swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 8


Hello friends sinin here, the last part was too short so i posted this one earlier. I except all silent readers will comment.

Swara is cooking food. And Sanskar is disturbing her.
Sanskar : swara what is this ?
Swara : Onion
Sanskar : and this ?
Swara :(shocked) Sanskar you don’t know vegetables it is tomato.
Sanskar : yes i don’t know them you teach me
He back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder. He trails down from her arms till her hand. He entangles their fingers.
Swara shivers . he pulls her closer
He takes swara’s index finger and points towards lemon.
Sanskar : what is this ?
Swara : lemon
Sanskar : what is this ?
Swara : chili
Sanskar points towards her reflection on the mirror
Sanskar : who is she ?
Swara : your wife
Sanskar : no, fair and beauty
Swara looks at Sanskar in shock. She feels bad. She tries to change his words from her mind.
Sanskar points towards his reflection on the mirror.
Sanskar : and who is he ?
Swra : My life
Sanskar looks at swara in shock. He didn’t understand when he became her life …. He did nt do anything that makes him her life.
Then how ?……
Swara slowly goes away from him.
“I am removing your coat. You come and take bath.you’re getting late for office.” Swara says without making any eye contact
She goes upstairs. Sanskar looks on.

Swara goes in her room. She takes his formal out from cupboard. Sanskar comes and says “Darling i have a important meeting. You choice a good color for me”
Swara takes a white shirt.
Sanskar comes out in towel. He expected to see swara. But she was not there.
Sanskar wears shirt and pant.
Swara comes with his shocks and shoes.
And place them before his legs.
Sanskar looks at her and tries to find is she hurt.
Sanskar stands infront of mirror and swara helps him to wear coat.
She gives him handkerchief and watch.
Sanskar tries to talk but swara goes down.
Sanskar comes down and looks for swara.
It has never happened that after their marriage he has gone to office without meeting with swara.
“Wait sanskar ”
Sanskar turns
Swara comes running from kitchen.
Swara : eat it. Its very auspicious
Sanskar slightly smiles and opens his mouth.
Swara makes him eat.
Swara : all the best
Sanskar comes closer and kisses on her forehead.
Sanskar : thanks sweety
He goes and swara smiles

Swara is sitting on garden and talking with chorui.(guys there will be a small change sniff is sanskar dog and he dosent like swara but swara calls him chorui )
Swara :chorui take your lunch
Sniff starts barking
“Ok ok baba i am not coming near you. Happy ? Now eat…ok baccha tell me how can i become perfect …..
Sniff barks loudly
” ok ok i know your buddy is flawless but unfortunately he loves me a lot soo i have to become perfrct for him na ?”
Sniff barks
“Hey….dont say like that i can do anything for him. You just say”
Sniff bark one time
” yes actually you’re right i should restart my education. But how….
Sniff looks at kamla who is watering the plants and barks
“Arre wow what an idea chorui aka sniff thats why i say why sanskar bought you for 5 lakh rupes.”
Swara goes to kamla kaki. And sniff barks

Swara : kaki
Kamla : yes bahurani
Swara : how much you have studied ?
Kamla : till class 10 beta my father wanted me too read further more.
Swara : kaki do u know English
Kamla : arre no beta i just know a little and i forget all as i discontinue 20 years ago
Swara become sad
Kamla : why do u need it
Swara : actually i wanted to surprise sanskar by learning English.
Kamla : may be i have a old book
She goes in her room and comes back with a half teared book
Kamla : take it beta it is ABCD children book.
Swara opens the book it had pictures with letters.
Kamla : i remember some of them
She says A-z
Kamla : should i say again ?
Swara : no
Swara says A-Z without any mistake
Kamla become astonished.
Kamla : oh god bahurani you have blessings of good you learned in one time.!
Swara happily goes in side the mansion.
Swara sits in the dinning table and sees the whole book. She looks at fruit basket
Swara : apple….apple ….yes…A for apple
She look at kichen
Swara : and …b for bowl.. C for cat means billi….and D for chorui means dog….E for sanskar’s favourite omlet means egg…and f for….f…for what… Yes fan.
Like this she recognized till Z
Swara : yes….i can do it…i can do any thing for Sanskar… I promise i will become perfect for you.

Precap – not decided

I neeed comments guys .

Credit to: Sinin

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