Swasan Love Is Not To Give Up Episode 10

Episode 10
At Udaipur
Swara was in the arms of Arjun and Sanskar saw them.Arjun and Swara compose themselves.Sanskar angrily goes from there.
Arjun:Are u okay?
Swara(fumbles):Ya….. Thank u.
Arjun:You should be careful.
Swara:Ya actually I didn’t noticed the splited water.
Arjun:Oh that’s fine.
Swara started to leave.
Swara(while going):Thanks again Mr.Singhania.
Arjun smiles and watches Swara till she disappears.

After some while.
Swara entered in study,where Ram called her and saw Sanskar and Arjun with Ram.
Swara(after knocking):I’m sorry I will come later.
Ram:No beta come in we all are discussing the same matter.
Swara entered in study and sit with them.
Swara:Yes uncle.
Ram:Swara,me and Sanskar’s father are thinking to open a hospital and I need ur help.
Swara(smiles):That’s great uncle and u have my full support.
Ram:I need ur and Arjun’s help afterall u both are good doctors (Swara and Arjun looked at eachother and passes a smile)and u also know some good doctors.

The four discuss this matter keenly and Arjun and Sanskar were impressed by Swara’s sense of professionalism.
Ram:(happily places his hand on Swara’s head)I knew it to u will solve my tension in no time.
After saying this he left,Swajun stands up.
Arjun(impressed):I didn’t know that u have that great sense of professionalism.
Swara(smiles):I will take that as a compliment.
Arjun(forwards his hand):It will be nice experience to work with u.
Swara(shakes hand with him):Same here.

Sanskar gets irked Arjun left that place now only Swasan were left,Swara was about to leave.
Sanskar(taunting):U have developed a good bond with Arjun.
Swara(turns and looked him questioningly):What do u mean?
Sanskar:I saw u when u were in his arms,u can tell me that u like Arjun’s type of guys so I will tell Raj.
Swara(giving a disgusting look):First,it’s non of ur business and second yes we have developed a bond at least he is better than u.
Swara again started to leave but Sanskar gets angry and twisted her hand on back.
Sanskar(angry): What did u said?
Swara(looked into his eyes):Truth!
They have an eye lock.
Sanskar twisted it little more harder.

Swara(painful voice and having tears):Leave me Sanskar….
Sanskar:First repeat,what u said.
Swara:So listen,yes he is better than u because u don’t even have guts to accept ur mistake,u know by slapping me u did wrong but u didn’t bother to say sorry,accept ur mistake be a man.
Sanskar released her hand and pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar:So u wanted,that I become man so now u will see.
Swara started to resist Sanskar started to come close to Swara and was about to kiss her,she pushes him and runs from there.
Sanskar coming back to senses.
Sanskar:(hits on his head)Oh no shit what I have done, I shouldn’t do that,what will she think about me?
Sanskar left the study.
Swara comes in kitchen running.
She puts her hand on slab and thinks about the recent moment. Her eyes filled with tear and she started to cut the vegetables so that no one can find out that she was crying.Sujata came in the kitchen.
Sujata(concerned):Swara are u crying?

Swara(fakely smiles):No cutie it’s because of these veges,now help me in preparing dinner.
After sometime both finished their work.
Swara: Thank God everything is done,now cutie tell me when have dinner.
Sujata:After 10 minutes,everyone will come on downstairs to have dinner.
Swara:OK u go now till then I will place everything on dinning table.
Swara goes to the dining table and started to prepare it with kaka and started to talk to him.
Swara:Aur kaka how is ur daughter?
Kaka:She is fine,now she is 4 class.
Swara:Oh that’s great.And tell me about her more.
Swara was busy in talking with kaka and preparing the dining table,when everyone started to come.
Kavitha(disgustingly):Eeeu…Swara is talking to a servant.

Tia(gives her a irritated look):Because according to her everyone is equal.Swasan looked at each other and Swara turned her face immediately.
Everyone came to the dining table and get seated.
Swara:Cutie why r u standing?come on seat.
Sujata:Woh I will serve everyone.
Swara:No u sit I’m here na.
Swara:Sit na plz(making a puppy face)

Sujata: Ok ,no one can win from u in argument.
Swara(proudly):No one.
Sanjay:Mom where is Bhai?
Meera:Where else he could be,busy in phone. Swara can u do me a favour?
Swara:Yes beauty,just say it.
Meera:Can u plz call Arjun for dinner?
Swara(surprised):Me ?
Meera:Yes can u plz?
Swara :OK

Swara goes to Arjun and saw him roaming here and there while talking to his clients. She started to follow him and doing his imitation. Suddenly he turns and she gets shocked.
Arjun (Through signal):What?
Swara(signals back):What?
Arjun(put his hand on mobile):Ms.Gadodia what happened?
Swara:Woh Mr.Singhania everyone is calling u for dinner.
Arjun:U go and told them to have dinner,I will come and have it in sometime.
Swara:OK(while going)waisay Mr.Singjania we should let the food wait for us and there are many people who can’t even eat one time meal properly.
After saying this,she leaves and come to the dining area.

Meera: Swara, Arjun?
Swara(fumbles):Aunty woh…..
Swara turned around and saw Arjun coming towards the dining table.
Arjun:Sorry everyone u have to wait for me.
Ram:It’s OK beta come sit.
Arjun sits and Swara signals him a thank u and he signals her back in no need.Sanskar saw them signalling and gets irritated.
Everyone started to have dinner and praises.
Sanjay:Wow aunty such a owsum Cook u r.
Sujata:This time I’m not the cook,it’s Swara who made it.
Everyone looks at Swara.
Swara:Why u all r looking at me like this?
Meera:Swara we didn’t knew that u are such a good Cook.
Swara(smiles):I’m happy u all liked it.
At that time Swara gets a call,after watching the caller id her face started to glow.Everyone noticed her change expression.
Swara(happily):Excuse me.

She goes to a corner.
Swara(happily):Hello Ragini how r u?
Ragini(sad voice):I’m not fine.I’m missing u Swara very much.You know there is no one with whom I can share my and Laksh chats.
Swara:I’m also missing u.Plz give phone to Rahul I also wanted to talk to him.
She gives phone to Rahul.
Rahul:Hi Swara di.
Swara:Hay Mr.Rahul,tell me which chocolate should I bring for u.
Rahul(sad and angry):No one just u come back soon plz.

Swara after talking with her family she gets emotional and goes to terrace.At the terrace someone keep hand on Swara’s shoulder,she turned around and gets shocked.
Episode Ends

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