Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 22

Episode 22
At the hospital
Swara was laying on the couch and was trying to sleep but sleep was far away from her. At that time her phone ringed. She attend the call without watching the caller Id.
Swara: Hello
Sanskar: Hi
Swara(shocked):Sanskar u.
Sanskar(while sitting on bed):Oh so u still remembered my voice,that’s good.
Swara(thinks a answer):Woh I saw the caller I’d.
Sanskar(smiling):Lie? Why u always lie from me when u can’t?
Swara (quickly):I’m not lieing and can u plz tell me why u called me?
Sanskar: Swara if u ask me question with this sweetness I will give u my life than what is the worth of answer.
(Swara gets shocked and becomes numb and Sanskar changes the topic)

I called u to ask about uncle’s health.
Swara(speaks):Oh he is conscious now,doctor told him complete bed rest.
Sanskar: Ok!Can I come to see uncle?
Swara(thinks that he is in Udaipur):Yes u can come.
Sanskar: Really?He is in city hospital na?
Swara: Hmm
Sanskar: OK I’m coming in 5 minutes.
Swara: OK
Swara hangs up the call and after a while she goes to drink water. Suddenly someone places hand on Swara’s shoulder Swara gets scared and was about to shout but that person puts his hand on her mouth and make her turn and Swara gets shocked seeing Sanskar there.
Sanskar(slowly):Swara,It’s me Sanskar (Swara in a shocked state) what happened now why u r not saying anything.(Swara shows him his hand which was on her mouth) oh(remove the hand)
Swara(shouts,Sanskar signals her to say slow):Are u (she says slow and bring him in a corner) Are u mad?What r u doing here at this time and when did u came here leaving Udaipur.
Sanskar (puts his finger on her lips):Sh…sh…Swara so many questions and now let me answer ur questions I came here today and came to the hospital because u said yes to come and I was missing u
Swara (immediately):But I said yes because I thought u are at Udaipur.
Sanskar(teasing):Oh then why u r still awake?
Swara: Woh I was not getting sleepy.

Sanskar: U were thinking about me na.
(Swara nods her head in a No)Really(start to come forward)but ur eyes are saying something else (Swara starts taking back)
Swara(nervous):Sanskar u can’t do this?
Sanskar(still coming forward):What I’m doing ?I’m just doing nothing.
Sanskar gets so close to Swara and Swara’s heart beat raises. At the same time her phone started to ring. She takes it out and saw that it was from Arjun,Sanskar saw that and gets irritated.
Swara was about to attend it but Sanskar snatches it and cuts it.
Swara: Sanskar give me my phone back. I have to give him reply (snatches it back)
Sanskar(angry):Swara don’t he know that we should not disturb someone at this time.
Swara: So what r u doing?

Sanskar: But u r not someone for me (winks at her)
Swara(turning her face): I think u should leave now.
Sanskar: But I don’t.
Swara(taunting): Kavita didn’t came with u.
Sanskar(irked):Plz don’t take her name ur mood will be off.
Swara: You should not say this,she is ur would be wife.
Sanskar: Would be na not present.So chill.
Swara gives q irritated look at the same time Swara heard someone’s coming voice.
Swara(in tension):Oh God I think someone is coming,Sanskar do something.
Sanskar: OK OK relax I will go and hide behind there (points at a place) u just say that u forgot the way,OK?
Sanskar hides behind that place and that person was non other than Ragini.
Ragini(surprised):Swara what r u doing here?
Swara(tensed):Ragini u,actually I forgot the way and I came here.
Ragini: OK come .
Swara: Ya u go I am coming.

Ragini:Let’s go baba is asking for u .
Swara: I said I’m coming
Ragini(holds her arm):Come on
Ragini was taking Swara with her Swara looks behind at Sanskar who was witnessing everything.
Swara(looking at Sanskar and says in heart):I’m sorry.
Sanskar(signal her OK and says in heart):It’s OK I can understand.
Swara unknowingly feels relaxed. Sanskar also goes from there.
Days started to pass quickly and Shekhar gets discharged and he is also coming back to normal life. Today Swara was rejoining hospital. Swara reaches the hospital. At the same time Dr.Vikram called her,she goes to his cabin.
Swara(knocking): May I come in sir?
Dr.Vikram: Ya sure.
Swara(during entering): U called me sir.

Dr.Vikram: Yes Swara I want to inform u that the new physician…
Swara(stops doctor Vikram in middle): Plz sir I don’t want to talk about him,he is such a irresponsible person(Swara angry+irritated)he don’t know his duties perfectly so how can he treat him as my senior, sorry I will not accept him as senior.
Swara didn’t notice that there is someone else in the room also
Unknown Person(without turning his face): OK treat me as a friend not as a senior
Swara:Excuse me!
Dr.Vikram(little tensed): Swara he is that physician.
That person turned around.
Swara(shocked): You!

Episode Ends

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