Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 13


Episode 13
Next Day
In The Morning
Everyone were at the dining,discussing about the wedding but Swasan were very quite,Sujata noticed it.
Sujata:Swara,Sanskar why u both r so quite,Is everything OK?
Swasan looked at each other.
Swasan together: Yes everything is ok

Arjun:Ms.Swara after breakfast come with me,I have to show u some preparations and list of some doctors.
Swara (smiles):Sure.
After breakfast Swajun goes together for their work.Kavita came to Sanskar.
Kavita(sweetly):Sanskar let’s celebrate our new relation and let’s tell elders about our relation.
Sanskar:Not now Kavita,neither celebration and nor to tell anyone.OK?
Kavita:OK and angrily goes from there.
Sanskar was talking with his clients,when he saw Swara, her hairs were flowing and she was guiding everyone.
A curve appears on his lips,he thinks:Her habit of leadership will never go.
Sanskar’s smile faded away,when he saw Arjun coming towards Swara and both were talking happily. Sanskar angrily goes from there.

In The Evening
Sujata called Swara
Swara:Yes cutie u called me
Sujata:Oh yes Swara I need ur favour?
Swara:Come on say it na….
Sujata:Swara,actually we all r going to the temple and the designer also called me and said to me that I take that dresses.So can u?
Swara:Oho cutie,I will collect them.
Sujata:Thank u so much beta(Swara was about to go)acha listen there is a rasam at night so come soon .
Swara goes outside and saw that there was no car in the parking.
Swara:Cutie there is no car in parking.
Sujata: Oh I guess all cars are busy,now how will u go?
Swara:Don’t worry I will manage.
Sujata:No no I can’t send u alone.
Sujata:I said no so no(Sujata watches Sanskar going outside.)look Sanskar is going somewhere u go and ask him.

Sujata:No me. of course u,now go time is running plz.(Ram called Sukata)coming.
Swara looked at the sky in a pleading way.Swara goes to Sanskar.
Sanskar(shocked and turns back):You called me?
Sanskar:What happened?
Swara:Who actually I need ur help,I have to go to a mall to collect some dresses so cutie I mean Sujata aunty told me to go with u as there is no car in house present now.So?
Sanskar(thinks):OK Let’s go.
Swara: Hmm
Both goes together and Kavita saw them going together.
Kavita(angry):This Swara,never leaves Sanskar but I very well to teach lesson to these type of girls.Just Wait And Watch Swara.
Swasan starts their journey with silence and they soon reaches the mall.First they collected the dresses then Swara saw a toy and jewellery shop beside each other.

Swara(excited and holds Sanskar hand):Sanskar one minute.
Sanskar(confused):What happened?
Swara point towards the shop,Sanskar looks at her unbelieveingly.
Sanskar(ridiculously):Are u serious Swara?
Swara(innocently):Please Sanskar.
Sanskar(melts looking at her):OK u go I will wait here.
Swara(Happily):Thank u so much.
Swara goes to the shop excitedly Sanskar gets a call,he attended it little far and there was.a group of rowdies when a rowdy come to them.
Rowdy 1:Boss there is a beautiful piece doing shopping in the jewellery shop.
Boss:Really,how she looks.
Rowdy:Oh boss she is just a unique piece I think she is new in our city.
Boss:It’s OK we will give her the tour of the city (and give his man a HiFi)
Sanskar passes from them and listened there conversation and then he noticed that they were talking about Swara he gets angry and goes to the shop.
Swara(excited):Sanskar see what I have bought.

Sanskar(angry):Swara let’s go.
Swara: Sanskar but…
Sanskar angrily drags her from the shop and Swara sits quietly in the car.
The Sun has sat and it was night.
Sanskar was thinking about those goons words and was very much angry ,suddenly his phone started to ring,he attend it.
Kavita:Sanskar where r u?
Sanskar: Me and Swara went to the mall to collect some dresses for the rasam for tomorrow morning’s rasam.
Kavita:But tomorrow morning there is no rasam.

Sanskar:No u must be mistaken there is a rasam.
Kavita:No there is no rasam,I think Swara misunderstood it.It’s OK u come with her actually I have to go parlour but it’s OK there are so many cars here.
Sanskar:One minute,is there cars are already present.
Kavita(smirking):Yes OK bye Sanskar
Sanskar stops the car and looked at Swara.
Sanskar(angrily):Swara get down from the car.
Sanskar(shouts):I said get down.
Swara being scared immediately gets down Sanskar start the car and left her alone on the road.
Swara(thinks):You again left me in middle Sanskar (she was at the verge of crying but controlled herself and started to walk)
At Tia’s House
Tia was reading a magazine and she saw Sanskar coming from the door.
Tia(stands up and searches from door):Sanskar where is Swara?Is she coming with dresses.
Sanskar began to move again,Tia comes in front of him.
Tia:I’m asking something from u Sanskar,where is she?

Sanskar(attitude):I don’t know,she must be coming and I don’t care.
Tia:What do u mean u don’t care? Say it clearly where is she,where is my friend?
Sanskar(frustrated and shouts):I left her alone on the road.
Tia gets shocked
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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