Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 14


Episode 14
Tia(shocked):You left her alone,how could u do this to her.
Sanskar(angry):Because she lied to me,she said that there is some rasam in morning and there is no car present in the house.
Tia:What do u think of yourself? She didn’t give any excuse and how do u know that there is no rasam?
Sanskar:I confirmed.
Tia:So the person from u confirmed must don’t know about this.Yes there was a rasam in the morning but our priest postponed it due to some inauspicious time (Sanskar gets shocked) and there was no car till evening and I guess u both went before evening.
Its was another shock for him.
Sanskar(tensed and fumbles):A..a..are u sure?
Tia:Why would I will lie?U left her alone while u know that she is new in this city and how much she is afraid of darkness(Sanskar gets more tensed).
Sanskar started to panic and then he remembered those rowdies. His heart started to beat more fastly.
Sanskar(tensed):Tia u try to call her

Tia called her.
Tia:Switched off,If something will happened to her I will not leave u.
Sanskar immediately runs towards the car and started to go and stopped at that place where he left her.
He remembered Tia’s words and the rowdies he shouted.
Sanskar: Swara…….Swara……Swara
But no response he gets more tensed and he reminiscences his past.
Swasan were at the library alone and finding some book when suddenly the power breakdown and the door gets automatically locked. It was completely darkness Swasan goes towards the door.
Sanskar(tried to open it):Swara it’s not opening, I think it is locked
Swara:Let me try.
She was trying to open it and also was calling someone for help.
Sanskar’s mind strike an idea.He himself behind the last rack of books.
Swara(tensed):Sanskar it’s not opening (she turned around and saw that he was not there) Sanskar…..(she shouts)Sanskar
Sanskar was enjoying it.

Swara:Sanskar where are u?If its a joke than plz stop it (scared)
Sanskar was quietly laughing.
Swara(started to cry):Sanskar plz come back plz.
Sanskar realizes that the joke has turned into serious one,he immediately comes out.
Swara turns back and gets happy and runs towards him and hugged him tightly, Sanskar hugs her back.
Swara():U scared me where were u?I’m scared of darkness,if u didn’t come in few minutes I must have died.
Sanskar(put his finger on Swara’s lips):Sh..sh..don’t say this,I’m sorry I don’t know that u r scared of darkness(he holds his ears)
Swara puts his down back and nods her head in no need.Sanskar smiles and hugged and after sometime lights came back
After finding Swara for 2 hours continuously,he gain no result so being disappointed he goes back.
Tia(worried and tensed):Where is she?Did u find her?
Sanskar nods his head in negative. Tia sits on couch and holds his head.
Sanskar(guilty and tensed):Tia look I’m really sorry… I don’t know that this will happen
Tia(angry):U should have known it Sanskar,U know u don’t deserve Swara,if Swara didn’t ask me to talk to u normally I never talked to u(angrily stands up)u know u r….(she was scolding and looks at door and shocked)Swara….

Sanskar turn back and get shocked seeing Swara fainted and in Arjun’s arm.
Both runs towards them.
Tia(concerned and worried):Swara…Arjun bhaiya what happened to her? Is she OK name?Why she is fainted?
Arjun(worried):I also don’t know actually when I was coming back suddenly Swara came in front of my car and fainted so I directly brings her here.
Tia:U did it correct, plz do one more favour plz take her to her room.
Arjun:OK no problem.
The trio bring Swara in her room and Arjun put Swara on her bed and Tia sprinkled some water on her and Swara opened her eyes slowly.
Tia(happily):Swara r u okay na.
Swara (weakly):How did I come here.
Tia:I think I should tell mom about this.
Tia was about to go Swara holds her hand.
Swara():No need to tell anyone, everyone will get tensed .
Arjun:I think Swara is right.

Swara:U didn’t tell me how did I came here?
Arjun:I bring u here,u came in front of my car and fainted but why u were running.
Tia(angrily looks at Sanskar):It is all because of….
Swara(interrupted):Me(Sanskar and Tia gets shocked)
Arjun(confused):Because of u but how?
Swara:Actually I went to collect some dresses and I also did some of my shopping and didn’t notice the time, then I hire a cab but it breaks down in middle he asked me to wait but I give him money and started to walk alone, suddenly some goons began to follow and I ran from them and comes in front of ur car.
Sanskar was shocked that Swara saved her.
Arjun:It’s good that u r save,OK good night and take care.
Arjun goes out and Sanskar comes to Swara,seeing Sanskar Swara lay down and turned her face opposite to him.
Sanskar(guilty):Swara I ….

Swara(without looking vat him):Tia when u will go plz switch off the lights.
Sanskar backs his hand by making a fist and Sanskar disappointingly goes from Swara’s room.
Tia:He has gone.(Swara turn towards Tia)Why u saved him?How much u will suffer from his pain.

Tia:Sometimes I m unable to understand u,OK good night and take care.
Swara(smiles):OK good night.
Tia leaves and on the other hand Sanskar decide to ask forgiveness from Swara.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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