Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 33

Hello friends sinin here back with next episode.. Guys please bear this one as it is small..I just now wrote a big episode and it got deleted…😞😞 please forgive that took 3 hours…I’ll post the mahaepisode tomorrow..

Kavita started speaking nonsense about swara . she was continuously abusing her..sanskar was shocked too..but he couldn’t stop her as people were too supporting her..
Swara was very shocked…she couldn’t understand what happened and why she was abusing her…

Randhir comes there and slapped Kavita hard..sanskar had called him..randhir was shocked too..he dragged Kavita from there.

Before anyone could ask any question.. Sanskar took swara with him and reached home..


Swara had composed herself… Though she had questions about Kavita but he didn’t asked sanskar thinking about why to ruin his mood for silly thinks and after all tomorrow is his birthday…

She engaged herself in decorating the terrace without his knowledge… He was working downstairs and she was working upstairs… Sniff was too helping to distract sanskar from coming to swara..

At night
Sanskar thought to tell the truth today itself as it is becoming very dangerous… It will be better if he says truth maybe she will forgive..

As soon as Swara came too bed with his medicine….he made her sit beside him…he holds his arms and rest her head against it..
Swara : I love u lot…
Sanskar : swara I want to say something…. Confess something..
Swara : hmmm
Sanskar disclosed the truth of their marriage.. The deal…and about Kavita
But as soon as he turned…
Swara was sleeping peacefully…
He looked helpless..

At morning

Sanskar wakes up due to sunrays falling on his face…as soon as he opened his eyes he found a angelic face with smile…
Before he could react… Swara captured his lips with her and bites just like the way he do..
Sanskar was numb by this boldness..
Swara : happy birthday my love…
Sanskar : birthday….. Arrree yes its my birthday… How could I forgot….
Swara : see. I remembered….
Sanskar : yes..n nice gift.. But where is my bigwala gift..
Swara : accha..what u want ?
Sanskar : you’ll give what I want ?
Swara : yes..just ask..
Sanskar : then I’ll ask when the time comes..
Swara : okk…

They both get ready and started their one day heaven…

First they went too shopping… Swara bought soory many clothes for sanskar that he’ll need a new cupboard… Whenever he chosed something for her she makes a face like why to waste money unnecessary !!
Sanskar got many T-shirt mostly pink..according to her it suits him !!

They went on his favorite restaurant… To eat lunch.. Chinese pasta and all..then they ate panipuri and kulfi from just the stall beside it… Sanskar had to admit that its ten time better than pasta…and panipuri Jwala should go for Master chef India…

They went to see movie on theater… First sanskar made her saw a extra romantic Hollywood film..he returned by getting beaten by swara for this prank… Then they watched sholay..sanskar came yawning.. Then they both watching Titanic by holding each other’s hand tightly like rose n jack…

Then they went on long drive till Howrah bridge.. They both sat there side by side..
Sanskar : swara…
Swara : hmm..
Sanskar : nothing..
Swara : sanskar…
Sanskar : yes ??
Swara nods in no..
They both watched the sunset silently.., and silence said everything..


Sanskar : where r u taking me..say na..?
Swara : no…
Swara is taking sanskar by blindfolded…
Swara : I don’t know you’ll like it or not…but…
She opens his eyes….

Sanskar looked his surrounding and said ” I loved it ”

Precap : maha episode…..

Guys do comment all..and say what type of punishment u want for sanskar ? And what will be the end separation forever or reunion ?


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    aawww happy b’day Sanskar!… the big storm waiting..
    i dunno what kind of punishment, but even if Sanskar gets the punishment, it’s effect Swara also…love it so much Sinin…. waiting Maha episode

  2. Simin

    End should not be separation i want their union coz now he truly loves her and so does she then they should be united

  3. Rock Leon

    Hello dear !
    O was a silent reader till now but today I can’t stop myself from commenting
    Yar plzzzzz dont seperateeeeee SWASAN plzzzzzzhanAsslamoalaikum little punishment for sanky is justified
    And coming to the chapter it was awesome!

  4. xavia

    Nice dear….he shd gt a big punishmnt bt now he truly lvs her so i thnk small 1 z ok cz dat vl effect her olso….

  5. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Swara slept at a very dangerous time… this sleep is going to take away her real sleep…
    In a funny way i would advise u to punish Sanskar with 999 sit ups n 3-4 days no Swara’s hamd made food…

    but in a serious note Sanskar deserves punishment…. but not that much big.. afterall he confessed his crime n will soon seek forgiveness too… soo he should get a chance…LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SECOND CHANCE…

    thnk u dear for ur wonderful chappy…

  6. Swasan

    For this all truth swara heartbroken and also effect her health and sanskar take care her like swara did with him without separation

  7. Reethi

    Awesome. I agree ki sanskar done a mistake. But now he realised it.he repent’s for it now even loves swara now.give swasan separation.leap of some months like 1 year.swara becoming bold not independent. Sanskar guilt for his deeds.not swasan child needs all drama.finally reunion

  8. Meher


    |Registered Member

    He deserves punishment a Bigg wali… But now he has understood his mistake so there should be union… But punishment is necessary

  9. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. I loved it a lot…. Sanskar should get big punishment….. But swasan should unite in the end….. 😜

  10. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Dats wat i was saying in last chappy… he rlsd his mistake… u shud ve given him first punishmnt dan rlztn…
    He dsrvs big punishmnt… if punishmnt is gud dan m ok wid both seperation n reunion… chappy was gudπŸ‘

  11. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    Reunion will be the best ending…
    And as now sanky realised… swara should not leave him.. also she should not forgive him easily.. she should torture him to the core … and atlast aftr seeing sanskar bearing all tortures.. she should forgive hom…

  12. chanu

    Nooooo separation. ? Reunion only… plz plz plz..
    ummm sankys punishment!!???!!??
    I think he already had his punishment. And he is repenting 4 his deeds..
    soo swara go 2 her hm 4 few days will be enough 4 understand hw important she is 4 his life..
    keep writing
    sry 4 late cmnt
    Be happy always

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.