Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 15


Episode 15
In The Morning
Everyone were coming for breakfast. Arjun called Tia.
Arjun:Tia did u check Swara?
Tia:Not now bhaiya after breakfast,let her sleep she will take time to overcome from that incident.
Arjun:Ya u r right.
Everyone came to dining and saw that Swara was already present.
Arjun and Tia looked at each other.
Swara(stands up):How much late u all r? I was waiting for u,come let’s start the breakfast I’m starving.
Arjun(confused):What is she? She is acting so normal.
Tia(smiles):She is just like that.
Arjun sits beside Swara while Sanskar sits opposites to her.
Swara(smiling):Mr.Singhania it’s good u sit here.
Swara:I want to say thanks to u for yesterday.
Arjun:OK I will accept ur thank u only if u call me only Arjun.
Swara (hesitates):But….
Arjun:OK then I will not accept ur thanks.
Swara(surrenders):OK but u will also call me Swara not Ms.Swara or Gadodia.
Arjun(smiles):OK for sure and from now on no sorry and no thank u in friendship.
Swara and Sanskar looks at each other.

Swara(forwards her hand):Friends?
Sanskar thinks.
Sanskar(forwards his hand but backs in middle):Only friends nothing else.
Swara backs her hand and started to go.
Sanskar(insists):OK OK..(forward his hand)friends.
(Swara smiles and shakes her hand)and sorry for disturbing u so much.
Swara :Oh hello,there is a rule in my friendship NO SORRY NO THANK U
Sanskar:Ohhhh…but I have already listened this dialogue in a movie I guess.
Swara(proudly):Ya ya…u know every writer ask dialogues from me for their movies.
Swara: Yes of course.
Swasan laughs and give HiFi to each other.

Swasan were still looking at each other.
Arjun(waves his hand in front of her face):Swara where are u lost?
Both break the eye lock.
Swara:Ya..I’m listening and ya no sorry and no thank u.
Swajun smiles while Sanskar gets irked.
Swara:Tia did u talk to Neha,when she is coming.I’m missing her so much.
Tia:Yes I talked to her, she said she will come on the day before marriage. U know na there are only
Swara(tensed):Yes I know
Tia:Don’t take tension,her wedding will be simple not a destination.
Swara(relaxed):Thank God
Meera(interrupted):Swara beta can I ask u a question?
Swara:Ya sure beauty,go a head.
Meera:Swara beta do u have a boyfriend?
Swara was drinking juice and started to cough badly.Sanskar immediately gives her water while giving Sanskar hands brushes with Swara and both looks at each other.
Meera:Beta I just asked.
Swara(during coughing):No no aunty it’s OK
Tia(laughs):Aunty Swara aur boyfriend impossible and I also think that she is allergic to marriage.
Swara(give her a angry glare):It’s nothing like that when I will get a perfect partner then I will sure get married.
Meera:Swara do u love someone?
Swasan gets shocked
Swara:Honestly Yes.
Everyone all together: Whom?
Swara(thinks for a while):Maya,baba,Ragini and Rahul.
Arjun:No one else?
Swara (brings her hand under the table and crossed her fingers):No one
Sanskar get shocked because he didn’t expect this answer.
Arjun (relaxed):Thank God.
Swara(confused):Did u say something?
Swara phone started to ring.
Swara:Excuse me everyone.
Sujata:Swara beta breakfast.
Swara(smiles):I’m done cutie.
Swara goes to attend the call,Sanskar quietly leaves the table also Kavita noticed it.

In The Garden
Swara after attending the call turned around and saw Sanskar behind her.
Sanskar: Swara I want to say sorry for yesterday,I didn’t expect that this will happen.
Swara:Sanskar why this happens that u become the cause of my pain(Sanskar bows his head in guilt)OK let it be,I’m not here to dig old stories u asked me forgiveness I Forgive U.
Sanskar shocked. Swara started to leave Sanskar turns towards her.
Sanskar(shocked):You forgave me(he was facing Swara’s back)so easily,without any scolding aur taunt, aren’t u angry from me
Swara(only turns her face half):Sanskar we get angry to those with whom we share a relation not to Strangers.
Swara: Yes Sanskar we r strangers.
Swara goes from there and the word Strangers echoed in his ears.
The whole day Sanskar thinks about the word Stranger,

Next Day
Sanskar was working on his laptop when Kavita entered his room.
Kavita:Oh I’m so sorry,I don’t know that u r busy,I will come later.
Sanskar(put his laptop aside):No no come in.
Kavita:Sanskar I was thinking that let’s go out today.
Kavita:Yes Sanskar, it have been many days of our relation and we didn’t go to somewhere plz plz
Kavita gets happy and hugged him but Sanskar didn’t hugged her back.
Kavsan were on their way when their car breaks down.
Kavita:Sanskar what happened?
Sanskar(looking into the engine):I think there is some problem in engine.
Kavita:Oh no now what will happen?
At that moment a car stopped near them and the window of the car downs.
Arjun:What happened Sanskar any problem?
Sanskar (gets down that Swara was sitting beside Arjun while Sanjay and Tia were sitting at the back):Ya actually there is some problem in the engine and we were going to Aj’s ice cream parlour.
Arjun:Wow what a coincidence we all r also going there so u both also join us.
Sanskar: No no no need
Kavita:Sanskar let’s go na plz
On Kavita’s insistence Sanskar agreed,he started to sit back.
Arjun:Sanskar can u sit with me I want to talk with u.
Arjun:Swara if u don’t mind….
Swara:Oh no problem.
Sanskar came near to the door Swara gets out from the car and started to leave but stops as her dupatta started to pull,she turns around and saw that her dupatta is struck with Sanskar’s watch.
Both Swasan looked at each other.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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