Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 17

Episode 17
Next Day
Sanskar was combing his hairs,when Swara face flashes in front of him.
Sanskar(irritated):Stop it Sanskar,stop thinking about her.
When he was scolding himself,his phone rings. He smiles looking at the caller I’d.
Sanskar(smiles):Hi Raj, how r u?
Raj(happy and excited):I’m fine dude,today I’m so much happy.
Sanskar:What happened?
Raj(happily):Finally my love accepted my proposal.
Sanskar(shocked):What? But how ?
Sanskar(fumbles):No nothing,I was saying that congratulations dude.
Raj:Thanks yr.
Sanskar(sad):So when u r coming to Udaipur.
Raj(confused):Udaipur but why?
Sanskar (sadly):To take Swara,yr but let her attend her friend wedding.
Raj(confused):Hold on hold on ,why will I bring her back?
Sanskar:Because she is ur love na.
Raj(shocked):Who said this that I love Swara,I love Sheetal.
Sanskar(opens his mouth):What?
Raj:Yes infact I never loved Swara.
Sanskar(highly tensed):So what was that in school?
Raj:It was just a infatuation.
Sanskar:U told us that Swara and u were in a relation and she left u and what was at the reunion party?
Raj(guilty):Woh I actually I lied to u all.
Sanskar: Why?
Raj(starts the story):When u left Swara,I proposed her but she simply refused,she said that she only loves Sanskar(Sanskar gets shocked)but I didn’t give up I tried many times but her answer was fixed.

Then I got angry and when u asked me I told u that we both were in relation but Swara gets to know about it,she explains me that,Relationship Are Not Forcefully Mend,They Are Mend By Heart.Then I met Sheetal and I started to love her and on Reunion we had a big fight that’s why I cut my wrist but thanks to Swara,she solved our problem(Sanskar got speechless)U know Swara Loves U Very Much,U R Very Lucky To Have Her.
Sanskar(immediately cuts the call):Raj I…. I will call u later bye.
Sanskar immediately runs to find Swara and Swara’s words were echoing in his mind.
“I hope u never got to know the truth because I can’t see u guilty in front of me.”
Sanskar goes to kaka:Kaka have u seen Swara.
Kaka:Ya she is upstairs.
Sanskar runs to the upstairs and saw her working.
Sanskar(comes to Swara):Swara I came to know the truth.
Swara gets shocked
Swara(fumbles):Truth what truth.
Sanskar:About u and Raj,u were never in relation with him.
Swara(tensed):U must have some misunderstanding.
Sanskar: Now all the misunderstandings r cleared.
Swara(about to go):I think cutie is calling me.
Sanskar(holds her hand):I’m continuously talking to u and u r avoiding me.
Swara(resist):Sanskar plz leave my hand, I have to go.
Sanskar(angrily):No first answer my question.
Swara(still resisting):What questions?Leave my hand Sanskar.
Sanskar angrily and forcibly drags Swara in a room.
Swara:Sanskar leave my hand.
Sanskar(angrily):I said first answer me.
Swara(turns her face):I’m not answerable to u.
Sanskar: Answer me Swara answer me damm it why u hide this from me?
Swara(finally speaks):Yes I hide this from u but only because of u(he leaves her hands)u said that u don’t love me and had move on so I decide to not to tell u about this till that time i didnt know that u left me for Raj.
u on what Sanskar u didnt love me ever.u used me like a football if u ever loved u could tell me ur problem we can solve it together.
Sanskar (cups her face) :No Swara this is not true I ….
Swara(removes his hands wipes her tears):Anyways that was our past now u have moved on and I have also,so forget it.
Swara was about to leave but Sanskar blocks her.
Swara(closes her eyes):Sanskar plz…
Sanskar: Just tell me one thing u have moved on or not.
Sanskar(little angry):Swara don’t lie that u have moved on if u had moved on so why r u still wearing the ‘SS’ locket which I gifted u(Swara looks at the locket)and why u crossed or fingers then said no one when Arjun asked u that there is some else also whom u love(Swara gets shocked)yes ,I have seen you when u were crossing u fingers.
When Swara said No one to Arjun, Sanskar’s spoon slips in shock,it falls under the table. Sanskar bends to take it and saw Swara’s crossed fingers.

Swara: U have mistaken Sanskar it was not like that.
Sanskar(turns her towards him):What is ur problem Swara why r u doing this?OK just do one thing then I will let u go.
Swara: What ?
Sanskar: Just say it for once that u don’t love me(Swara looks at Sanskar shockingly) Come on say it(started to move forward)
Swara(started to move backward):I..I…
Sanskar(comes closer to her):Say it little louder Swara,say that u don’t love me(pins her to the wall and whispers in her ears)whenever I comes close to u,ur heartbeat doesn’t raises(Swara’s heart beat raises)why u always looks for me in my absence, tell me Swara.
Soon Swasan forehead started to touch and they were so close to each other. There was an inch gap between their face. Sanskar started to decrease that distance too while Swara was breathing heavily. Swassn’s perfect moment was spoiled by Arjun.
Arjun(shouts from outside):Swara…
Both came back to their position and Swara pushes him and runs from the room.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara goes to Arjun.
Swara:Yes Arjun
Arjun: Swara where were u ? I was looking for u?
Swara:I was in the store,Ya tell me any work
Arjun: Ya I was saying that u aren’t ready till now the priest is about to come for the marriage
Swara:Ya u go I will get ready in few minutes.
Swara looks back and saw that Sanskar was smiling while looking at her,she goes to her room and Sanskar his one.
Swara In her room goes in front of the mirror,she remembered her and Sanskat’s closeness.
Swara(shakes her head)Swara stop thinking about him and let’s get for the marriage.

In The Evening
Swara gets ready,she was wearing a silver safari with stones,today Swara was very happy because Sanskar came to know the truth,now he don’t blame her.
Swara goes downstairs and Arjun and Sanskar both of them saw Swara and they misses their heart beat. Swara gets busy in talking to the guests while Sanskar and Arjun both are unable to remove their eyes from her. Tia and Sanjay’s wedding is completed.
At Night
Swara was in the garden,enjoying the weather when Sanskar stands beside her.
Sanskar: Enjoying the weather?
Swara: Yaa and you?
Sanskar(smiles):Enjoying your presence.
Swara blushes
Suddenly the thunder strikes and Swara immediately holds Sanakar’s arm,both of them looked at each other , they have an eye lock.

Episode Ends

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  1. Awsum yaar..loved it..everything is grtting good b/w SwaSan nw bt hope dat Arjun dnt Create any Prblm nw..n Continue Soon

  2. who is playing the role for Arjun?

    1. Vivain Dsena

  3. superb……dear

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  5. I’m so happy tht sanky got to know the truth yipee??

  6. Plz update next part soon…aweaome story..I loved it

  7. I think this Arjun will creat some mess

  8. How can Swara forgive Sanskar so easily ?

    1. Because she loved her and when we love someone we can forgive that person

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