swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 9


Hello friends I’m back again. Thank you bloom katie and other silent readers who commented on last part. You all please support me like this. This part was going to post on tomorrow but this one is a bonus to you all regular and silent readers. Other silent readers please comment.
Swara is learning to pronounce and spell words. Suraj kamla is helping her.sniff is guiding her unwillingly.
Suraj : bahurani tell me what is this ?
Swara : its zinia flower…z for zinia…zi..ni..a
Suraj : wow..bahurani you’re passed
Kamla : my turn…tell me what is written here ?
Swara : sa…n…s..ka..r ….yes.sanskar …m.a..he…wari… Sanskar mahewari…no but his name is maheshwari…this means i made mistske
She become sad and disappointed.
Sniff came and bought a packet on mouth
Swwra: so you too want to take my test..
But..i can’t
Sniff barks loudly

Swara : ok ok I’m trying… R…i..pp do..g f..ood..pr..ice 600…oh god chorui your foof has become soo costly… What is ripp dog food is made of…
Kamla : bahurani did you see…you Read this packet rightly..
Swara : arrre yes…i did.. It…churui…my bachha….thank you so much..
Sniff takes his packet from her and starts eating as if he don’t care….
The telephone rings. Swara goes inside
Swara : Sanskar..?
Sanskar : yes.. Honey it’s me
Swara : how was your meeting ?
Sanskar : what’s the use of telling you ? Will u understand anything…. No
Swara (sad): that’s true……when will you return ?
Sanskar : i will be late and meeting was successful… Oh God you don’t even know what is successful…
Swara : s for successful ?
Sanskar : yes… Wait what ?
Swara : nothing…nothing.. Bye
Sanskar : bye

Swara : oh swara …you should be careful.. Or else how you will surprise him ?

Swara is cutting vegetables. The tv is on. She is watching discovery channel. Man vs Wild. She can understand some words.
Her monir kaka said listening is very important for learning something.
But she is very sad.
Swara : poor..man..he have to eat insects and we are eating vegetables. I wish i could made him eat my special curry.
She reads the channel name.
“Di…s..cove..ry…discovery…what does this mean.. I’ll have to ask Sanskar

The washerman comes.
Swara : bhaiya here is your money…
Washermen : but this is less give me 100 rupees more
Swara looks at the man.
She gives him 100 rupee.
Bhaiya you take ten take for one cloth so fifty for five cloth….you tried to cheat me
Washerman : but you are illiterate na ?
Swara : no one can understand her household matters then women… No need to come from tomorrow. I can wash my husband’s cloth…and keep the money with you…. You need it more than me.
She closed the door

At New York
Kavita is on top of randhir. She is kissing him hungrily. Randhir too reciprocates.
Randhir : kavita….i am understanding your plan but im not going to forgive you… So soon
Kavita : Randy… Please forgive me…don’t you love me ?
Randhir : yes….but i think you have forgotten our 4 years love just for that idiot Sanskar.
Kavita : Randy yaar…Sanskar just have become addicted to her..he doesn’t love her…and just for his image i am pretending to be his wife…..
Randhir : why ….only you were only there ?
Kavita : then whom do you want sahil or rajat to become his bride…come on…yaar he is my best friend… And all this drama wouldn’t have started if somebody have not informed his parents.
Randhir : i don’t want to know anything… I just want my love back… Fully
Kavita smiles and covers them with blanket.

Swara is cleaning the furniture. She keeps Sanskar things in order. She finds a newspaper
Swara : what is this.. English news paper…my husband is so talented.. Wait let me try reading this
12 people… Died in..a bus…accident.. In shimla..
Oh god please keep my husband safe.
A…10 years old…gir.l victim.. Of..rape..
Soo bad.. Poor girl…when will this stop ?
“We al should.. Come…forward. To help girls…only then… We will be successful… All should get the chance to become educated….. And do job…..
Swara : so nice thought like my monir kaka.. Who is he ??
” J..oy…..mitt..al. JOY MITTAL ”
Wow i wish i could meet with him for once

Precap- Sanskar reaction

Credit to: Sinin

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