swasan – Does love need perfection ? prologue

Hello friends sinin here , recently I have got a plot. I am just giving the prologue. Please support me.
A gang of 5 friends are on a jeep. All of them are enjoying and teasing eachother.
One boy ask ” hey sanskar ! Everyone have said now your turn. What kind of girl you want ?
The boy named sanskar who was driving turns to him and again concentrate in driving.
Sanskar : Ummm. She should be very beautiful.
A girl is shown playing with kids her face is shown . She is very beautiful. Her long hair are flying on air and her lips have a angelic smile.
Sanskar : she should be highly educated
A man calls the girl

Man : swara beta please read it for me
Swara : sorry uncle I have only read till class 5 I don’t know English.
Sanskar : she should be stylish.
Swara is wearing a simple sari like bengali village girl.
Sanskar : she should only mingle with rich and high class people
Swara is seen playing with small kids and helping a poor farmer in harvesting.
Sanskar : she should be bold and carefree
Swara is seen hiding behind her mother when guest came.
Sanskar : she should be able to handle my business not kitchen
Swara is seen inside the kitchen making delicious foods.
Sanskar : and…..

Frnd : enough … soo much quality…. but which one is compulsory ?
Sanskar : beauty
1 month later
Swara is in waiting for someone in a big mansion. She looked very tensed.
Suddenly the door opens
Swara runs seeing her husband. But he was drunk.
Swara : Sanskar ! Are you ok ?
Sanskar : yes absolutely sweetheart.
She takes her to bed. She opens his shoes. And covers him with blanket. She tries to go but he hold her hand.
Sanskar : sweetie where are you going come to me.
He makes her sit in his lap.
Swara : you should sleep now.
He kisses her forehead and cheeks.
Sanskar : why dear ? Let me enjoy your beauty atleast.
Swara feels uncomfortable. He touches her face and says ” I don’t know why I am attracted toward you just only for your face ?” He makes her lie in bed and intimates with her. Swara feel bad but still she devotes herself to her husband.

In a party
Sanskar : Mr sinha meet my wife kavita sanskar Maheshwari.
Mr sinha : nice to meet you Mrs Maheshwari indeed your lucky sanskar.
After the party
Sanskar : thanks yaar Kavita you saved my honor today
Kavita : no problem but why you did this mistake ? It’s not even 10 days of marriage and you can’t introduce your real wife.
Sanskar : what should I do I can’t leave her im addicted to her body
Sahil : then one solution. Send her to reformation center.
Sanskar : she is not drug addicted

Sahil : idiot in this place people are reformed. They are made perfect for high class society. Then only she can be able to be your wife.
Sanskar : yes I need perfection in swara

Guys this was the prologue Please comment good or bad.

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