Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 21

Episode 21

The whole house was quite,everyone were busy in their work so that they don’t miss Swara.

He goes to her room.
He opened the gate and a refreshing air touches his face.

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa

Sanskar glance fall on Swara’s bed and remembered when he bring Swara in his arms

Humdard hai, humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaaye ajnabi

Sanskar remembered Swara going away

Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaan

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhulna
Koi teray khatir hai ji raha
Jaye tu kahin bhi yeh soochna
Koi teray khatir hai ji raha.

Sanskar saw Swara combing her hair,he quickly runs towards her.
Sanskar (he hugs her from back):Swara u r back I’m so much happy(she disappears)Swara…..
Sanskar can’t take anymore he was about to go when something stops him,he saw a paper on the table. He opened it and saw that the letter was for him from Swara. He sits while attaching his back with the bed and starts to read it.

To Sanskar,
Mujhe umeed hai Kay tum yeh letter zaroor padhogay aur yeh letter tumhe meray janay Kay baad milay ga.
Sanskar main tumhari tension samjh sakti hun isliye main tumhe suggest karungi Kay tum khushi khushi Kavita say shaadi karlo(Sanskar gets shocked)woh bohat achi ladki hai,tumhara bohat khayal rakhay gi infact tum donaun ki shaadi say main bohat khush haungi(Sanskar feels that the paper was little wet)
And I don’t deserve u (Sanskar nods his head in no) and I think we r not destined too.
Always be happy.
From,Your(which was cut) Swara.

Sanskar hugged the letter and cries. He runs to the balcony.

Sanskar(angry and in pain voice):Who r u Swara to decide whether u deserve me or not,u r the best girl for me and how can u say we r not destined,u r only mine and we r made for each other. Why God?why u always made me the cause of her pain and tears(wipes his tears)no if I have given her pain then I will be the medicine of her every pain.
Swasan were sitting in the canteen.
Sanskar: Swara can I ask u something?
Swara: Hmmm
Sanskar: Swara if we liked someone and we know that he or she also likes us but she is not accepting so what we should do?
Swara: Simple just try ur level best to make that person realize ur love just don’t give up and don’t loose hope.
Sanskar(naughtily):Is that so?
Swara: Sure sure (winks at him)
Swasan laughs
Sanskar: No Swara this time u r wrong,I will make u mine because () I LOVE U SWARA.
(Swara opens her eyes and find herself near her baba in a head down position.)Now be ready Swara Gadodia to be mine and like u always said that LOVE IS NOT TO GIVE UP and I will try till u don’t accept me and my love ur Sanskar is back Swara in his old avatar(determined)because no one can separate us.
Sanskar happily goes to sleep peacefully because now he was clear about his feelings.
Next Day.
At the hospital.
Swara was sleeping near her baba when Shekhar opened his eyes and slowly moved. Swara wakes up.
Swara(happily):Baba u get conscious,wait I will call the doctor.
Shekhar smiles.
Swara runs and calls the doctor, he examines Shekhar.
Doctor: I’m very much happy to say that ur father is now absolutely fine but he needs complete bed rest.
Swara nods her head in positive happily.
Doctor goes from there and Swara sat near Shekhar.
Swara(happily):I’m so much happy that u r okay now but I’m sorry I was not here when u face this critical situation (sad and guilty)
Shaekar(touches her face):No beta u were always with me and it’s just an incident so don’t take tension and u r the most responsible child of mine()and don’t tell Ragini and Rahul about this.
A voice came ‘We have listened ur compliment baba’
Swara turns around and found Ragini,Shomi and Rahul there.
Ragini(fake anger):And I’m angry with u,u didn’t give this compliment to me.
Shekhar: Because u r not responsible na.
The whole family shared a laugh.
After sometime Swara was sitting on the couch then Ragini came to her.
Ragini(while sitting):Thank God baba is fine now.
Ragini: Acha Swara tell me how was the wedding?
Swara(calmly):It was nice.
Ragini:Did u enjoyed?
Swara: Yes after all it was my best friend’s wedding.
Ragini: Wow that’s good acha tell me u also have special moments also tell me those.
Swara started to remember her and Sanskar’s moments.
Swara: Ragini I remembered that I have to meet the doctor.
Swara(while walking away from Ragini):What do I tell u Ragini that whom I loved so much,I have left him and now he will never come in my life NEVER.
In Maheshwari Mansion
Someone ringed the door bell and Uttara opens the door and gets shocked.
Uttara(surprised);Sanskar u (hugged him) u came early.
Sanskar(releasing hug): Ya actually I was missing u and in fact all badly so I came early.
Uttara(happy):That’s good.
Sanskar meets everyone and goes to his room.
Sanskar (happily):Hay my room do u miss me?I also missed u.
Sanskar goes to freshen up and then came to his cupboard and opened it and takes out a picture.The picture is of Swara with whole gang which was taken to on their last day.
Sanskar (caressing her face):Swara now I’m back to for u and for my no no for our love because I Love U
A beginning of new determination and many more.
Episode Ends

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