do not stick to ur words,u said u would come on 24th and now u r coming.
Arjun: Yr u know na that the dates of Sanjay’s marriage was unexpected and mom wants my full concentration on marriage that’s why.
Swara: If it was because of beauty than accepted.
Arjun: Thanks and another mistake.
Swara: Second is that u didn’t tell me that u r joining my hospital .
Arjun (smiles): Oh so u r angry because I didn’t inform u (Swara nods her head n yes) hmm that is my mistake for sure so I deserve punishment so madam what is my punishment.
Swara: Do sit ups 20 times.

Arjun(shocked): U must be kidding?
Swara(nods her head): No (points at her lips) look am I laughing?
Arjun(shocked): Swara this is childishness.
Swara(angry): Do it Mr.Sanghania.
Arjun(tensed): Swara I’m ur senior.
Swara(angry): So u r not my friend (Arjun gets shoced) ok don’t do it it’s okay
Arjun(surrenders): No no I will do it.
Arjun was about to do sit ups but Swara quickly come towards him and stops him.
Swara(stops him): No no I was just joking.
Arjun: But u r my friend na so u said to me that’s why.
Swara(smiles): Yes u r my friend and I don’t give punishments to my friends.
Arjun (with the flow): U know Swara u r different from others that’s why I Like U So Much.(Swara gets shocked and ARjun realizes and covers it) as a friend yr.
Swara(relaxes): Ohh that’s okay come sit.
Swara goes to her chair and Arjun takes a breath of relaxation.
Swajun starts their chit chat at that a nurse came and called Swara for some case. Swara excuses herself but left her mobile.
At the same time Swara phone starts to ring,Arjun hesitately pick up the phone and saw the caller I’d ,it was of Sanskar he attend the call to tell him that Swara is not here.
Arjun(attends the call): Hello
Sanskar(shocked): Hello! Who is this? This is Swara’s phone na.
Arjun(happily): Sanskar it’s me Arjun, Tia’s brother in law.
Sanskar(immediately): Arjun why r u there?
Arjun: Huh??
Sanskar: I mean when did u came here and why r u talking from Swara’s phone.
Arjun: Woh actually I came here to meet Swara () and she goes to discuss some case and left her mobile,u can tell me any msg I will give it to her.
Sanskar(hangs the call):No it’s ok I will talk to her later, ok bye.
Arjun: OK bye.
Sanskar(thinks):What Arjun is doing there and what kind of work he has with Swara.I have to check but how?
Sanskar thinks for a while and gets an idea.

At the hospital.
Swara was checking the patients and he saw that Sanskar came to the hospital and she gets shocked because his head was bleeding.Swara runs towards him.
Swara(worried):Sanskar what happened to u? and how this accident happened?
Sanskar feels happy to see her concerned.
Sanskar(lies): Swara who I was driving a truck came infront of my car so this happened.
Sanskar thinks

Sanskar was driving very rashly on the road and intentionally hit his car with a tree.

Swara(quites him): OK don’t talk so much,come with me.
Swara gives support to him and takes him to her room.
Swara makes him sit and starts to bandage him and starts to scold him.
Swara(concerned):R u an idiot?Cant u see that truck?If something happened to u than what would happened to me()u never care about my feelings.
Swara realized what she said.
Sanskar(smirking): So u stil care for me.
Swara(fumbles): No No…. I didn’t mean that.
Swara put the antiseptic directly.
Swara(started to blow the injury); I’m sorry
She started to blow lightly. Sanskar looked at her and they have a eyelock.
At the same time Arjun came and gets shocked seing them in that position.

What will happen when Sanskar came to know about Arjun and vice versa.

Episode Ends.

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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