Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 19


Episode 19
Swasan looks at each other while Kavita releases the hug.
Kavita(excited):Sanskar today I’m very much happy.
Sanskar:It’s good Kavita u meet me here(looking at Swara)I want to talk to u.
Kavita(interrupt):We will talk later Sanskar, first come with me.
Sanskar: Where?
Kavita: Come with me na (drags him and Swara came slowly)Sanskar meet my parents (holding his arm)and mom dad he is ur future son in law.
Swasan gets shocked.
Mr.Sharma(shakes hand):Nice to meet u young ma,I’m very much happy that Kavita chooses u as her life partner.We have no objection from this relation now only ur parents are left.
Kavita(interrupted):Dad Sanskar will surely convince them, am I right Sanskar?
Sanskar was in a quite shock he didn’t respond,Sujata came to him and holds his ears softly.
Sujata(holds his ear):U master blaster u hide such a big thing from us that u and Kavita liked each other(Sanskar smiles unwilling)

Kavita: Aunty leave his ear na
Sujata: Oh so much possessive.
Kavita: Yes after all he is only my Sanskar(looking at Swara)
Swara was just quite,standing like a statue.
Kavita: Dad I have wish.
Mrs. Sharma: Say it beta.
Kavita(goes to Swara):I want that the preparation of my wedding will be done by only Swara.(Swasan gets shocked)What say Swara?
Tia(little angrily):Kavita why Swara?u can hire the best wedding planner.
Kavita(insists):Ya but Swara is mine and Sanskar’s friend and she know mine and Sanskar’s choice very well.
Swara(interrupted):Kavita but…
Mr.Sharma: Beta plz accept it,it is our daughter’s request(folds hand)
Tia(irked):whole family has done diploma in emotional blackmailing.
Swara(put his hands down):Uncle what r u doing plz,u r embarrassing me. OK I will do it.
Sanskar looks at Swara shockingly.
Tia(to Ajay):What is doing?Is she mad?
Ajay: I’m also unable to understand, she is increasing her pain but pushing back in her heart.
Kavita:Swara but u still didn’t congratulate me or Sanskar
Swasan looks at each other
Swara(smiles):Congratulation(hugs her)I hope u get all the happiness u deserve.(Kavita smirks)
Swara(goes to Sanskar):Congratulations.
Sanskar(stop the sweet in between):Swara listen to me..
Swara: There is no need to say anything, I guess we both forgot that u r in a relation.
Sanskar(hold her hand):Swara plz…
Meera: Swara beta come here.
Swara removes Sanskar’s hand,she goes from there and Sanskar was looking at her shockingly.
Swara:Yes beauty u called me.
Meera: Yes plz go to the kitchen to check that everything is ready for breakfast or not?
Swara: Sure.
Swara goes to the kitchen and Tia gets a call.
Tia(shocked):What?(listening her shout everyone comes to her)How?In which hospital OK I will tell her.
Sanjay(worried): What happened Tia?Why r u so much tensed and whose call was this?
Tia(tensed):Ragini was there.
Sanjay(confused):Ragini who?
Tia:Swara’s younger sister.
Sujata: What she said?
Tia(tensed):Mom she said that Shekhar uncle has a fatal accident and he is in I.C.U in a critical condition.
Everyone gets shocked.
Sujata(worried):Oh God!
Tia: Mom tension is this that how will tell Swara about this.
Sujata: Yes how we will tell her that her baba is in a critical condition.
Everyone were tensed when suddenly they hear a falling sound,they turned around and gets shocked seeing Swara there from whom the plate was fallen.
Swara(fumbles):Baba…..She started to shiver and faints.
Sanskar runs towards Swara and take her in his lap.
Sanskar(worried ):Swara open ur eyes,Swara plz open ur eyes(shouts)someone calls the doctor.
Arjun: Sanskar I’m a doctor.
Sanskar(tensed):So do something .
Arjun: First we should take her to take her to her room.
Arjun takes Swara from Sanskar and started to go upstairs, Sanskar saw Swara helplessly.
Everyone was present in the room highly tensed and concerned. Arjun was checking Swara.
Tia(concerned):Arjun Bhai what happened to her?
Arjun: She faint due to shock.
Everyone gets more tensed.
Tia: And when will be she gets conscious?
Arjun(looking at Swara):I have given her the injection after 2-3hours she will be conscious.
I think we all should wait till she gains conscious.
Ram: I think Arjun is saying right.

Everyone goes out side and sits in the hall.
After 3 hours.
Tia: It has been 3 hours,I will go and check Swara.
Arjun: Wait I will also come with u.
Both goes to Swara’s room and everyone hears Tia’s shout.
Everyone goes to Swara’s room and shocked to see that Swara was putting her clothes in the suitcase and was blabering.
Swara(roaming here and there):I have to go to baba,he needs me,I have to go to him.
Tia(looking at Swara shockingly):Swara what r u doing?
Swara: Tia baba needs me,he needs me.
She started to walk faster here and there.
Tia: Swara plz stop.
Arjun holds Swara’s shoulder .
Swara: Arjun leave I have to go to baba.
Arjun (stops her):Swara come in senses(began to shake her)we can understand ur condition (Swara gets numb)Swara
Swara stops and hugged Arjun and started cry bitterly.
Sanskar forwards but Kavita holds his hand.
Kavita: I think Tia and Arjun are enough for her.
Sanskar backs off. Sanskar goes from there angrily and disappointed
Arjun (caressing her hairs):Sh..sh Swara everything will be fine,we all r here and with u also.
Swara(wiping her tears):Arjun I want to go back now.
Everyone gets shocked
Swara(determined):Yes now.
Arjun(put hand on her shoulder): But u r not in a condition to go
Swara: I don’t care. U book the tickets right now
Ram(interrupted):Let her go(everyone looks at him)I will book the tickets.
He goes outside and came after a while.
Ram: I have talked to them,there is not flight for today and u can go tomorrow.
Swara(finally agrees):OK
Everyone breaths of relief.
Arjun: Swara u should take rest now because u need it very much.
Everyone goes outside but Meera stops Tia.
Meera(to Tia):Tia I think u should go to Swara .
Tia: I was going to ask u the same thing.
At The Night.
Tia came out from the room and she dashed with Sanskar.
Sanskar(desperately):Tia I want to meet Swara.
Tia: But she is sleeping.
Sanskar: No problem just 5 minutes.
Tia(after thinking): OK but just 5 minutes.

He immediately goes inside Swara’s room and her eyes welled up seeing Swara lying like a lifeless body.
He sits near Swara and he holds her hand.
Sanskar(crying):Plz Swara forgive me,plz I didn’t want to hurt u but it happens,I m sorry plz become normal Swara(with painful voice)I can’t see u like this.Punish me,scold me but ur this condition is like someone is stabbing me,plz….
He looks at Swara a tear escape from Swara’s closed eye.
He sees it kisses on her forehead and leave with a heavy heart

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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