Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 20


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Episode 20

Everyone were in the hall but the house was so quite,it’s like everyone forgot to smile and laugh,the charm of the house was in a serious condition.
Tia came to the kitchen and swa Meera and Sujat were working in the kitchen.
Tia:Good Morning.
Sujata and Meera:Good Morning
Meera:Tia how is Swara now?
Tia:Aunty she is much beeter than before,I came to take her breakfast.
Sujata:Ya u also take ur breakfast as wll because she will not eat it alone.
Tia goes upsstairs and saw that Swara was awake and packing her stuff.
Tia(coming inside and sits on the bed and places the tray on bed):Swara u wake up so soon.
Swara(packing the bag and sits with Tia):Ya when I woke up u were not here and I started to pack my stuffs.
Tia:First come have some breakfast.
Swara:No yr not in a mood.
Tia(giving a morcel with her hands):Swara plz yr just little bit.
Swara(removing the hand):Ok but on one condition.
Swara:We will do breakfast downstairs with everyone.
Tia(concerned):But u r not in a condion to go downstairs
Swara(holds her shoulders):Uff I’m ill na so I know my condition,plz let’s go na and this wil be my last breakfast with everyone(makes a pout face)
Tia(finally agrees):Ok
Swara and Tia goes downstairs and everyone were having breakfas and Ajay saw Swara coming downstairs.
Ajay(shocked):Swara(everyone looks at Swara and Ajay immediately goes to Swara and holds her)Are u mad u are ill so why did u come downstairs and Tia u also dont stop her.
Swara(smiles):It’s not her fault,I asked her.
Swara greets everyone.Everyone asked her to rest
Swara(irritated):Why u all r treating like I’m about to die(everyone gets shocked and looks at her angrily)
Sanskar(super angry):Cant u say after thinking.
Sujat:Yes he is right Swara what r u talking.
Swara(hols her ears):Ok Im sorry now plz let me have my breakfast(sits on the chair).
Swara:Arjun thanks so much for ur care.
Arjun(smiles):No need Swara we r friends na.
Swara:Hmm (to Ram) Ram uncle at ehat time is of my flight?
Ram:AT 6:00pm
Swara: ok

Kavita(taunts her):Swara if u dont came here so u would be there for ur father,when he needs u the most but I guess that u forgot about ur family while enjoying the wedding,
Swara just take a sip of juice when Kavita taunts her it was like thar someone scratched her unheeled wound and everyone looks at Kavita disbelivingly
Swara(after just a single sip of juice):Im done.
Mera:But Swara beta.
Swara(leaving the table):Aunty Im done.
Sanskar(angrily):Kavita what was that?
Kavita(ignoring):What I just tell the truth.
Tia(thinking to give hr punches):Kavita plz keep ur trut with urself and Sanskar make ur would be wife understand that be in her limits.
Tia:What mom,Swara hardly composes herself but she,,,,
Sanskar angrily goes from the table.
Swara goes to the balocny of her room and shouts:Why Swara why?When ur father needs u the most u were not there why,u r not a good daughter.
Swara collapses on the floor and was crying bitterly she buried her face in her knees:I’m not a good daughter
Suddenly someone places a hand on her shoulder,she looked up and saw Arjun there.
Arjun(while bending):Who said u r not a good daughter, u r the best daughter and not only best daughter, u r the best friend, sister and a doctor too.
Swara(sobbing):But Arjun…
Arjun (put his finger on her lips):Sh… I said na u r the best and I’m always there for u.
Arjun hugged Swara and at the same time Sanskar was passing from and saw that scene and feels angry on himself that he is not there for her when she needs someone,no not someone but him only and goes from there.
Swara releases the hug and Arjun wiped her tears.
Arjun: U don’t look good with tears and there is no need to cry when we all r with u.
Swara nods her head in yes.
At that time Arjun phone started to ring and he goes to attend it.

In Swara’s room.
Swara was getting ready when Tia came to her.
Tia: Swara I want to ask u something.
Swara:Go on!
Tia:Why did u say yes for Sanskar and Kavita’s marriage preparation?
Swara stops combing and goes to the bed.
Tia(irritated):Swara answer me.
Swara(coldly):So why should I say no?
Tia(immediately):because u love Sanskar
Swara: And how can I say this to Kavita’s parents that the person whom ur daughter love,I also love him.
Swara: Exactly how would they feel?
Tia(holds her shoulder):Swara but u r not thinking about ur pain,it will hurt u and u know it better than me.
Swara(smiles painfully):Let it be Tia,I think that these are the signs that me and Sanskar are not for each other.
Tia: Oh Swara…..(hugged her)
When Tia goes Swara takes out a notepad and started to write on it.

In The Evening.
Swara was saying bye to everyone and was getting blessings from everyone.
Meera(while hugging her): U fulfil my wish of daughter,I will miss u beta.
Swara(releases hug):Me too beauty.
Swara was bidding bye to everyone but her eyes were continuously looking for Sanskar.
Sanskar was roaming here and there in the room then someone knocked the door.
Sanskar: Yes come in (Tia comes in)Tia u .
Tia(sadly):Sanskar she is leaving won’t u see her last time.
Sanskar(looks at the wall):I don’t want to see her.
Tia: But she wants to see u last time(looks at Tia in a shocked expression)yes Sanskar she is leaving plz meet her for last time.
Tia leaves the room but her word Last Time strikes on Sanskar’s mind. He immediately runs to the terrace and saw her leaving but she was looking for him.

Swara was about to sit
Sanskar(forwards his hand and backs it):Swara!

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

She stops and looked here and there.
She looked at Sanskar’s room balcony for the last time.

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

Swara remembered her sweet moments with Sanskar.
She looked at the garden and remembered their dance.

Tu jo mila toh yun hua
Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa
Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere
Mere jeene ki har wajah

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

Both Swasan remembered when they left each others hand.
Both Swasan were crying.

Tumpe miti tumse bani
Tumse hua hai haan khud pe yaqeen
Tu jo nahi to naa sahi
Main hoon yahaan toh tu hai yahin kahin

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

Episode Ends.

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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