Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 11


Episode 11
Swara turned around and saw Arjun at her back.
Arjun:Yes actually I was passing from here and saw u here,r u okay?
Arjun: Missing ur family?
Swara(sadly):Yes,sometimes it happened na that being surrounded by many people u still feel lonely.
Arjun nods his head in yes.
Arjun:I can understand ur pain.
Swara looks at him confusingly.
Arjun:OK leave all that and me have u taken ur dinner?
Swara:Not now.
Arjun:So when will u take it?Infact today someone told me that we should not make the food wait for us.
Swara(simles):Oh my lines on me.
Arjun:It’s good,finally u smiles OK let’s go now.
They go to kitchen and started to renew the food.
Swara(while working):So tell me why r u still awake?
Arjun: Actually I was not feeling sleepy.

Arjun: I was finding kaka for one more cup of strong black coffee.
Swara:No wonder why u were not feeling sleepy(placing food on dining)
Both of them seated and started to talk.
Swara:OK Mr. Singhania ur hobby?
Arjun:Singing and urs.
Swara:Mine;singing,drawing and snatching chocolates and ice cream from my brother.
Swara noded her head in yes.They both talk about new project,doctory and many more.
Swara looked at clock and got shocked
Swara(shocked):Its 1:00, and tomorrow is engagement,I think we both have to sleep yes.
Swara puts everything on their places and started to go but stops and looked at Arjun.
Swara:Mr.Singhania good night and thanks once again.
Arjun (smiles):Same to u.
Both of them go to their rooms.

Engagement Day Morning.
The house was began to decorate and Everyone in the house settled for breakfast first.
Tia(notices Swara’s absence):Where is Swara?
Sujata:I don’t know,I also donot saw her from morning.
Tia:I think she is sleeping.
Ram:But she don’t have a habit of late sleeping.
Tia:No problem I will call her.
She was about to go but Arjun stopped her.
Arjun:Tia don’t wake her up.
Tia(confused):But why bhaiya?
Arjun:Woh actually she slept late yesterday we were talking and didn’t notice the time that’s why.
Sanskar shocked to listen the answer.
Sanskar(talking to himself):They both were talking till late but what were they talking and Swara once told me that she don’t have the habit of late waking. So why tomorrow?
He started to make strange face then everyone listened a voice.
Swara(smiles):Good morning everyone
Swara was wearing jogging suit.

Tia(shocled):Swara u,we thought u r still sleeping and mom told us that she didn’t saw u since morning.
Swara:Ya actually u all were sleeping when I went for jogging.
Sujata(worried):Swara this mud and water on ur dress.Did u fall somewhere?
Ram:Come on tell us Swara.
Swara:Oho uncle and cutie why u r taking so tension, when I was jogging I saw some kids playing cricket and I can’t control myself and played with them then we all ate ice-cream I think then some mud stick to my clothes.
Tia(hits her forehead):Ufff she and her cricket and ice-cream.
Sanjay:U like cricket.
Swara:No I love cricket but to play only.
Sanjay:Bhai also loved to only play cricket.
Swara:That’s nice.
Swara started to share her jogging experience. Sanskar and Arjun smiled looking at her innocent and childish nature.
Swara:Oh, today is engagement na and u all r talking so much we have to work now.
Everyone shocked seeing Swara’s change behaviour.
Swara:Suraj and Ajay u both will work with me,Kavitha u
Kavitha(immediately):With Sanskar(hold his hand)
Swara:OK (feels bad inside) and Sanjay and Tia u both..
Sanjay:Arey I’m the groom.
Tia:And I’m the bride

Sanjay:So.why we will work?
Swara:It’s ur engagement na so don’t u both have listened the word Self-Service.
Swara:Oh hello bride and groom I was just kidding u both just prepare for engagement, this will be ur great contribution.Now happy?
Sanjay and Tia nod their head happily in positive.
Everyone gets busy in doing arrangements.
In The Evening.
Swara was preparing Tia for engagement.
Tia:Swara when u will get ready?
Swara:First I get ready then I will.Tia can I ask u something?
Tia:Sure yr…..

Swara:Where are Sanjay’s parents.
Tia:Actually Swara Sanjay’s parents died in a car accident then Meera aunty and Singhania uncle adopted him and treated him as their own son.Infact Arjun Bhai and Sanjay share a good bond but after Singhania uncle’s death all responsiblity falls on Arjun Bhai and he is not a doctor,he and Sanjay also runs uncle’s business.
Swara(shocked and also feels sad):Oh so sad but Tia singing?
Tia:Sanjay once told me that Singhania uncle took a promise from both of them that they will never leave their hobbies.
Swara remembered her and Arjun’s last night talk.
Tia(gaining attention):Where r u lost Madam?
Swara:Nowhere,u r ready for engagement and Sanjay will not keep his eyes away from u
Tia(blushes):Shut up!now tell me when u will get ready?
Swara:Chill just going.
Swara also gets ready in anarkali frok and was looking owsum.
She brings Tia down,Sanskar and Arjun both were looking at her admiringly and her flowing hairs were increasing her beauty.Swara makes Tia stand beside Sanjay and she herself stands beside Arjun which is not liked by Sanskar.
Arjun:You r looking beautiful.
Swara(looks at him.):You r also looking handsome.
Sanjay and Tia exchange the rings and everyone congratulated them.Meera and Sujata have an argument on who is good singer Swara or Arjun?
They decide to have a duet and after insisting both agreed.

Swara started to play her guitar.

Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, hamko pyar hai sirf tumse – (2)
Abb yeh pyar na hoga phir humse yeah yeah yeah yeah
Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, hamko pyar hai sirf tumse

Looks at Sanskar in a pleading expression and he also looks at her,she remembers her and Sanskar’s moments

Log kehte hai pagal hu mai yeh bhee na janu
Dil lutaya hai maine abb kisee kee na manu
Chain dekar ke maine bechainiya yeh lee hai
Ninde udakar ke maine tumse wafaye kee hai
Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, jee rahe the ham tere dum se
Abb yeh pyar na hoga phir humse
Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, hamko pyar hai sirf tumse

Arjun started to play piano and both started to match their tones and Swara stopped and Arjun starts to sing

Kuchh isharo me tumne humse jo yeh kahan hai
Abb yakin aa raha hai tumko bhee kuchh hua hai
Kyon tumko dekhte hain kya dil me sochte hai
Tufan jo uth raha hai ham usko rokte hai
Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, yeh milan hai sanam ka sanam se
Abb yeh pyar na hoga phir humse, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Everyone enjoys Swajun’s jugalbandi Arjun began to come to Swara and sit with her.Sanskar didn’t like that

Kasam kee kasam, han kasam yeh kasam
Dee kasam, lee kasam, han kasam kasam kasam kasam
Kasam kee kasam hai kasam se, hamko pyar hai sirf tumse
Abb yeh pyar na hoga phir humse, (duet)

Everyone give them a huge round of applause,Sanskar goes from there sadly.
Sanjay:It was owsum Bhai and Swara u were just amazing. Sorry Bhai but from today I’m Swara’s fan.
Arjun:I’m also her fan(looks at Swara)
Swara(smiles):Thank u.
Meera:Swara beta u were so good.
Swara:Thanks beauty.
At Night.
All youngsters sit and were talking.
Siraj:Yr I’m feeling bore.
Tia:Me too.
Swara:Let’s play some game.
Sanjay:Ya truth and dare.
Then Ajay saw Sanskar coming from outside.
Ajay:U came on correct time we were going to play truth and dare.Come.
Sanskar:No yr u play,I’m not in mood.
Suraj:Come on yr let’s play it will be fun.
So they started to play and spins the bottle and it stops at Swara.
Sanjay:OK Swara truth ya dare?
Everyone: Woo…..
At the same Arjun came with laptop,sat on sofa and started to do his work.
Sanjay(mischievously):OK Swara or dare is to convince Bhai to play with us and let me tell u one thing he never played these types of games.
Everyone gets shocked.
Swara gulped and started to think.
Swara:OK but first u call or bhai for game.
Sanjay:Ok .Bhai we are playing truth and dare,come join us.(shouts)
Arjun:U know na I don’t like these types of game.
Swara:Let it be jiju ur brother is scared to play truth and dare.
Arjun:Me and scared from this game can u plz tell me why?
Swara:Simple if u choose truth so u have to tell us ur any secret or girlfriend’s name(she laughed)that’s why u r scared.
Arjun:I’m not.
Swara:You r.
Arjun closes his laptop and says: Sanjay make my place.
Everyone gets ssurprised while Swara smirks.
SanJay(surprised):Swara u r great,the one who hate these types of game is coming to play.
Swara(proudly):I know
Arjun sit and with them and the bottles again spins and stopped on Ajay.
Sanskar:Truth or dare.

Sanskar:OK tell me the name of that person whom u trust the most.
Ajay(smiles):No need to think Swara because I know whenever I need someone,she will always there for me.
Swara looks at him emotionally and he smiles looking at her.
The bottle is again spinned and this time it stops on Arjun.
Kavitha:Arjun truth or dare?
Kavita:OK tell us of u liked someone and there is someone also liked ur choice so what will u do
1)U will sacrifice that person.
2)Or will not sacrifice him
Arjun: I will never sacrifice him,I liked him so why would I sacrifice him for there like NEVER (in determined voice)
Everyone looked at him in shocked.
Arjun:What’s the matter let’s spin the bottle.
The next one was Sanjay.
Swara:Jiju truth or dare?
Swara(smirks):U have to do the imitation.
Sanjay:Oh simple.
Swara:Let me complete first u have to do the imitation of TIA
Sanjay:Swara yr why r u planning my death before my marriage.
Swara laughs:Come on jiju show ur talent.
Tia:Ya Sanjay do it.
Sanjay do the imitation of Tia,everyone laughs while Tia gets angry.
Tia(angry):Hau do I act like this,Sanjay I’m not talking to u.
Sanjay:See she gets angry,Swara u r the first saali and sister in this world who trying to break her jiju’s and sister’s relation.
Swara laughs loudly:It’s nothing like that and Tia u r the one was encouraging ur fiancée and now u r getting angry.That’s not fair.
Tia:Swara when ur finance will do or imitation then I will see ur reaction.
Swara,Sanskar and Arjun looks at Tia,Tia realizes what she said.
There was a complete silence.Swara breaks it.
Swara:Tia how can u say this?
Tia(guilty):I’m sorry Swara woh…..
Swara:I will never encourage my fiance for doing my imitation (she started to laugh).
Tia:U scared me.

Swara:And u get scared OK now let’s see who is the one.
Swara spinned the bottle and it stops on Sanskar.
Suraj:Sanskar truth or dare?
Suraj:U have to propose someone.
Sanskar:OK but whom?
Kavita was about to say me but Sanjay interrupted.
Sanjay:Let’s make it interesting,I will spin the bottle and at whom this bottle stopped,u have to propose that person whether he is a boy or girl,So?
Sanjay spinner the bottle and it stops at Swara.
Both Swasan got shocked and looked at each other.

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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