Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 16


Episode 16

Swasan were looking at each other.Swara comes close to Sanskar and tries to finish the tangle.
Sanskar:May I ?
Swara nods her head in yes.
Sanskar finish the tangle,and leave her dupatta.Swara immediately goes to the seat and sits beside Kavita
During the whole journey Sanskar was staring at Swara through the mirror and they reaches the Aj’s ice cream parlor and everyone sits together. Waiter ask everyone order.
Waiter(to Swasan):Mam,Sir you both.
Swasan(together):Caremal Crunch
Swasan looks at each other.

After having a good time everyone started to leave.All goes outside the parlor.
Swara:Oh I think I have forgot to bring my mobile,I will come in two minutes.
Arjun:OK go.
Swara goes inside but she didn’t for five minutes.
Sanskar(tensed):Where is she?Why she didn’t come yet.
Tia(tense):Now I’m also getting worried.
Sanskar:I will go and check.her.
Sanskar goes inside without wasting one more second.
Sanskar reaches the inside and saw that Swara was sitting in a corner,damm scared and sweating.
Sanskar (worried):Swara what happened? Why r u sweating so badly(He wiped his sweat and Swara immediately hugged him tightly)Swara plz tell me,why r u scaring me so much?plz
Swara point towards someone. Sanskar follow the direction of Swara’s finger and gets shocked. He saw the same rowdies,on the counter.
Swara(scared and shivering):Sanskar they they r the same rowdies,who who….(and hugged him again)
Sanskar(caresses her face):Swara no no don’t get scared I’m here na and I go and teach them a lesson
He was about to go but Swara holds his hand,Sanskar looks at her shockingly.
Swara:No need to go to them Sanskar,plz let’s go from there plz.
Sanskar:OK OK we r going right now.

On the other hand,everyone were waiting for Swasan
Tia:Where they left?
Arjun:Let me check now
Arjun was about to go but they saw Swasan coming and Swara was holding Sanskar:s hand .
Swara runs towards Tia and hugged her.
Tia:Swara what happened? Sanskar why she is so scared?
Sanskar tells Tia everything, Arjun and Sanjay but Tia stops them.
Tia:Guys don’t create a mess,those goon didn’t see Swara only she saw her so it would be better to move quietly from here.

Everyone agrees after convincing,they sit in the car Swara puts her head on Tia’s shoulder and holds her hand tightly. Arjun and Sanskar both looks at Swara and Sanskar feels guilty because indirectly he was responsible for her condition. Soon they reaches at the home at goes to their respective rooms.
Kavita(angrily walking in her room):Swara u r trying to snatch my love name,I will not leave u,I will pressurize u so much that u will left the house.
After 2 Days
Sangeet Ceremony Day
Swara has now become normal and no one discussed this matter to the elders.
The whole house was decorated,everyone was enjoying the Sangeet while Kavita was planning something and she got her chance.In the night when everyone goes to their rooms.
Kavita places broken pieces of glass on kitchen’s floor and goes to Swara.
Kavita:Swara Sujata aunty gave me this thal to put it in kitchen.Can u do this work I have to attend a call.
Swara:Sure Kavita.
Kavita:Thanks and hugs her (while smirking)
Swara goes to kitchen while Kavita was so sure about her plan that she didn’t bother to check and goes to her room happily.
Swara entered the kitchen and her foot get injured by the glass pieces.
Swara(winches in pain):Ah…Maa
Sanskar was passing from there and heard Swara’s winch and runs towards her.He saw that her foot was bleeding badly
Sanskar(concerened and worried):Swara how this happened?
Swara(in pain):I was walking here and the my foot gets injured by them.
Sanskar(concerned):How much careless u r Swara?
He take out some glass pieces.
Sanskar:I’m sorry.
Swara:It’s okay
She tries to get up but it was very difficult for her
Sanskar:Let me help!
Swara(stops him):No,I will manage.
Sanskar(angrily):U r not able to stand properly,how will u walk.
Sanskar:Why u don’t always listen to me.(Swara looks at Sanskar)Now quiet. (He support Swara)
Swara was not able to walk due to pain,Sanskar take Swara in his arms,Swara looks at him shockingly and he started to move.

Pal Do Pal Ki Kyun Hai Zindagi
Is Pyar Ko Hai Sadiyaan Kafi Nahi
To Khuda Se Manglaun Mauhlat Aik Nayi
Rejna Hai Bas Yahan Ab Dur Tujhse Jana Nahi

Swasan were lost in each othet’s eyes but soon Swara broke the eye lock and started to see on the opposite while Sanskar was still lookin at her.

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai,
Suhana Har Dard Hai.
Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai,
Suhana Har Dard Hai

Sanskar places Swara on the bed softly and started to move,he turned around and saw her struggling with the bandage.He reminiscenes his past
Swara was doing some project and her hand get injured, she goes to do the bandage.Sanskar came to see her and saw her facing difficulty in bandaging.
Swara(without touching the injury):Ah..ah(Sanskar laughs and Swara looks at him angrily)Why r u laughing?Is it a joke?
Sanskar(laughing):Swara what r doing, is this a way to do bandage
Swara:Don’t u know how much appeared while bandaging.
Sanskar (laughingly):How u will bandage ur patients?
Swara(angrily):I have to do their bandage not mine.
Sanskar(taking the first aid box):OK now let me see.
Swara(scared):Will it pain?
Sanskar (smiles):Just talk to me,it will not pain.
Swasan began to talk Sanskar soon finishes Swara’s bandage.
Sanskar(after finishing):It’s done.
Swara(happily):Wow it’s done and it didn’t pain also.
Sanskar:See I told u
Swara:U r a magician.
Sanskar:Only Swara’s magician
Both smiles
A smile appeared on his face and comes to Swara.
Sanskar(while bending):May I?
Swara(moves baxk):Hmmm
Sanskar was about to place antiseptic.
Swara (innocently):It will pain na?
Sanskar nods his head in negative.
Sanskar:Just look at me.

Humdard tune plays

Sanskar was bandaging Swara but was looking at Swara both were talking through eyes trying to explains each other’s condition of heart.
Swara(breaking the eye lock):Its done..
Swara:The bandaging.
Sanskar keeps the first aid box and was near to the door.
Swara:Sanskar (he turns) thanks.
Sanskar(smiles):No problem.
At Late Night.
Sanskar was feeling restless, he was roaming here and there. Finally he goes to check Swara,he peeps inside her room’s door and gets shocked because Swara was happily talking to Arjun. Sanskar feels jealous and immediately goes from there.
Swara(during talking looks here and there):Why do I feel that Sanskar was here?

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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