Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 12


Episode 12
Bottle was pointing at Swara and Swasan were looking at each other.
Sanjay:Wow the hunter has became the hunt now Swara get up.
Swara looks at Tia and Ajay and both signals her to do it.
Swara(took a long breath):OK (and stands up)
Sanskar looks at her surprisingly
Both Swasan were in the middle.
Sanskar(come towards Swara):Aj jau main tumse baat kahne jaa raha hun woh baat itne saalaun se maine apne ap se bhi chupa kar rakhi,bohat pyaar karta hun tumse nahi rah sakta tmhare bina (Swara was holding her dupatta tightly and Sanskar cups her face)tumhe kisi aur kay sath dekh kar bohat ghussa ata hai,jab ankh main aansu dekhta hun tau us wajah ko khatam kardena chahta hun,jab tum muskurati ho tau tmhare sath muskurana chahta gun
(Swara can’t take this anymore and started to go but Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him and now both were sharing an intense eye lock)
Mujhe pata hai Kay tum bhi mujhse pyaar karte ho lkin kehti nhi ho but aj main kehta hun I LOVE YOU SWARA, I LOVE U VERY MUCH…..

Both were looking into each other eyes and forgot about their surrounding but their eye lock was broken by Sanjay
Sanjay:Sanskar owsum yr what a proposal. (Swasan came back into their senses and compose themselves)It was like u were really proposing Swara,well done man.
Sanskar:Thanks (looks at Swara while she was wiping her tears)
Ajay:I think this is enough for tonight and tomorrow morning is ur and Tia’s Haldi rasam so u both should sleep now.
Sanjay:Ya I totally forgot,let’s go now.
Everyone goes to their respective rooms.
Swara sits on her bed and thinks
Swara POV:Why it is happening with me.Whenever I try to maintain distance from Sanskar destiny brings me infront of him,the words which he told me were true or not? Swara don’t think so much it was just a game that’s it.And from now on try to be far from him.
Swara put her thoughts in a side while on other hand Sanskar was roaming in his room here and there
Sanskar POV: Sanskar, what was that yr,that u done downstairs (crossing his fingers into his hairs)those were not the words which I thought to spoke to her and when I came in front of her words were just slipping from my mouth and her eyes(he remembered Swara’s eyes)were so pure and I can also see the pain in her eyes.(Sanskar jerks his thoughts)No,she is not like the one whom I saw today, she has stone instead of heart,she broke her relation with my friend and because of her my friend try to commit suicide.No I can’t forgive her,I hate her.I HATE YOU SWARA (he shouts)
Swara who was sleeping,get up with a jerk and looked here and there.
Swara(confused):I feel that someone called me but there is no one
The ceremony was in morning,the whole house was decorated.Swara was wearing yellow kurti,patiala shalwar and dupatta.Sanskar was wearing yellow kurta and white shalwar.
Swara and Sanskar both were coming down from the stairs in opposite direction and both came face to face,looked at each other remembers yesterday’s incident and looked away.
There was partition between Sanjay and Tia during their haldi rasam.First everyone place haldi on Tia and then Sanjay and then they both were being bathed from milk.Everyone was enjoying the function.

In The Evening
The elders were on other place,discussing about the further preparation while the youngsters were talking and enjoying. Sanskar gets a call,he goes to attend it and Kavita follow him.He looked at her.
Sabskar:Kavita do u want something?
Kavita(kneels down):Sanskar I really Love You,Will u accepte my proposal?
After listening to Kavita’s words everyone gets shocked.
Sanskar(shocked):Kavita,this much suddenly.
Kavita:Not suddenly Sanskar,I liked u from school.Plz tell me ur answer.
Sanskar once looked at Swara reminiscences their past(their school life moments,his recent moments and then Raj’s suicide attempted condition)
Swara was also looking at him and her condition was same.
Sanskar(still looking at Swara):I accept ur proposal Kavita.
Its a thunder for Swara and shock for everyone
Kavita(happily):Really Sanskar(Sanskar nods his head in positive)Thank u so much
She hugged him and he hugged her back.
Kavita:But before u I want to thank someone else who give me courage.
Kavita goes to Swara and hugged her says:Thank u so much Swara for encouraging me.
Everyone looksat Swara.
Swara(tries her best to smile):No need, I’m very much happy for both of u(looks at Sanskar)

Swara was working in the kitchen when Kavita came to her.
Swara:Aray Kavita,u here do u want something?
Kavita:Swara actually I need or help.
Kavita:Yes,I love someone and want to confess my feeling.
Swara:So say today,don’t miss this opportunity. Kavita is he here?
Swara was doing some work after listening Sanskar’s name she stopped for a while and looked at Kavita.
Kavita:Nice choice na?
Swara just nod her head.
Kavita(hugged Swara and smirks):Oh Swara thank for ur suggestion

Swara(releasing from hug):Excuse me everyone.
She goes to her room and sit on bed with a thud.(she remembers Sanskar accepting the proposal)
Someone knocked on her door.She open it and saw Tia and Ajay at the door.
Tia(coming into room):What was that Swara?
Tia:You told Kavita to confess his feelings to Sanskar.
Swara: Yes.
Tia(holds her shoulder):Why Swara,why r letting ur love to go away from u?
Swara:About which love u r talking?It’s true that I love Sanskar but he don’t love me that’s why he accepted Kavita’s proposal.

Ajay:It could be possible that he do it in anger.
Swara:Now I don’t know he do it whole heartedly or in anger,I only knows that now he is Kavita’s only.
Swara started to walk towards dressing table.
Tia:Will u able to forget him?(Swara stops and Tia cones in front.of her)Tell me Swara will u able u forget him?
Swara(smiles scrastically):When I will get to know the answer u both will be the first whom I will tell.
Ajay:So u sacrificed ur love.
(Sanskar was passing through the Swara’s room but stopped after listening the word sacrifice.)So u sacrificed ur love like he did?
Swara:Yes(Sanskar angrily goes from there)but I did it when I know that he don’t love me and he sacrificed me when I loved him.
Sanskar comes to his room and hits the chair with his leg.
Sanskar(angrily):How can she sacrifice me?U have to pay for this Swara Gadodia.
Scene splits on Swara’s sad face and Sanskar’s angry face

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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